Impact Wrestling 10/8/14…Full Metal Mayhem

My first Impact in 2 weeks, ready to go and see the last match in the Ultimate Tag Team Series. The Hardys Vs The Wolves Vs Team 3-D in Full Metal Mayhem.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Bobby Roode is in the ring.

Last week, he asked for one more match with Lashley. But he didn’t hear from Bobby, he heard from MVP. He wants to hear from Bobby, and not MVP.

But MVP and Kenny King shows up, and he tells Bobby that he had his shot, and he choked. So again, he says no to a rematch.

Bobby asked if they know what it’s like to be World Champion. He asked who drives the car, it seems to be Kenny King. Bobby tells MVP he will do anything to get another title shot.

Kenny has an idea, and he whispers in MVP’s ear.

MVP tells Bobby if he wants to prove he can do whatever it takes to get another title shot, how about Bobby Vs MVP and Kenny King. But when Bobby loses, he never receives another World Title shot again.

Bobby asks if he speaks for Lashley, and MVP says he does. The match is set.

Tonight, a new Number One Contenders match is up now for the Knockout Title.

Angelina Love Vs Madison Rayne Vs Taryn Terrell is set now.

Madison Rayne wins, so she becomes the next victim of Havok, I mean the next contender to the Knockout Title, using the tights, pinning Taryn Terrell.

Here comes Havok, she faces Velvet Sky this Sunday, at Bound for Glory.

Madison leaves the ring, for Taryn to get her ass kicked. A vicious Chokeslam, showing Madison what her future holds for her.

Next, Storm and Great Sanada Vs Lo-Ki and Tigre Uno. Also, Full Metal Mayhem tonight, with Team 3-D Vs The Hardys Vs The Wolves.

The Franchise Players are in the back, MVP tells Lashley they will take care of Roode. Have the night off, they have this.

Video on The Great Sanada turning to the darkside, and a new Revolution is born.

Tag team match is up now, Storm and Sanada Vs Lo-Ki and Tigre.

The Revolution wins when Sanada sprayed red mist into Tigre’s eyes, and Storm hits a Last Call.

Tonight, Bobby Roode has to face MVP and Kenny King to get another shot at the TNA World Title.

Also, Full Metal Mayhem.

Gunner is talking to Samuel Shaw about his match against Bram. Samuel wonders if Gunner believes in him, and Gunner warns him to watch himself. Samuel now has tattoos, patterning himself from Gunner.

Gunner needs to show more support, gosh.

This is a No DQ match between Samuel Shaw Vs Bram, now.

They tried hard, and Bram wins, nailing Samuel with a wrench. At least Samuel got a TNA chant going.

Brittany is checking on Samuel.

Bobby Roode knows what he wants, and that is the World Heavyweight Championship. He hasn’t slept since September 17th, and if MVP wants to open the door for him, he is about to kick it in.

Roode Vs MVP and King is next.

Tonight, a Full Metal Mayhem match.

Bully Ray says they might be a bit crazy to decide this match. The Wolves show up, and remind them they are the Tag Champs, and Davey told them there is a method of madness. When they win, they won’t just beat Team 3-D and The Hardys, they will beat them at their own match.

Let the hunt begin.

Roode Vs MVP and King, now.

Roode wins by DQ, pinning MVP, had King pinned with a Roode Bomb, but Lashley comes in, and gets his own piece. He nailed a Spear on Roode.

EC3 is a businessman, so he is willing to give Rockstar Spud one more chance. If he doesn’t show loyalty, then business doesn’t look bright for him.

EC3 is in the ring.

He has been at Impact Wrestling for one calendar year, and he has yet to be defeated. Never been pinned, or submitted. After victory, after victory, after victory, after victory.

They say novels have been written by winners, and this novel is written by EC3. He orders Rockstar Spud to get out here, now.

And he does, dressed in purple.

Spud has failed EC3, but he is a giver, and his opportunity is tonight.

Spud has said he is sorry for what happened to Madame, and he is Ethan’s best friend.

Prove it.

Spud knows Ethan’s favorite color is green, because he loves money. He also makes sure when he’s at hotels, the maid sets the thermostat is 71. And he hates it when the crowd chants he can’t wrestle.

You can’t wrestle.

He disagrees.

You can’t wrestle.

He thinks he is very good.

Ethan tells Spud that he failed him when he fainted while guarding Dixie, and making sure she doesn’t go through a table. But just like the 99 percenters, Spud is a loser.

Spud isn’t a loser, he is Rockstar Spud.

Spud is a loser.

He’s not a loser, he’s ROCKSTAR SPUD!!

He is a Carter, and Spud is a loser.

Ethan keeps slapping Spud, calling him a loser. But Spud slaps back.

Spud has heart, he will give him that. But Rockstar Spud, you’re fired.

Video on The Hardys Vs Team 3-D Vs The Wolves, Full Metal Mayhem.

That epic match is next.

Kenny King is DQ’s, with MVP, King, and Lashley are happy about the job they did. Kurt Angle tells them that Bobby Roode will still be a part of the Number One Contender match next week, and MVP will not have a part in it.

The Hardys Vs Team 3-D Vs The Wolves is now.

The Wolves win when they retain their titles, and are still Tag Team Champions.

The show ends with the Wolves standing on top of the ladder, raising their titles up high.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a fitting end to a series. This was their best match, and now it makes us wonder where they go from here with the Hardys and Team 3-D, and even better, who beats The Wolves?

I’ll have to think hard about choosing to purchase Bound for Glory. I always order them, but since there was no buildup, why bother? I can save $50 anyway, but it is what it is.

Overall, a solid show, Roode showed he can be the face of the company. Either a heel or a face, the man gets his reaction. We will see what happens from here. What were your thoughts from tonight’s show? Send them to me here.

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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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