Impact Wrestling 11/19/14…The Final Show Before The Storm

We begin the show with footage we saw of Roode Vs Lashley, and the chaos Lashley has caused since.

We are in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show.

The World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode shows up.

Roode brings up you only have a few friends in this business.  Eric Young is Bobby’s friend.  Lashley tried to end his career.  Austin Aries is another one of Roode’s friends, and he tried to take his career out.  He understands it, Lashley wants another World Title match, and he will get that.  But tonight, it’s not about World Heavyweight Championship.  Tonight isn’t about rules, it’s about a fight.  No referees, just Lashley coming out.

Lashley comes out to the ring, and the fight is on.

When chairs went flying, security came out to separate the two men.

Robbie E is here.  He gives Rockstar Spud an opportunity.  We will see if he’s truly a man.

Impact Wrestling will return in 2 weeks, on Spike TV.

Havok Vs Gail Kim Vs Taryn Terrell for the Knockout Title.  Video preview is being shown.

Knockout Title match is up now, Havok Vs Gail Kim Vs Taryn Terrell.

Taryn picks up the win, with the rollup victory over Gail Kim.  This match delivered, they gave them time and all three women worked hard.

Gail shakes her hand after the match, showing mutual respect.

Kenny King greets MVP backstage.  MVP is okay with coming in, and having Lashley win the title, but he’s not okay with people referring to him as a manager, or the mouthpiece, so he is here to remind people of who MVP is.

Last week, Samoa Joe had to forfeit the X-Division Title.  Tonight, we get a Fatal 4-Way to determine who the new X-Division Champion is.

Also, earlier tonight, Roode and Lashley had a fight.

Roode makes it clear he is not done with fighting Lashley tonight.

Our next match is Kenny King Vs Chris Melendez.

Kenny King is DQ’d when MVP lays Chris out with a chair to show the world who he is.  Mr. Anderson comes in and stops them.

Spud is ready to see what Mr. Carter has to say, and what he wants, Mr. Carter will get.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw, MVP and Kenny King laying out Melendez.

Kurt Angle checks in on Chris, he is on his way to the hospital.

Ladies and gentlemen….EC3.




EC3 is going to give Rockstar Spud to do something he has wanted to do in a long time, and that is to fight EC3.

This is the battle of the suits.  Rockstar Spud wins, hand down.

He orders Tyrus to not step in and help EC3, so now is the opportunity Spud has been waiting for.

And Spud is ready.

It entertains EC3 ruined Spud’s life, but he is giving him the first shot.

He goats him into hitting him, fires up Spud.

Spud won’t hit him in the face, he will kick him in the balls, and he does.

But that’s all he gets, EC3 takes over and hands him over to Tyrus for a Chokeslam.

EC3 tells him he will take him out piece by piece, and he’s starting with his hair.  He has a pair of scissors, and cuts a few pieces off his head.

EC3 is taking his pride.

Kurt Angle screams at Kenny King for what happened, but MVP lays him out.

Moments ago, MVP lays out Kurt Angle.

Hardcore match now with Bram Vs Tommy Dreamer.

Before the match, they show an awesome video on the destruction Bram laid out before this match.

Bram wins a wild and bloody brawl with a Jumping DDT.  We had Magnus and Al Snow come out, but it was a clean victory.

Kurt Angle is irate over what happened, and he vows that MVP will pay tonight.

X-Division Fatal 4-way match is next.

They show us “Cowboy” James Storm cashed in his Feast or Fired briefcase last week, with he and Abyss winning the Tag Team Titles.

Earlier today, Manik talked to the Indian guy, telling him that Storm likes him, but he needs to let go.

Fatal 4-Way is next.  Lo-Ki Vs DJ Z Vs Manik Vs Tigre Uno, to become the new X-Division Champion.

Lo-Ki wins the X-Division Title, pinning Tigre with a Ki-Krusher.

A very emotional win for Lo-Ki.

MVP, Kenny King, and Angle are ready to come to the ring.

MVP wants Lashley to help him out, he asks him by phone.

Our main event time, Kurt Angle heads to the ring.

Ever since he took the position of Executive Director, he made sure this was the best in-ring performing.  But MVP took it upon himself to put himself in position to take the title, and take power.  He needs to take repercussions, and needs to take the punishment.

MVP comes out, he says he is sick of this company, he is sick of the fans, and he is sick and tired of Kurt.  So what is he going to do?

Kurt won’t fire MVP, instead he is going to fight him.

So Kurt decks MVP and the two men start to fight, but here comes Kenny King.  2-on-1, but MVP continues to shove Kenny out-of-the-way.  Mr. Anderson evens the odds and fights Kenny.  Here comes a spear by Lashley, and here comes Bobby Roode.

All six men fight to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I loved the matches here tonight, especially the Knockout Title.  But everything else had its purpose too.  They treated the two title changes as big things, and Bram is becoming a star.

The one thing I didn’t like were the fights, just a bit hokey.  To me, I would have focused on Roode and Lashley.  I can’t wait to see Roode Vs Lashley III.

But this is it, the final Spike TV show.  Although there will be other episodes, they will be Best of 2014 episodes.  If you hadn’t heard, TNA is moving to Destination America.  It’s a growing channel, and they will be able to add more specials, something they just couldn’t do on Spike TV, even being there for 9 years.  So it’s a new chapter, a new beginning.  I will add more about this in weeks to come.  What were your thoughts?  Send them to me.


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