Impact Wrestling 10/29/14….Lashley vs Roode II

Tonight, Bobby Roode tries to take the TNA World Title, we will also see some Semi-tag matches to determine who is the Number One Contenders to the Tag Team Titles.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Earlier today, we see both champion and challenger enter the building.

For Bobby Roode, time is running out.

Tonight, Samoa Joe and Lo-Ki Vs King and MVP, also The Hardys Vs EC3 and Tyrus.

But first, Joe and Lo-Ki Vs King and MVP.

Joe and Lo-Ki win, when Joe makes Kenny King tap out to the Naked Choke. They move on to the finals, and will face either The Hardys or EC3 and Tyrus.

Last week on Impact Wrestling, we see Bram defeat Devon, with the help from Magnus.

Devon shares his thoughts, and says Bram now has a problem, and that’s Devon. They picked a fight with the wrong guy.

A phone rings, and Devon’s friend is here.

The challenger, Bobby Lashley is getting ready.

Bobby Lashley video is now playing.

Bram heads to the ring.

Bram is here to systematically change the history of hardcore wrestling. And in doing so, he wants to bring out his “brother”, Magnus.

He and Magnus may not always get along, they may not actually be brothers by relation, they are brothers in the business, growing and training together. Magnus represents the English, and he is here to help Magnus take out anyone that may disagree with them.

Bram brings up how violent Magnus is now, can he imagine if he had the World Title now, as violent as he is? The two would be unstoppable, and they are here to systematically take out the legends of hardcore.

Devon comes out, and tells both men to shut the hell up. Magnus attacked him when he had his back to him, but now he has backup, you might say “The Innovator of Violence”

Tommy Dreamer comes out and helps Devon out and the two are left standing.

Madison Rayne is with Taryn, she apologizes for not being there for Taryn a few weeks ago, and she pulled her tights. It was about getting the win, and a shot at Knockouts Title. They are on the same page, right?

Taryn told her to focus on the tag match against The Beautiful People, and that match is next.

Tonight, World Heavyweight Title match. Lashley Vs Roode II, with Kurt Angle as the special guest ref.

Sharkboy is signing autographs, eating hot dogs, and not wearing his mask all of the way.

Pat Kenney wants to see the real Sharkboy, the Sharkboy he used to be? Can he be Sharkboy one more time?

Shell Yeah!!

The camera guy asks Pat if he believes he can do it? No way.

The Beautiful People Vs Taryn Terrell and Madison Rayne is now.

Madison Rayne turns on Taryn, after a few ignored tags, and nails a Rayne Drop. BP pin Taryn, and they lose the match.

Hardys Vs EC3 and Tyrus is next.

After a great Lashley video, we hear from Kurt Angle, who is the ref for tonight’s match. He looks forward to Roode getting a fair opportunity, and since he is the ref, he invites King and MVP to try to interfere.

The Hardys Vs EC3 and Tyrus is now.

The Hardys beat EC3 and Tyrus with a Swanton, advancing to the finals against Joe and Lo-Ki.

EC3 is irate at Tyrus.

Tonight, The Revolution expands, just a little more.

Bobby Lashley is ready for his match.

The Revolution is in the ring. A storm is coming, you know how he knows? Because it’s quiet, before the clouds shift, before the sun, a storm is close. He brings life to these men. Sanada was weak, along the side of Muta. Manik was weak, not speaking, but now he speaks his gospel. Now these men are stronger, and titles are coming. Because they get the job done. No more listening to the doubters, which is why they offer an invitation to another.

Come on out to Davey Richards.

Storm hopes Davey had time to think of the great offer. Davey was a part of a great tag team, but so was Storm, but he is being held back because his partners were trying to hold him back. This is why they want to hear Davey speak, why he wants Davey to be a part of their Revolution.

Eddie Edwards come out, he wants to know Davey isn’t listening to what Storm is saying. There is something wrong with Storm, and there is no way Davey will give in to him.

Davey can speak for himself.

Eddie just wants to know where Davey’s head is.

Storm tells him this has nothing to do with Eddie.

Eddie wants a match, right now.

Storm Vs Edwards, now.

Storm wins with a Last Call Superkick, with Davey being conflicted about aiding his partner, or siding with The Revolution. Davey never warned Eddie that a Last Call was coming.

Lashley vs Roode II is next.

Our main event, Roode Vs Lashley, for the gold is now.

Roode wins the World Title, with a rolling-pin on Lashley. Bobby is now a 2-time World Champion.

Lashley was irate with Kurt, when it seemed like it was a slow count. Kurt was bumped twice, we had Lashley deck Brian Habner, and everything was thrown.

Next week, Roode’s celebration, and we will get to see Joe and Lo-Ki vs The Hardys, the winner faces The Wolves.

Impact Wrestling has ended, now.

<Kevin's Thoughts:

This felt like a big show, from beginning to end, and we had a title change. But I have to wonder, when will TNA announce their new TV deal? Something has to start happening in that factor.

But Bobby Lashey’s title reign will go down as one of my favorite in a long time. He dominated his title reign, and surely made it seem more important. We know Roode can take over, but you also have to wonder who is the one that to take the title away from Bobby? Could it be Storm?

I want to see Joe and Lo-Ki Vs The Hardy’s, but will Davey join The Revolution?

I guess we will find out at some point.

What did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts.


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