Impact Wrestling 9/10/14…An American Hero Makes His In-Ring Debut

Before I begin, I want to send my condolences to Sean O’ Haire family. The wrestling world lost another young, talented performer. He was only 43 years old, and will be missed.

Tonight, we are at the Manhattan Center, in New York City. We will see the debut of Chris Melendez, the man who lost his leg, in battle at Afghanistan. He is living his dream, making his Impact Wrestling debut. We will also see match two of the Ultimate Tag Team Battle, with The Hardys Vs Team 3-D Vs The Wolves, in a Tables match.

Impact Wrestling is now.

We hear the national anthem being played.

JB is here to introduce Sgt. Christopher Melendez.

Chris is facing DJ Z.

Chris wins the match with a Samoan Drop. He is amazing, to do this with one leg. A true hero.

Tonight, 3-Team Tables Match for Team 3-D Vs The Hardys Vs The Wolves.

Bobby Roode heads to the ring.

When we come back, Bobby has the mic.

Next week is No Surrender, and Roode will face Lashley for the World Title.

It feels great for Roode to be standing in front of New York City as our Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Roode wants to acknowledge his best friend, and his opponent, “Showtime” Eric Young. He always brought out the best in Bobby Roode. Whether they were opponents, or tag partners. Eric is his best friend, and will always be a World Champion.

Roode knows now he is ready, more than ever to claim back his World Title, next week.

Here come The Franchise Players.

MVP tells Roode he is playing the hero in a Hollywood movie, and he gets the title. But the problem is this isn’t Hollywood. He faces a dominant champion, and he meets Darth Vader. The best Roode gets next week is a stay in the hospital.

Roode brings up the difference between MVP and Lashley is MVP shows fear. Lashley knows he can beat Roode, but Roode also knows he can beat Lashley. He might be stronger, and he might be faster, but Roode has more heart, and his desire to be World Champion is the difference. And there isn’t anything MVP can do about it.

MVP says there is, and all three men beat down on Roode.

But here comes Joe and EY clearing the ring.

Joe says they have their 3, so how about MVP’s 3 fight them, right now.

6-Man tag action is next.

Bobby, EY, and Joe win when Roode gave MVP a Roode Bomb, and pinned him.

The stage is set for next week, at No Surrender.

Still to come tonight, 3-team Tables Match with Team 3=D Vs The Hardys Vs The Wolves.

Brittany wants to know if Samuel is seeing anyone. Gunner said that he is seeing a therapist, but Brittany wants to know if he is, you know, seeing anyone? Gunner is looking for him, and if when he finds him, he will tell him she is interested.

6-person tag now. The Bromans and Velvet Vs Crazzy Steve, Knux, and Rebel.

Velvet and the Bromans win when Velvet rolls up, and holds on to Rebel’s shorts.

Kurt Angle is going to invite EC3 next, and tell him who he will fight.

Team 3-D are ready for their match, and will make history, winning their 24th Tag Team Title reign.

Kurt Angle is in the ring.

Kurt wants EC3 in the ring, now, and here he comes.

EC3 tells him Team 3-D put his aunt through a freaking table, and Kurt rewarded them putting them in a Tag Team Title match. But the blood just isn’t on Team 3-D’s hands, or Rhino, or even the fans, but the blood is in Kurt’s hands too. And he will deliver vengeance on anyone that had something to do with it.

EC3 took him out not once, but twice. And if EC3’s demands aren’t met, he will take Kurt out a third time.

Kurt did not forget what EC3 did to him, and when the time is right, he will get back with him. Now he will wrestle against someone, and if he doesn’t, he will throw his ass out.

But EC3 isn’t prepared to wrestle, but he will put him in a streetfight, and his opponent is Rhino.

EC3 wins the match, and somehow survives with a One Percenter, on a chair.

Next, the 2015 Knockout Calender cover girl is revealed.

This was Chris Melendez’s dream, and this is a message to anyone that you can have a disability, and achieve anything.

The TNA Knockouts are in the ring, with JB announcing who will grace the 2015 Knockout calendar.

Angelina grabs the mic, and she brings up we all know it’s the beautiful Angelina Love who won.

JB grabbed the mic back, and said the winner is Velvet Sky.

Angelina is shocked, and here comes Havok.

Havok chokeslams Britany, and takes the Knockout Title.

Earlier this week, The Revolution continues. “Cowboy” James Storm is with Manik.

Next, Storm and The Great Sanada Vs Aries and Tajiri.

Also tonight, Match Two of The Ultimate Tag Team Battle.

Last Friday, Bobby Lashley made his Bellator Fighting debut. He won the fight, with ease.

Next Wednesday, TNA Impact presents No Surrender. Lashley Vs Roode.

Gail Kim is looking for Havok.

Storm and Sanada Vs Tajiri and Aries, now.

Sanada and Storm win when Storm blows beer into Tajiri’s eyes, and Sanada kicks him in the head.

The Hardys are ready for their match tonight.

That epic 3-team match is next.

Gail Kim finds Havok.

We come back, and see Havok and Gail fight on the ramp. Here comes security, and Havok gave both men a chokeslam.

She wants Gail.

Next Wednesday, at No Surrender, Knockout Battle Royal to determine the Number One Contender to the Knockout Title. We will also see Homicide Vs Joe, for the X-Division Title. And Roode Vs Lashley, for the World Title.

Our main event, match two of the Ultimate Tag Team match is up now. Team 3-D Vs The Hardys Vs The Wolves.

The Hardys win the match, putting Edwards through a table. After the match, they set up a ladder in the ring.

Matt confirms it, next match is a ladder match.

Tenay confirms that match 3 is the next week.

Next Wednesday, Impact Wrestling Presents No Surrender. Lashley Vs Roode, for the World Title.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts

Another good show here that started with Chris Melendez picking up his 1st win. With 9/11 the next day, this was a feel-good moment on the show. And we will never forget that day.

We also saw a 6-man tag that was very effective, giving Roode a big win. The stage is set for next week. I can’t wait to see Roode Vs Lashley.

But we finished the night on a high note, with The Hardys picking up the win. Their next match is a ladder match, and we know the 3 teams will steal the show there.

I just wished that TNA would use the time to build up their biggest PPV of the year. No clue why they haven’t done that, with these matches. They should have saved Roode Vs Lashley for that event, but we will see it on free TV. No idea why though, but here we go.

What did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts.


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