WWE Monday Night Raw 10/13/14….Raw Is Hotlanta

Tonight, we are in Atlanta, and our special guest star is none other than Nene Leakes. Who is Nene, you would ask? “Real Housewife of Atlanta”. She has also made a guest appearance of “Glee”. We will also see The Big Show Vs Rusev.

Not to mention, more buildup to the upcoming Hell in a Cell PPV, which is 13 days ago.

Here we go.

Footage from last week is shown. HHH announced that we will see John Cena Vs Dean Ambrose, with the winner getting to face Seth Rollins.

We are live in Atlanta. And we kick the show off with “The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose.

There is nothing he likes more in this world to be locked inside the cell with Seth Rollins. So he can punish him so that much that Seth wishes he never heard the name of Dean Ambrose.

But before he does that, something is pissing him off, a 15-time WWE World Champion. He said to John last week he had no problem dropping Cena on his head. But Friday night, he did the same thing.

So having said that, he has no issue climbing over Cena, reaching up for that contract on a pole, and face Rollins. There is nothing Cena or The Authority can do about that.

Enter John Cena.

He tells Dean he needs to relax, because this match is made. But it’s two weeks from now, and it’s at Hell in a Cell. The fans want to see this, because Ambrose has a chance, Cena has a chance. So the two will get that opportunity. But Ambrose is running his mouth, so why? Maybe he will walk out alive, maybe he won’t. Cena has some veteran advice, this is the biggest match of his career, so shut up. Get ready for the biggest match of his career, because Cena will give him everything he has.

Ambrose isn’t impressed. He tells him he doesn’t need his advice, and Cena reminds him he is a 15-time World Champion, and Ambrose isn’t even in Cena’s league. His temper will get the best of him.

Here come The Authority.

HHH tells them they both need to calm down. They have their opportunity in two weeks, when the compete in a Contract on a Pole match, at Hell in a Cell, which we can see for just $9.99.

Stephanie tells us that they might be afraid of fighting each other. So she and HHH makes a bet, so these two will compete in a Triple Threat Tag Match against The Uso’s and Gold and Stardust.

That match is now.

Cena and Ambrose win the match when Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds, and Cena nails an Attitude Adjustment, pinning both Gold and Stardust.

But The Authority are back again.

HHH paid Steph the $1 he owes her. But maybe these two need that spark to make this go down.

If they want Rollins at Hell in a Cell, why wait for that event? Contract is hung on a pole, no holds barred. Only one of them gets the chance to face Rollins. And one of them will grab that contract, even if it means tearing each other up.

John Cena Vs Dean Ambrose, tonight…hell begins for the two of them.

Also tonight, Big Show Vs Rusev. 3 weeks ago, Big Show knocked out Rusev. Tonight, these two men square off.

AJ Lee is in action, next.

It will now be AJ and Layla Vs Paige and Alicia.

AJ and Layla win, but Layla walks off on AJ. After the match, AJ goes right after Layla.

And switching gears, we see 2 weeks ago, Big Show disrespecting the Russian flag. Tonight, Big Show Vs Rusev.

The Authority are backstage, and Orton comes over. He faces Ziggler, and before he destroys him, he has no issue with Seth Rollins saying he is the future of the company, as long as he doesn’t take his spotlight. He also knows Rollins will beat either Cena or Ambrose, so give him the loser of tonight’s match, at Hell in a Cell, inside Hell in a Cell.

Done deal.

Bray Wyatt is letting Erik Rowan loose.

Orton Vs Ziggler is next.

Orton wins the match with a RKO, while Seth Rollins watches on.

Seth Rollins plays “Top This” with Orton, and gives Ziggler a Curb Stomp.

Tonight, John Cena Vs Dean Ambrose, Contract on a Pole match.

“Mr. Money in the Bank” Seth Rollins is still in the ring, set to face Jack Swagger.

Rollins wins with rolling the tights, and Orton send the message to Seth by RKOing Swagger.

Tonight, Cena Vs Ambrose, winner faces Rollins at Hell in a Cell.

Renee Young is standing by with Ambrose.

Ambrose will prove to us he can go right by Cena to get to Rollins.

Tom Phillips is with Big Show.

He has the entire United States on his shoulders, and Big Show loves that, because tonight, he is going right through Rusev.

Rusev Vs Big Show is now.

We come back from a break, with Lana telling us we celebrate Columbus Day, who discovered this unforseen country. Some people say he was just an egotistical guy, who got lost and discovered America. So Columbus did that, and threw the Indians to a reservation, where they started up a casino. Americans are stupid, and they lose money faster than seeing their beloved Braves lose a baseball game.

Lana is money.

Rusev brings up Big Show’s actions have consequences.


If Big Show had a spine, he would rp it out, and rip it up. Just like Mark Henry, Big Show will fail his stupid Americans. Big Show will be crushed.

The match is on.

Rusev wins by DQ when Mark Henry came out, and knocked out Rusev when he had an Accolade.

We get the Russian Flag lowered down, and this sends Big Show and Mark Henry out of the ring, to corner the big Brute.

Show knocks out Rusev.

Tonight, Cena Vs Ambrose, with the winner facing Rollins at Hell in a Cell. The loser faces Orton.

Renee Young gets Sheamus backstage, he can’t stand Mizdow, fella.

The Miz Vs Sheamus, next.

Todd Chrisley is in the house.

The Miz Vs Sheamus is now, and we will see Mizdow.

The Miz wins the match by countout when Mizdow interfered on his “stunt double’s” behalf, distracting Sheamus.

Oh boy, Nene Leakes is here, and she has her own dressing room, accompanied by Total Divas.

She has words by Cameron, girl bye.

Cena Vs Ambrose, tonight.

Summer Rae, Nikki Bella, and Cameron Vs Naomi, Natalya, and Brie Bella, with Nene Leakes showing up.

Brie, Natalya, and Naomi win when Brie pinned Nikki with an X-Factor.

Cena Vs Ambrose is next.

This Friday night on Smackdown, 6-man tag, (Is Teddy Long still the GM?), we will see Sheamus and The Uso’s Vs The Miz, Gold and Stardust.

Renee Young is with John Cena.

Cena tells us the fans see in Dean Ambrose what he saw all along, that Dean is the only man standing face to face with Cena. (Didn’t Bray Wyatt do that?). Ambrose is about to go one on one with the man who runs this place.

Speaking of Bray, another video is showing us that Sister Abigail is among us.

It’s coming.

Before we see Ambrose Vs Cena, the entire Authority come out to watch this match unfold.

Ambrose wins when Cena took too long to take care of Kane, and Ambrose went after the contract on a pole.

So we get our double main event, of Ambrose Vs Rollins, and Orton Vs Cena, and all four men stare each other down for the longest time, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

There was nothing horrible about tonight, even though we had a lame stipulation on the main event, and the big Cena Vs Ambrose lasted less than 10 minutes, but I did like the opening tag match.

And Damien Mizdow was hilarious, as always.

The crowd was certainly into Rusev Vs Big Show, but we all know Cena will pin Rusev, right?

Bray Wyatt is still there, and did I saw Mizdow was hilarious?

Raw in a nutshell, tell me what you thought of it.


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