WWE Monday Night Raw 10/20/14…Streetfight From Hell

We are 6 days away from Hell in a Cell. Tonight, we will see a 3-on-2 Handicap match, with Kane, Randy Orton, and Seth Rollins Vs John Cena and Dean Ambrose. Will these two co-exist?

Raw is now.

The cell comes down, we are in Kansas City.

The Authority comes out to the ring, with newly promoted Lilian Garcia making the introductions on Raw.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

This is a night HHH said we all can be proud of. Because these three men will face the team of John Cena and Dean Ambrose.

If the two of them can make it through tonight, than hell is literally in front of them. Because this Sunday, both men will be in Hell in a Cell, where unspeakable things can happen, and we can all see it for just $9.99.

People that go through hell can change their life. HHH has won more Hell in a Cell matches in the entire existence, and it’s not about you winning, it’s about who survives.

Two of the most heated rivalries will take place. “The face of the WWE” Randy Orton against a 15-time WWE Champion, John Cena.

We will also have “The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose face “Mr. Money in the Bank” Seth Rollins.

Seth tells HHH he loves the nickname of “Mr. Money in the Bank”, but he is thinking of this new nickname, “The undisputed Future” of the WWE, Seth Rollins. He is going to be main eventing against Dean Ambrose.

Orton interrupts, and says he is the true main event, against a 10 year rivalry of John Cena.

HHH corrects them both in saying this is a double main event. However, this news is for Randy. The winner of his match against Cena will determine the Number One Contender to the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

That settles it, Cena Vs Orton will go on last, which sucks.

This makes Orton’s day even better, because he makes it clear he will do something the Kansas City Royals haven’t done in 25 years, and won’t do it now and that is become the new WWE World Champion.

HHH believes in the two of them, and knows they won’t let him down. The Authority always wins in the end, and that is what’s best for business.

We see footage from last week on Main Event when Sheamus knocks down Sheamus-dow.

6-man tag match is set now, with Sheamus and The Uso’s Vs The Miz, Gold, and Stardust.

Miz put Mizdow in the match, and we had Mizdow pin Sheamus with the roll of the tights. This Sunday, The Miz Vs Sheamus for the US Title.

Tonight, 3-on-2 Handicap match with Kane, Orton, and Rollins Vs Cena and Ambrose.

Orton comes up to HHH and assures him that Randy will make HHH proud this Sunday.

HHH tells Randy this is all Seth’s idea, and Randy will find Seth and thank him personally.

The Wyatts are disbanded, with the video we see.

Now Bray is telling us Sister Abigail is coming, or at least I think.

AJ Lee Vs Alicia Fox now.

Alicia wins with a rollup, getting some help from Paige.

At Hell in a Cell, AJ Vs Paige.

Orton finds Rollins. He tells Seth he can take care of things for himself. Rollins tells him he is a team player, and this is about The Authority having things their way. So Randy wins the WWE World Title, and with the MITB briefcase, things will take care of themselves.

Immedately after Monday Night Raw, Hulk Hogan will give his thoughts on Hell in a Cell on WWE Network.

Randy Orton heads to the ring, I guess to call out John Cena.

This Sunday, Orton and Cena will face each other in the greatest demonic structure in the business. He has faced Cena, and beat him before in the cell.

Time flies, and he brings up 2002 they both made their debuts. Orton was a third generation superstar, and Cena was just a young punk trying to rap.

Cena and Orton are now two seasoned veterans who have made their names in a rival, such as Hogan-Piper, Hart-HBK, Austin-Rock. He respects Cena, but he still sees him as a punk kid, who thinks he can rap. These two have faced each other before this year, at Royal Rumble, with Orton defeating Cena, and nothing will change.

Then he will go on to face “The Beast”.

Cena enters the ring.

Cena tells Randy to shutup. Everyone knows Randy is gifted, a future Hall of Famer. But everytime he opens up his mouth, he proves he is the dumbest jackass alive.

Cena tells Randy this isn’t 2002 anymore. Randy comes to the ring, with everything that has been going on in this city.

Let’s Go Royals chants begin.

He tells these people the Royals have no shot at the championship. Maybe in 2002, they lost 100 games. That’s okay, because that was the last time Orton was relevant.

2014, the Royals are in the World Series, and they have their eyes on winning the World Series.

Orton tells Cena being in it, and winning it are 2 different things.

Cena tells Randy he is right, because Orton will be in it, but he won’t win it. He had his eyes on Seth Rollins, but now he has a chance to face Brock Lesnar, and become the new WWE World Championship.

Cena tells Orton that he has his eyes on Orton, and he will see Lesnar. He will face the one that runs this place, John Cena.

Ladies and gentlemen, Paul Heyman shows up.

He tells them both that in 2002, we had the same class that featured Randy Orton, John Cena, and the man who Heyman signed to be “The Next Big Thing”, and he is now the reigning, undisputed WWE World Champion.

This Sunday, these two men will enter this structure. They will look to uphold their legacy. In the ring, these two men are their equals, and while they think the winner will win, they will be the ultimate loser. Because they will face “The Beast” Brock Lesnar. He has the utmost respect for Randy, but he doesn’t think Randy wants any piece of Brock. Now for Cena, he has to face the same man who beat him, and he knows….

Cena picks up Heyman, setting up Attitude Adjustment, but like a dumbass, he drops him, and Orton lays Cena out with a RKO. But Orton gives Heyman a RKO himself, and now chants who is a dumb ass now.

Cole brings up Big Show Vs Rusev last week.

Rusev is in action, next.

Rusev Vs Big E, now.

Rusev makes Big E. tap out to The Accolade.

Lana tells us this Sunday, Big Show will let down America, with Rusev telling us that he will rip Big Show’s heart out, and there is nothing he can do about it.

The Russian Flag tries to make an appearance, but it does not.

Big Show appears on the Titantron, and we see the American Flag pop up, instead.

An American soldier comes to the ring to try to fight Rusev, but he lays a kick to the head of the soldier, and we go to a break.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw. Rusev attacking a poor American soldier.

Big Show helped him to the back.

Now Big Show is in the ring.

Big Show is trying to speak, but emotions are getting the best of him, with USA chants.

There are certain lines you don’t cross. You do not disrespect an American soldier. Rusev, he wants Big Show’s attention, he wants to get inside his head? His head is a very dark place to be, and the rage he has will be wreathed on him all over his head. He is an American, he is a giant, and at Hell in a Cell, his 15 minutes of being in the WWE is up.

I loved that promo.

On second thought, the hell with Hell in a Cell. Rusev, get out here, now.

Come get some, Rusev.

Fine you won’t come to Show, Show will come to Rusev.

He heads to the back, looking for Rusev.

Big Show asks a stagehand where Rusev’s dressing room is, and he tells Show it’s down there.

Show kicks the door down, but Rusev is gone.

Now Dean Ambrose is doing some research on Kane tonight, watching “See No Evil 2”.

Ambrose tells Cena he is Batman, and Cena is Superman. Cena seems worried about the match tonight, but Ambrose has a plan to kick anything that moves.

Cena now tells Ambrose he is more like The Joker.

Why so serious?

Summer Rae Vs Brie Bella, now.

Brie wins with an X-Factor, with Nikki watching backstage.

Nikki Vs Brie, with loser becoming personal assistant.

3-on-2 Handicap match, later tonight.

WWE Hell in a Cell is this Sunday and after the show, WWE Network will have an exclusive interview with Hulk Hogan.

Dean Ambrose comes to the ring.

Ambrose has a bag, and he sets up a chair.

Dean finally gets what he has been dreaming of, the sell-out power-ranging suit, inside a cell.

He opens a bag, and it’s a Seth Rollins dummy.

Rollins has become a puppet for The Authority, doing their dirty work. But wait a second, he doesn’t like to do the dirty work. So he will do Rollins a favor this Sunday, the first body part he rips, is his hands.

He is now using the dummy hand and slapping Rollins with it.

But he now has a cheese grater, and a screwdriver, shoving it into Seth. He now has a hammer, and nails him with it.

He has a saw, and he saw himself chopping his testicles in half, but he already sold his testicles to The Authority, so he can’t do that.

So we will see how much testicle fortitude he has in him.

A piledriver on the dummy.

The real Seth Rollins come out, and tell Dean has finally found an opponent he can relate to on an intellectual level. He will never, ever beat him, but he can use a comedy act.

Ambrose throws a hand right at Rollins.

You Sold Out chants, again.

Rollins admits he sold out, and we would do the same thing. But this stings a bit since Rollins is a midwest kid too, but that is where the similarities begin, and end.

Unlike the people here, Seth knew he was destined for greatness growing up. So while the fans chant, they are the ones taking pictures of him, and know he is the highlight of the show. So he sold out, so what?

Ambrose is ready to fight.

Rollins doesn’t sweat Ambrose, and he doesn’t sweat Hell in a Cell.

Here comes Mick Foley!!

Foley asks them to forgive them, he was visiting an old friend, the cell. He wants to thank them for fulfilling their destiny. He remembers in 2012, his daughter came home to tell Mick about The Shield. She was raving about them, and he clicked in to watch them. He talks about watching them every week, even watching WWE Network.

In any ordinary scenario, he can see Seth Rollins beating Dean Ambrose.

Rollins said finally Foley said something smart, he was just thinking he was wasting his time, wearing Santa garb, and being a shell of his former self.

Foley said in any other ordinary situation, but this isn’t an ordinary situation, this is Hell in a Cell. He wears this Santa garb, because it represents losing his innocence to become the wrestler he had become, sacrificing his very body for this business.

Ambrose lost his innocence a long time ago, he is ready to sacrifice himself, so maybe Rollins should ask himself if it’s worth the beating he is going to take, inside a hospital room on Monday morning, ask yourself.

Rollins knows he is out of his damn mind, but Seth is going to win. Because they are right here, but Rollins’ mind is smarter than he is, and he will win.

Foley warns them both that the cell changed him. He has lived in 2 different lives, pre-cell and post-cell. Just like these fans, in Kansas City. They will get the game they have been waiting for the last 29 years. But these two, on October 26th, will get the match the two of them have been waiting for their entire lives.

Have a nice day.

I am ready for Hell in a Cell.

Ambrose swings a chair, and now throws the mannequin at Rollins.

The stage is set for this Sunday.

Cesaro Vs Dolph Ziggler is next.

Cesaro wins with an European Uppercut, pinning the champion.

Backstage, Orton and Rollins are arguing about who the captain should be, and HHH orders that Kane will be the ring general. Kane screams at both of them saying it’s time to take out “The Golden Boy” and “The Lunatic”, and it begins tonight.

Their match is still to come.

This Sunday, at 7:00, we will see The Kick-Off to Hell in a Cell, with Mizdow TV. Mizdow’s guest will be The Miz. Paul Heyman will also join Booker T and Alex Riley, with Renee Young as the panel.

Hell in a Cell, inside the numbers video is now being shown.

The same video on Bray Wyatt is now being shown, letting Erick Rowan go.

Our main event, Cena and Ambrose Vs Kane, Orton, and Rollins is now, in a 3-on-2 Streetfight.

The Authority win when Orton RKO’s Ambrose, and after the match, Rollins Curb Stomps Orton, and celebrates inside the cell. He then climbs up the top, and ends the show strong.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A strong show that set the stage for this Sunday. Not sure if this means Orton is out of The Authority, or if this the young gun, Rollins doing this himself.

But I have a feeling now heading into Survivor Series, we will see Orton Vs Rollins, and Cena Vs Lesnar, again.

But where does this leave Ambrose?

Fun to see Foley tonight, and it seems WWE likes to give us surprises every now and then, which is never a bad thing, but if they wind up going with Cena Vs Orton last, and they more than likely will, where does this leave Ambrose and Rollins? Two guys that have entertained us the last few months, are sort of kicked to the curb, (pun intended).

So here we go, Hell in a Cell is shortly, what did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts.


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