WWE Night of Champions 9/21/14

Tonight, fall is in the air as we present Night of Champions. Cena Vs Lesnar III is our main event. But first, it’s our Night of Champions Kick-off show. This will feature the return of The Peep Show, with Christian’s guest being Chris Jericho.

We are live in Nashville, Tennessee. Renee Young is with us, joined by Booker T, Big Show, and Alex Riley.

They confirm that Roman Reigns has emergency surgery yesterday from his hernia, so he will not compete later tonight.

Brock Lesnar video is shown now.

Big Show gives his thoughts on what Cena is going through, he wants his championship back.

Big Show is not impressed by Brock as a champion. Cena Vs Brock at Summerslam, they had a ring time of 16:55, and most of it, Cena was on the ground.

Tom Phillips is in the Social Media Room, talking about thoughts with Brock Vs Cena.

Rusev Vs Henry preview is on now.

Tonight, The Peep Show returns, with Chris Jericho as Randy Orton’s guest.

Later tonight, Jericho Vs Orton is set.

Also, tonight we will see Dolph Ziggler Vs The Miz, for the IC Title. Expect to see their stunt doubles, Damien Mizdow and R-Ziggler.

Also, tonight we will have Sheamus Vs Cesaro for the US Title.

The WWE Tag Team Titles are on the line, with The Uso’s Vs Gold and Stardust.

We get to hear thoughts from the panel.

Booker T is with Goldust.

The best tag team in the world, Goldbook is reunited.

Goldust tells Book the old Goldust is gone. Stardust comes in. He tells Booker his ring is close, but isn’t the cosmis key The Uso’s have, but after tonight, it will be theirs.

The Divas Title is on the line in a Triple Threat match to Paige Vs AJ Lee Vs Nikki Bella.

AJ Lee makes an appearance on the panel.

Paige has something that belongs to AJ, and tonight she is taking it from her.

Tonight, Christian will have The Peep Show, with his guest being Y2J, Chris Jericho.

Tom Phillips joins us now, with some thoughts in the Social Media Lounge.

Roman Reigns is recovering from his hernia surgery, but he will be out from several months. Some thoughts now from the fans over his recovery.

Footage now about the last 24 hours with Roman Reigns.

Brock Lesnar Vs John Cena preview is being shown.

Renee throws it over to Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

And now The Peep Show begins.

Christian missed us alot, and while he can soak this in, he won’t, this is not about him. This is Night of Champions, and one match has piqued his interest, Chris Jerciho Vs Randy Orton. So he brings Chris in to the show.

Chris is excited to being on The Peep Show, but he is more excited to see the 2-time World Champion, Christian. They are also former Tag Team Champion, the Sexy Beasts. Christian tells him he got them the titles, and he named them Vitamin C. Jericho was the captain, but Christian is Captain Charisma. Chris was named General jocularity.

Okay, Chris can agree to that, but we need to get serious here. Randy Orton is a dangerous man, and they show us footage from a few weeks ago, when Orton laid him out.

Randy is a bit upset that Chris is everything Orton is not. Chris is his own man, and does what he wants, while Orton is HHH’s lap dog.

Orton interrupts, and calls them Brad Pitt and Angelina, only which is which? Christian has been beat up so many times that he can’t even compete in the ring. Jericho, when Orton gets done with him, the only show he will be on is “Total Divas”.

Jericho said that he will lead up to Orton’s show, “Total Jackass”.

Jericho will take care of Orton, and when he does, Randy won’t ever….EEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR be the same aga-ain.

Night of Champions is next.

Night of Champions starts now. Live, from Nashville, Tennessee. Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

WWE Tag Team Titles kick the show off. The Uso’s Vs Gold and Stardust.

Gold and Stardust win, when Stardust hits Jey with a knee, after he tries a splash, and rolls up Jey, probably using the tights, though it wasn’t said.

The cosmic keys have been returned.

Byron Saxton is with Dolph Ziggler, and R-Ziggler.

They both have their Diet Dews.

Miz can be a star all he wants, but Ziggler has an important role, the Intercontinental Title. And tonight, after he rearranges Miz’s money-maker, he won’t work with that face again.

Our next match is for the US Title, Sheamus Vs Cesaro.

Sheamus survives his match with Cesaro, beating him by a Brogue Kick in what was a physical and fun match.

Mark Henry is backstage, and is met with Big Show. Mark is focused, and this entire country is behind him, and he WON’T let him down.

Big Show tells him that he will have millions Americans will be behind him. He has a robe from what seems like Kurt Angle would wear. Mark is here, and he is ready, because that is what he does.

Florida Georgia Line is in the house tonight, and here they come to the ring.

They are joining the commentary table for the next match.

FGL will be a part of Tribute to the Troops in December.

Our next match is for the IC Title. The Miz Vs Dolph Ziggler.

The Miz stole a pinfall from Ziggler, when Damien Mizdow, who had been shoved by FGL earlier in the match, and chased away from R-Ziggler comes back and distracts Ziggler long enough to get pinned.

Switching gears, we see footage of what took place with Roman Reigns over the weekend. His match with Seth Rollins is off, and Roman should be out of action for several months.

Enter Seth Rollins.

Isn’t it amazing how life works sometimes? One moment you are on top of the world, and the next, you’re Roman Reigns.

His former partner and brother was scheduled to face him tonight, but he got word yesterday Roman was rushed to the emergency. But no emergency surgery is no excuse. But in the fairness of justice, and fairness of interest, he will give Roman 10 seconds to show up to the ring, or he will get his hand raised.

So he asks for Charles Robinson to make the count, and he does.

And Seth is officially the winner of his match.

But wait, it’s not official, until the ref raises Seth’s hand, and he does.

Seth understands why we are all disappointed, we wanted to see Rollins compete. He is disappointed in Roman Reigns, he isn’t half the man he thought he was, because he is not here to fight him. So he needs to do something to keep us happy. Seth is an opportunist, and The Authority are interested in opportunists. He is issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back who wants to have a match with him.

Anybody? Anybody? Anybody?

This is an opportunity of a lifetime for anyone to step in the ring with Mr. Money in the Bank.

We see a screen, and cab pulls up. It’s Dean Ambrose, and he is marching straight to the ring.

Ambrose is all over beating the crap out of Rollins, but The Authority send out security to tie him up with rope, and send him out of ringside.

The Night of Champions panel are here now.

Mark Henry Vs Rusev is up now. Boy, this is going to be a fight.

Lilian Garcia is singing the national anthem.

Rusev wins with The Accolade. Henry was selling an injured back, earlier in the match, so that became too much.

I am not sure why WWE blew all of their whistles to ramp up USA, only to have Rusev crush them again.

I guess Cena will be the one to beat him at Wrestlemania 31?

Who knows.

Hell in a Cell is on October 26th.

Michael Cole asked Brock Lesnar if he felt a different Cena Monday night.


Jericho Vs Orton, now.

RKO off the top rope for the pinfall victory. A very fun match between these two. Orton was playing possum here.

Divas Title match, Triple Threat with Paige Vs AJ Lee Vs Nikki Bella is up next.

Byron Sexson is interviewing Brie Bella.

Nikki should not be Divas Champion, because she would be more obnoxious, and if AJ or Paige win, they get to do something she has yet to do, knock Nikki off a few pegs. Nikki is like karma, they are both a bitch.

Divas Title match is up now.

AJ wins the match with a Black Widow, making Paige tap out. This was a good match, the highlight being a tower of doom.

AJ becomes a 3-time Divas Champion.

The Kick-off panel discusses Cena Vs Lesnar.

Our main event, Brock Lesnar Vs John Cena for the WWE World Title is now.

Lesnar loses by DQ, when Seth Rollins shows up, and nails Cena with his MITB briefcase. Seth sends Cena out, after John hit an AA on Brock 4 times. Seth hits a Curb Stomp on Brock. Right before he cashes in, Cena ruins it and sends him out.

The show ends with Lesnar celebrating his title at the ramp, and Cena staring at him.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I hate non-decisive finishes to PPVs, if it’s on Raw, okay. But this is a PPV. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth. But the last match was exciting, and with Cena showing more offense, it looks like they are on equal footing.

But where do we go from here? A triple threat? Another rematch? It looks like Cena is getting yet, another title match either way. And if Brock pins Rollins, then Cena would be getting another title match.

So I am not sure how I feel about it. Okay, I hate it. Because someone else should step in line to face Lesnar. Add some new challenges, but the one guy that has been talked about, Big Show wasn’t even on the card.

So who else, except Cena?

It just seems like nothing has changed.

I also hated the buildup of Henry Vs Rusev, when WWE knew Mark was going to lose. It makes Henry look bad here, and the way JBL built it, “You let America down” won’t look good for the former Olympic hopeful.

I did like the first part of the show, we had some good matches, and Dean Ambrose is quickly becoming a star.

I guess we will see tomorrow night, but from the looks of this, nothing will change.

What were your thoughts of the show? Send me your thoughts here.


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