Impact Wrestling 9/3/14…Bobby Roode Vs Eric Young Says It All

Tonight, Bobby Roode Vs “Showtime” Eric Young to determine who the Number One Contender is to the World Heavyweight Title. We also saw video from last week when Team 3-D won match one of the Tag Team Invitational. What stipulation will Team 3-D choose next?

Impact Wrestling is now.

Earlier today, EY and Roode entered the building.

We are in the Manhattan Center, Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show. Gail Kim Vs Taryn Terrell for the Knockout Title. Also a 6-Pack match to determine the Number One Contender to the X-Division Title.

Franchise Players enter the ring.

Lashley is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and soon to become the Bellator MMA World Champion. There isn’t a man in the entire planet that is tougher than Lashley.

Samoa Joe might disagree, here comes the X-Division Champion.

Joe is impressed with MVP being a hype man, instead of main eventing, he is singing the praises of his man. He is a specimen, but the issue he has is MVP is trying to say he is the toughest man in the planet. He sure isn’t the toughest man in this ring right now. So let’s make it simple, slide these titles to the side, and Lashley can fight Joe, tonight.

Kenny King told him he can’t win, and now Joe decks him. The numbers game catches up however.

Officials come out, and hold Joe back while the champ leaves.

But Lashley agrees they will fight tonight.

Havok has arrived, tonight.

Video is promoting Gail Kim Vs Taryn Terrell for tonight. It starts now.

Gail Kim wins in what was a very good match with a reverse body drop, pinning Taryn.

The two shake hands, and hug, showing good sportsmanship.

But now, here comes Havok.

She attacks both women, hits a DVD, and chokeslams Gail Kim, along with a DVD.

Tonight, Eric Young Vs Bobby Roode, for the Number One Contender on the line.

MVP catches up with Eric Young backstage, warning him that Roode is only out for himself, and he treated Eric horrible, carrying his bags. EY walks away, saying he doesn’t trust MVP.

EC3 comes out to the ring, next.

The Bromans are ready for their date, with a TNA Knockout.

Ladies and gentlemen, EC3.

EC3 is sick of everyone, from the mutants in the Manhattan Center, to the men and women in the back, giving great pleasure over what happened to his sweet, dear Auntie. We are all cheering for a lunatic who put Aunt Dixie through a table.

Everyone will pay, and Rhino will start with that payback, because of what he did. His violence will continue until his list of demands is met.

Demand number 1, the immediate termination of Bully Ray.

Demand number 2, the words Hardcore and ECW will stop, because we are tired of living in the past.

Demand number 3, respect. He has beaten everyone he has faced, and he has earned that respect, and stop with the chants of you can’t wrestle.

He is a Carter, and the world needs a Carter.

Here comes Rhino to end the fun.

Rhino wants EC3 in the ring, so he can beat the living hell out of him.

Rhino will get a fight, his opponent is Rockstar Spud.

Brittany has a thing for Samuel Shaw it seems. Gunner approaches Samuel. He just wanted to see what it felt like being a hero, so he is sorry. Gunner forgives him, and next, Gunner and Shaw Vs Magnus and Bram.

Bram and Magnus beat Gunner and Shaw, when Bram clips Gunner’s knee, and Shaw misses the save.

MVP is trying to stir the pot with Roode now.

Roode Vs EY, next.

The Bromans matched up with the Beautiful People. Angelina tells them as long as they keep them happy, they will keep Bromans happy.

Roode Vs Young, now.

Roode wins the match with a Roode Bomb, becoming the new Number One Contender to the World Title.

The two shake hands, and embrace. Is there tension in the future?

Tonight, Samoa Joe Vs Lashley.

Moments ago, Bobby Roode pinned Eric Young, to become the new Number One Contender.

Backstage, we get to hear from Roode. He is exhausted, but ready. After sitting on the sidelines for 7 weeks, he is back to claim what is his. He goes to get some water, but runs right into Lashley.

JB is with Team 3-D, they chose a tables match.

Brother Ray picked the tables match for obvious reasons. It is their speciality. Tag Team wrestling is back. Last week, they won the first match, and now they just need to win one more, to become the new World Tag Team Champions.

Devon tells us to testify.

6-Pack Challenge is up now. DJ Z Vs Manik Vs Crazzy Steve Vs Tigre Uno Vs Homicide Vs Lo-Ki.

Homicide wins with a Gringo Killer, pinning Manik. He is now the Number One Contender to the X-Division Title.

“Cowboy” James Storm and The Great Sanada make their way to the ring.

Sanada looks to strike Manik. I guess he is the next target for Storm’s Revolution.

Sanada hits a Last Call Superkick, shoves Manik out of the ring, and they both drag Manik out of ringside.

Tonight, Joe Vs Lashley.

Austin Aries has the mic, in the ring.

Sanada blew green mist in his face last week, but before that, James Storm interfered. So if that is the game they play, come on out so they can play/

Storm tells him this is The Great Sanada. He is the man who has been reborn, and had a re-awakening. He walked towards the light, and Storm is the one who welcomed him with open arms. Just like he will do with Manik. He has a vision of greatness, a vision of championships. All led by The Legend himself, James Storm.

The Great Sanada will become the greatest man in Japanese wrestling.

Aries brings up Storm keeps using the word great, but the people think of one man when they think of great….”The Grestest Denominator” Austin Aries. Sanada was a great competitor in the X-Division, but then he became associated with an asshole, like Storm. Sanada pissed off the entire country of Japan, and Aries did not come alone.

Here comes Yoshihiro Tajiri.

Tajiri and Aries take care of business, and cleans the ring.

Spud comes over to EC3, to ask him why he threw him over the bus. Spud has a job to do, and if he doesn’t want to, he can leave. So he walks to the ring, and Spud follows.

Spud Vs Rhino, next.

Chris Melendez video, he will make his TNA Wrestling debut, next week.

Rhino hit s a Gore, Spud never had a chance.

EC3 walks away, he doesn’t care about Spud.

Next, Lashley Vs Joe.

Lashley wins with a spear in what was a fun match to see.

The show ends with the champion standing side by side with Kenny King at the ramp.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This had a better flow tonight than last week, and we will see match two next week with Team 3-D Vs The Hardys Vs The Wolves.

But the matches were good, with Roode Vs Young, Joe Vs Lashley, and Terrell Vs Kim. Not sure where they are heading with Havok quite yet, but she is surely going to be pushed, and it adds a bit more to the Knockout Division.

I do have a big issue though, its time to truly start pushing Bound for Glory. In fact, this should have been pushed about a month ago. I don’t believe they will have Roode Vs Lashley at the PPV, but they won’t do that. So where are they going? I thought the issue of less PPVs means more buildup to the big events, and make them must-see.

It’s time to showcase that, and they need to start next week. What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me here.


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