WWE Monday Night Raw 11/10/14…Live From Liverpool…On Tape

Tonight, WWE continues their European Tour, we will see John Cena Vs Ryback, one on one.  Where does The Authority stand in this?

Raw is now.

Last Monday, Vince McMahon returned.  Randy Orton struck Seth Rollins, and The Authority has the final say on Orton.

We are in Liverpool, and we kick the show off with John Cena.

Cena mocks the English crowd, he can’t even field his team, for Survivor Series.  Vince McMahon made the announcement that if Team Authority loses at Survivor Series, then they are no longer in charge.  But Team Authority won’t allow Cena to issue his team.  Zack Ryder gave us one tweet saying he could be a part of Team Cena, but The Authority put him out of commission, he is out for 6 months.  Randy Orton spoke out about The Authority, and they laid him out.

But there are two men that have stood up, and are a part of Team Cena.  Two men The Authority have labeled them as “B+ players”, one is Jack Swagger, a real American.  And it’s funny, because Swagger has a match with Seth Rollins tonight.  The other guy has a big chip on his shoulder, that man is Dolph Ziggler.

But there is a man who has come back 2 weeks ago, and truly dominated people.

And he is Cena’s opponent tonight, Ryback.

The fans love this idea, and Cena asks him to head to the ring.

Before Ryback can say anything, here comes Team Authority, with the newest member, Mark Henry.

HHH tells John that everything is on the line at Survivor Series.  Does John think he is scaring everyone?  You damn right he is, because HHH will put the fear of God on line, because to them, he is God.  The stakes are on the line, because the game has changed.  Who has the guts to be a part of Team Cena, because they know it’s career suicide to be a part of Team Cena.  When they can be a part of The Authority, who knows even when they lose a battle, they always have a plan.

So HHH mocks Swagger and Ziggler.

HHH talks up how Ziggler may not even make it at Survivor Series, and Cena reminds HHH that he thought the same thing about Daniel Bryan, yet Daniel beat his ass at Wrestlemania.

HHH reminds us “Captain B+” is on the shelf.

Stephanie tells Cena that he is great at propaganda, but The Authority runs things here, careers are on the line.  They will head out the best in company, and fight for their jobs, which is why they want Ryback to be a part of this.

HHH makes this clear, he joins Team Authority, everything is his.  Ryback has a chance at anything he wants.

Cena tells them that he is here to fight, like a man.  Not be a sellout, like a “sellout stooge”, “Sellout Shield”, or a “Sellout Sexual Chocolate”.

He tells Ryback that if he sides with Cena, the fans will speak, and not The Authority.  He decides how far Ryback goes.

Ryback tells them he’s not afraid of The Authority, but Cena also doesn’t sign his check.

Ryback gives Cena a Spinebuster, and he is now officially a team member of Team Authority.

Later tonight, Cena Vs Ryback.

Swagger Vs Rollins, now.

Rollins picks up the win with a Curbstomp.

Noble and Mercury distracted Swagger for a bit, and Rollins capitalized.

Now Swagger is being looked at for a possible concussion.  Rollins hit another Curbstomp for good measure.

Tonight, Sheamus Vs Rusev, for the United States Title.

We are in Liverpool, we see footage from last week’s Smackdown, with The Peep Show.  Christian’s guest was Dean Ambrose, and Bray Wyatt interrupted.

We show right to Dean Ambrose, with a pen.

He has made more enemies than friends in this business.  You can even call him a “sinner”.  You want to talk about fighting demons?  Dean fights demons every night in the ring that are scarier than Bray Wyatt.  The Authority tried to stop Dean, but it didn’t work.  Bray Wyatt is right about something, there might be a place in hell for the two of them, and he hopes they go down together.

Kane instructs Ryback his first test is with Cena tonight.  His job is on the line, HHH’s job is on the line, Stephanie’s job is on the line.  Kane will be in Ryback’s corner.

Ryback has this.

This is a way for Ryback fighting for his keep, if he follows Kane’s way, he will win.

Ryback tells Kane if he wants his help, he will ask for it.  But until then, stay out of Ryback’s way.

We are now getting the Alicia Fox Vs Paige match we have all wanted to see.

Paige wins in her home country with a RamPaige.

Rusev and Lana are met with Stephanie McMahon.  She reminds them that her husband set up the celebration, and her husband set up his title shot.

Lana tells Stephanie, for political reasons…

There is no political reasons in WWE, and Lana told her they will consider it.

Then Stephanie calls her a stuck-up little twit.  If she scratches her back, she will scratch theirs.  Understand?

We come back, and see Stephanie and HHH watching last week’s show with Vince.

He seems to be telling them different things.  Is he trying to separate?  Whatever, they will crush this challenge and win, just like The Authority always does.

But Steph has to ask, what if?

Don’t go there, as long as they are together, everything will be just fine.

Rusev United States Victory Celebration is now.

Lana tells us if it wasn’t for Russia’s help with the English, they would all be speaking German.

Some Russian guy I guess is telling us that President Putin is proud of Rusev, and reads a letter from “The Big Guy”.

Respect and rise for the Russian national anthem.

The flag pops out, in celebration of Rusev.

Sheamus interrupts the fun, and he is out to fight.

The rematch for the United States Title is next.

Rusev wins the match by countout, when The Authority’s two stooges, Noble and Mercury distract Sheamus long enough to lose.

Rusev did not look happy in this, and certainly the creative did not do a good job of building Rusev into a strong champion.

Tonight, Ziggler Vs Henry.

We are in Liverpool, England.  Rusev just beat Sheamus, and Stephanie McMahon is “impressed”.  She helped Rusev win, so she wants to know if Rusev is on Team Authority?

They are, and Stephanie does not care what Vladimir Putin thinks, this is about The Authority.  Together, they will “crush” Team Cena.

Team Authority is set with Seth Rollins, Kane, Ryback, Mark Henry, and Rusev.

Earlier tonight, we see Ryback join Team Authority.

Rollins is here to welcome Ryback, and Ryback doesn’t seem to care.

Rollins is telling Ryback they need to focus.  Ryback doesn’t need to take orders from Kane, he needs to take orders from Rollins, right big man?

Ryback is here to systematically take out John Cena, and it’s not big man, its big guy.

Oh boy, Los Matadores, with El Torito are up next against The Miz and Mizdow.

Hornswoggle showed up as a Mini-Miz, but Miz and Mizdow win, holding the ropes.

Cena is with Ziggler.  Swagger is out of Survivor Series.  So right now, it’s 5-on-2.  Ziggler has Cena’s back, for once.  Cena has Ziggler’s back, but HHH comes out and says Cena is banned from ringside.

Luke Harper promo, right when we have Ziggler Vs Henry.

It seems Harper has his eye on Ziggler.

Henry is DQ’d now he is out to destroy Ziggler.

Here comes The Big Show, come get you some big fella.

Big Show is here to say he joined Team Cena, so Henry can run, he will see him at Survivor Series.

Kofi Kingston is joining Xavier Woods’ group, called New Day.

Ziggler and Show are together.  Big Show is now aboard.  Sheamus wants in too.

They have four, now are looking for one more.

AJ Lee is headed to the ring.

It’s AJ Vs Brie Bella.

AJ made Brie tap out to Black Widow, and Nikki attacks AJ after the match, with a Rack Attack.

AJ Vs Nikki, at Survivor Series.

We saw a paralyzed veteran walk again, last Friday night on Smackdown.

Mark Henry welcomed Ryback to Team Authority, and reminded him he beat him at Wrestlemania.

Ryback Vs Cena is next.

Grumpy Cat is a special guest star for next week’s Raw.

Adam Rose Vs Tyson Kidd, is now.

Tyson hits a Sharpshooter, after the bunny distracts Adam Rose, again.  During the match, Erik Rowan made an appearance, and says “she is not here”, and walked away.

Adam turned on the bunny, yet again.

Last Monday night, Vince McMahon made an appearance, to up the ante and said if The Authority loses, they will not be in power.

Team Authority are not for Ryback choice, but Ryback shows up.

HHH now rallies around the troops, and tells Ryback his match with Cena is about Ryback tonight.  Destroy, and do whatever he can.  Cena’s team is banned from ringside.

Stephanie tells them their livelihoods are on the line at Survivor Series.  Are they all on the same page?

We will find out, tonight.

This Friday night, Chis Jericho’s Highlight Reel, with Jericho’s guest being The Authority.

We see clips again from last Friday night, with Bray Wyatt Vs Dean Ambrose.

Bray Wyatt tells us society spits us out, and Dean’s daddy was a big reason why Dean himself turned into a sinner.  Bray is sin, and if gods, monsters walk this earth, they would walk away from him.

Dean must join Bray.

In 2 weeks, it will be Dean Ambrose Vs Bray Wyatt, one on one.

Our main event….John Cena Vs Ryback is now.

Ryback loses by DQ, when Kane interfered, and this angered Ryback.  Now he and Kane are having words.  Rollins tries to get in between them, but it doesn’t work.  Now the two men fight.  Ryback is off Team Authority.

Enter Sheamus, he gets laid out.

Enter Big Show, he gets laid out.

But Ryback has the final say, spearing Kane.  Cena is impressed by this, when Ryback leaves.

HHH and Stephanie are watching this backstage, and we see Ziggler being laid out.  Luke Harper shows up, and tells them he is a team player.

We end the show with HHH looking impressed.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

It was a fun show overall, and for once they played this up big in the UK.  I think we are set for Survivor Series, with Ryback headed to Team Cena, and Luke Harper headed to Team Authority.

But I have to ask the question here of what happens to Team Cena, if they lose?  Nobody has said this, and I have to think something is up here.

Just one team, and really, only two people have their jobs on the line, and that’s HHH and Stephanie.  Maybe they will add a few things here and there next week, because right now, we are 13 days away from a free event.  Oh wait, I am a subscriber, I have to pay $9.99 for this.


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