WWE Monday Night Raw 10/27/14…Escape Through Hell

Last night, 4 men went through hell, only 2 men survived.

Raw is now.

And what is a Raw without The Authority kicking the show off?

We are live in San Antonio, Texas.

Stephanie is channeling her own father here, with her introduction. If we missed last night’s show, we missed a hell of a show.

HHH saying even with Randy Orton losing to John Cena, there was another man becoming the standard bearer of the WWE, Mr. Money in the Bank….Seth Rollins.

Rollins is limping to the ring.

Seth gets the you sold out chants, and Seth can’t thank us enough. Finally, “The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose is out of his hair, once and for all.

Last night, Rollins proved once and for all intellenct conquers all. Now that he is done with Ambrose, he has his eyes set on the man who soundly defeated Randy Orton last night. He is moving on to John Cena.

Now we get the Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks chants that we hear so often.

Later tonight, Rollins will be able to “see” John Cena. He will leave him in the same spot as he left Dean Ambrose last night, laying in the puddle of his own failure.

Enter “The Viper” Randy Orton.

Orton wants to know if Rollins truly “the standard bearer” of WWE? Why did Orton soundly get beaten last night? Because last week, he was curb stomped, and now he is here to truly deal with Rollins.

Orton fights off Rollins, and HHH breaks them up, saying they are not doing this tonight.

HHH tries to calm down Orton, they are not going to do this. Orton will take the night off, when the time is right they will deal with it, but emptions are high.


Orton nails Rollins, and runs off from The Authority.

Rollins gets some help, I loved that RKO. Raw is starting strong.

Tonight, John Cena Vs Seth Rollins, one on one.

Also, Hulk Hogan is here tonight.

Also tonight, The Big Show and Mark Henry go for Tag Team gold, against Gold and Stardust, next.

WWE Tag Team Title match is up now.

Mark Henry turns heel, and gives Show a World’s Strongest Slam, to lose the match.

Mark Henry gives Show another WSS for good measure.

Body splash for good measure after another WSS.

That’s what he does.

Tonight, Cena Vs Rollins and we will see an exclusive interview with Roman Reigns, next.

Backstage, Renee Young catches up with Mark Henry. He did what Show would have done to him. Big Show was always jealous of Mark, and he always will be.

Switching gears, we get a closer look at “The Juggernault” Roman Reigns.

Roman is live, via satellite.

Roman is getting stronger everyday, but he would do anything to be at San Antonio.

His two brothers tore the house down last night. He knows Dean, and he knows that scumbag Seth Rollins. He hides behind anything, and he wants to make this crystal clear to Seth Rollins. When he is cleared to go, he will make Seth the past.

Believe that.

AJ Lee is coming to the ring.

AJ Vs Alicia Fox, with Paige doing commentary.

Paige distracts Alicia by screaming at her, and AJ rolls her up for the win.

Paige lays out her bestie with a kick. Puts her head into a barricade too, and throws her jacket at her.

“King” comes over and saves Alicia, with Paige backing away.

Roman Reigns, as Cole said will take out Seth Rollins when he comes back.

We see Bray Wyatt helped Seth win last night, with an Urange.

Tonight, Ambrose will face Cesaro.

But the “new” Number One Contender, John Cena will speak, next.

Cena is out now, at the top of the hour.

Cena is trying to give San Antino a cheap pop, talking about the Spurs.

Last night was an epic night. It might not be a last time we will see Cena Vs Orton, but it was one of the best. An opportunity to face “The Beast” and last night, he earned that title shot. And while Lesnar sits at home, thinking he is the champion, Cena fights every night, proving he is the champion. And when Lesnar decides to show up, he will defeat Brock. And every night until that moment, he will make a statement. And tonight, San Antonio gets that opportunity for a main event caliber match.

The Authority calls Seth Rollins “The Future”, well the future ain’t looking so bright. And if they say he is the future, then he has to go through the face that runs this place.

Here comes Stephanie McMahon, again.

Stephanie congraulates John for his victory last night. He also can’t wait to see his match tonight. But she is also looking forward to seeing Survivor Series. We will see a traditional tag team match.

Steph has a proposition for Cena. He panders to this crowd, and for what? She can say Go Spurs Go.

Cena is just listening to the crowd, and Steph asks if he listens to the crowd, does he listen to them boo him? She just wants him to do what is best for business.

These people don’t matter, what they care about is seeing Cena on the mat. They care about Cena putting it all on the line. Seeing blood, guts, and for what? For their appreciation? He can join The Authority.

They care about Cena, and respect him. Cena will face Brock Lesnar, a man who has handily beat him night after night, left him laying, to the crowds’ cheers. Maybe The Authority can help Cena’s assurance, maybe they can even “guarantee” a victory? How about the winner of his match with Rollins can be a captain’s match. Cena deserves respect, he deserves the accolades of being a part of the family.

Cena deserves to come down to this ring, and tell the people why he does this. They show up every Monday night, because they are all a part of this. Cena is here for the fans, not the other way. He asks Cena to turn his back on all of them?

Stephanie is here to assure Cena’s legacy. Because when he is gone, these people won’t remember John Cena. The Authority has the opportunity to assure Cena gets respect.

Cena’s answer is hell no.

Here comes HHH.

HHH knew Cena would say no. He is going to play the “hero”, they are all in this together. Cena has been here 12 years now? HHH has been in here for 20, and it gets harder and harder. Cena is hanging by a thread, mentally and physically. Cena knows what HHH knows, he can’t fight the future. And it doesn’t have to be as hard as it is, and as hard as it is going to get. This business is about longevity. Or he can be the beat up guy coming right in for one last hurrah.

Cena has the head for this, but maybe HHH should just prove it to Cena, that he can’t stop the future. Have it your way.

Cena will face Team Authority, so go right ahead and find the right men with his heart, and mind. See if he can find the right group to fight The Authority.

Cena, you can’t fight the future, the future fights through you. They control the future, and if he doesn’t know, he needs to smarten up and realize The Authority always win.

The Uso Brothers Vs The Miz and Damien Mizdow, now.

The Uso Brothers steal a win, with some switch-a-roo, Jey pinning The Miz.

Rudy Charles did not see a thing, although they just showed it on replay.

Cena is talking with Dolph Ziggler backstage. The two men shook hands.

Hulk Hogan is next.

Ziggler is texting, it seems. Kane is not happy Ziggy talked with Cena. Now he wants a match with Ziggler, and end that superstar.

Lilian Garcia welcomes us to Hulk Hogan.

Well, let me tell you something, brother.

Hogan was happy to see Cena go through Hell in a Cell beat that no-good dude Randy Orton. He also wants to see Cena beat that “Stinky giant” Brock Lesnar and win the WWE World Title, again, dude.

Hogan joined the Komen campaign, and even though October is winding down, these women are fighting every single day. These courageous women are the strong influence for us, and they all need to stand up for us. With all of the energy, and all of the pink, he has to say whatcha going to do when Susan G. Komen continue to fight for you, and run wild, brother.

We can all join the fight at Komen/org.com and find out how we can join the fight.

There is an open challenge for Bo Dallas, we will find out who answers it, next.

Bo Dallas is ready to fight, because he BOlieves.

Earlier tonight, Bo issued an open challenge, and now it’s time to find out who BOlieves they can beat Bo.

Feed Me More….


Meathook Clothesline, and now Shellshock.

Match is done.

Earlier tonight, Roman Reigns said he is coming for Seth Rollins, when he is cleared.

Bray Wyatt costs Dean Ambrose the match at Hell in a Cell.

Ambrose Vs Cesaro, next.

Mark Henry will be a guest on MizTV tomorrow night on Main Event.

Ambrose Vs Cesaro, now.

Ambrose has the mic, he says last night he took Rollins straight to hell, and he will do it again. He’s not sure why Wyatt did what he did, but one thing he will learn is you don’t screw with Dean Ambrose.

Dean attacks Cesaro with the mic, before the bell rings.

He demands Wyatt to come out now.

Wyatt shows up on the screen, he sees Ambrose as the person he was. This world is not made for the two of them. Think about it. What happens next? Tell Wyatt, because he doesn’t know. Wyatt is not Dean’s friend, he is not his brother, he is Dean Ambrose. He promises Dean he will soak out his mind, run Dean, because he will get him.

Our main event tonight is John Cena Vs Seth Rollins.

Stephanie made Cena an offer to join them, and Cena refused. So tonight, we will see Team Authority Vs Team Cena at Survivor Series.

Nikki Bella Vs Cameron, now.

Nikki wins with a Back Rack.

Nikki demands Brie hold her hand up, so by command, she does.

Tonight, Cena Vs Rollins.

Next, Dolph Ziggler Vs Kane.

Ziggler wins with a rollup, surprising Kane.

But now Seth Rollins attack Ziggler.

Here comes Cena.

Cena raises Ziggler’s hand in victory.

Rollins Vs Cena is next.

cena wins by DQ when Kane went after Cena. Ziggler helps Cena, and the entire locker room comes out and fights.

But Cena ends the show, left standing with The Authority watching on the ramp.


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