Impact Wrestling 10/15/14…We Are All Bound For Glory

Now that Bound for Glory is behind us, a new chapter begins. We will have a Number One Contender match to determine who faces Bobby Lashley for the TNA World Title. Who win?

Impact Wrestling is now.

We are in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show.

The Executive Director, Kurt Angle begins the show.

Kurt loves seeing the competition, but the playing field needs to be leveled. He asks for Lashley to come to the ring, and he does that.

Kurt knows Bobby isn’t happy with him, but he told his friends to take the night off, and they obliged. But the World Heavyweight Champion needs to be able to defend their title at all costs. So why did Lashley say no to giving Roode a shot at the title?

Because Roode has already had his shot, and lost. Do you want a shot, Kurt?

One day, the two will fight, and he will regret that day. But today isn’t that day. Tonight, there will be a new Number One Contender crowned, in a Fatal four-way match.

It will be “Showtime” Eric Young Vs Jeff Hardy Vs Austin Aries Vs Bobby Roode.

Lashley has competed with all of these people before, but all of them will have an opportunity to compete for a shot at the title. Good luck to them all.

Our main event is set.

Last Saturday night, the TNA Hall of Fame was being seen, with Team 3-D.

Next, Havok Vs Madison Rayne for the Knockout Title.

Matt Hardy was doing an interview about Jeff Hardy’s World Title opportunity, when Magnus introduces himself to Hardy, saying he is nothing but a “cheerleader” tonight to Jeff, after losing the Tag Title shot last week. Matt challenges Magnus to a match, tonight.

Challenge is accepted.

Madison Rayne Vs Havok, now.

Havok wins with a Chokeslam, she calls The Harlet Slayer.

Devon is talking with Kurt in the back, he is proud to be a part of history with his brother, but he is still a part of the TNA roster and will do anything he can to represent.

Eric Young is backstage, telling us he has a 25% shot at becoming the Number One Contender, and he’ll take those chances anytime.

Matt Hardy Vs Magnus, now.

Hardy wins with a Twist of Fate. A good match between these two, and Matt has looked very good since he came back to TNA.

EC3 revealed last Sunday that he has a new bodyguard, and tonight, we find out who that is.

Mixed tag match is up now. Angelina Love, DJ Z, and Jessie Godderz Vs Knox, Crazzy Steve, and Rebel.

The Menagerie win, when Crazzy Steve pins Jessie with a DDT.

EC3 reveals his new bodyguard, next.

Tonight, Fatal Four-way for the Number One Contender to face Lashley.

Roode is about to share his thoughts, and Austin Aries tells Roode tonight will be a match they all remember. This mutual respect, when the bell rings is out the window. No apologies after the match, whatever it takes to win.

I can’t wait.

EC3 makes his appearance. His new bodyguard?

The wrestler formerly known as Brodus Clay.

controversy seems to follow him wherever he goes, but it follows you when you make big moves.

He plans to detonate this entire industry, because he has the control of the button. Brodus is now known as Tyrus.

To his former best friend, Rockstar Spud, he’d like to say see you never.

Now, down to business. Bully Ray still remains a Hall of Famer, despite putting his Aunt through a table.

We all love it, but the action is being deemed, and the list of TNA Hall of Famers is a who’s-who of the people EC3 have beaten.

Sting, Kurt Angle, and Bully Ray.

The fans may chant you can’t wrestle, but he remains undefeated, and there isn’t a man who can beat him.

Enter Devon.

Devon can see why he gets his ass kicked every week, he continues to talk. There is one man he hasn’t beaten, and that is Devon.

So Tyrus, Devon will put EC3 through a table, and if he even thinks about interfering, he will make him his bi-atch.

As Devon heads the ring, Bram attacks Devon with a garbage can lid.

We come back, EC3 and Tyrus are still in the ring. It’s so nice that Bram helped him out, and Tyrus told him he just beat Devon.

So EC3 is rewarding Tyrus with a treat, tonight he faces a legend….SHARKBOY!!

Simon Diamond tries to look for Sharkboy, and sees him hanging out on the couch, eating doughnuts.


Tyrus wins with a Chokeslam, Sharkboy needed to eat more doughnuts, I guess.

Highlights from Bound for Glory.

Hardy’s thoughts on tonight’s match.

Creature, it’s time to mount up.

Our main event, Number One Contender’s Match is next.

Bram walks away, not wanting to talk about anything.

Highlights from the Ultimate Tag Team Series between Team 3-D Vs The Hardys Vs The Wolves.

The Wolves speak, challenging any team out there to try to take their titles.

8-team tournament starts the next week to challenge The Wolves.

But now, Fatal 4-Way to determine the Number One Contender. Eric Young Vs Jeff Hardy Vs Austin Aries Vs Bobby Roode is now.

This was actually an Elimination match, although all night, they were naming this a Fatal 4-way, unless I am wrong here. It came down to Aries and Roode. Bobby wins with a Roodebomb. A very fun match here, and all four men celebrate at the end.

Next week, an 8 team tournament starts off to see who faces The Wolves next, and we will get an official contract signing between Bobby Lashley Vs Bobby Roode.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This has been the first Bound for Glory I ever missed, let’s hope there is more and this is the start of a strong build towards it. Another strong main event, and I love seeing the added focus on these matches, and extra time. Makes the main event feel special.

Tyrus is a good addition, but I hope they don’t make this friendship short.

A fun show tonight, and can’t wait to see the contract signing next week, and the Tag Team tournament beginning.

What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me.


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