WWE Monday Night Raw 12/1/14…Cyber Raw

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend, and now the holidays are upon us.  Tonight, taking advantage of Cyber Monday, Raw is giving us a Cyber Raw, featuring the Anonymous Raw General Manager.

That will be ummm….fun.

Raw is now.

We see clips from last week, when The Authority was wheeled out, Daniel Bryan showed up, and Cena and Ziggler beat Rollins, and J & J Security.

We are live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and immedately hear the internet bell.

WWE needs the anonymous Raw GM.  Which is why they need to make the following announcements.

Cue John Cena music, and here he comes.

Cena doesn’t like the Anonymous Raw GM, and he made a joke about Brock Lesnar.

Team Cena showed up at Survivor Series.  Big Show showed his true colors, and tried to join The Authority, HHH tried to underhand ways to win, but he wasn’t successful, and the reason for that was…

Beeping noise kept ringing, and Cena went to the computer, and said he wasn’t going to let a faceless GM interrupt his big announcement.

Seth Rollins shows up.

Let’s hear it for John Cena.

Rollins tells us Cena is good at telling bad jokes.  He is also good at waving his hands, and he’s good at half of the crowd telling him how much he sucks.

Not many boos tonight.

Another thing John is good at is taking credit, for something he didn’t do.  Cena didn’t win Survivor Series.  In fact, Rollins pinned Cena.  In fact, The Authority would still be in power if it wasn’t for one man….Sting.

Cena tells us Rollins forgot that Dolph Ziggler defied all odds, and pinned 3 men, to win the match, and take The Authority out.

Seth has to ask Cena, he has to ask the universe if they honestly believe WWE is better without The Authority in control?

With The Authority out of power, we had Daniel Bryan come back, we have an Anonymous Raw GM, what is next?  JBL?  JBL is gamed, how about Batista?  Or let’s bring back Eric Bischoff with one week, regardless we will have someone different every week, and we start all over.

What is your point?

Rollins said that his point is he is better off with bringing back The Authority, so there could be control.

Do the right thing, what’s best for business.

Cena doesn’t like Rollins’ tune, he got rid of his trump card, and now is just a normal guy, like the rest of us.  So do not talk to him like that, Cena is the only one who can bring back The Authority.

So would you do it?

Cena wants him to ask nicely, and he tries to, but Rollins doesn’t get on his hands and knees for it.

The beeping sound comes on, the computer mysteriously comes back.

There will be order here, and the Anon Raw GM makes it Cena Vs Rollins at TLC, in a Tables Match.  And to prove Cena is the strongest superstar he can be, if he loses at TLC, he will lose his Number One Contender spot.

Rollins attacks Cena from behind, with Kane coming in and helping.  But here comes Ryback, and here comes Erick Rowan.  Big Show follows, and there is a fight everywhere.

Here comes Ziggler, and Luke Harper finishes things off, and fights Team Cena. We end up seeing a Triple Powerbomb, with Rollins and J & J Security send Cena through a table with a Triple Powerbomb.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw, with the doctor checking in on Cena. Somewhere, there is a CM Punk joke somewhere. What’s a good thing to take for a concussion? Z-Pack, I guess.

Tag Team Turmoil is up now, with the winner facing Miz and Mizdow at TLC.

Gold and Stardust will face The New Day first.

The New Day pin the former Tag Team Champs, with Kofi doing a high body cross, pinning Goldust.

Next up is the team of Cesaro and Tyson Kidd.

The New Day has been eliminated, when Gold and Stardust lay out Xavier and Big E, leaving Cesaro rolling up Kofi.

The Uso’s are next.

The Uso’s win with a flying splash by Jey, pinning Tyson.

Our final team coming in is Adam Rose and the bunny.

Uso splash, pinning Adam Rose, after he bumped into the bunny.

So The Uso’s get yet another tag title shot.

Naomi checks in backstage, and The Miz informs her that he wishes her luck in the tag team match later tonight with AJ Lee. The Miz also told her he watched her music video, and was impressed. He hands her a business card of a music producer he knows that might be interested.

A big limo is shown arriving, and it’s Vince McMahon himself.

Next week, it’s The Slammy Awards, with Seth Green hosting the event.

Earlier tonight, we show Erick Rowan and Big Show go face to face, and he is with Tom Phillips.

Erick is a genius, a guitar player, and a wine maker. He has so much going for him, why would he get involved with The Big Show?

Because he is a bully. Erick figured out the rubix cube, again.

The Big Show comes out, and tells us he is a bully, but he doesn’t care about us anymore, because we sold him out.

So bring out Erick Rowan, and he will show what kind of a bully he can be.

Rowan Vs Show is now.

Show is DQ’d when he nails a steel steps on Rowan’s head, and officials check on Rowan, while Big Show smirks.

Renee Young is with Vince McMahon.

Vince brings up the exclusive podcast with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on WWE Network.

Renee asks if he would bring back The Authority. Vince reminds her only John Cena can do that, but after Raw, exclusively on WWE Network, podcast with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and it is going to be fun.

Last Monday, AJ Lee tells off The Bellas, but tonight, who will join AJ Lee against The Bellas? Either A. Natalya, B. Naomi, or C. Alicia Fox.

Tonight, we are in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The “new” and “improved” Fandango is up now.

Fandango will face “The Real American” Jack Swagger.

Oh wait, he isn’t coming. Someone took out Zeb Colter, so there is no match.

The winner, by forfeit is Fandango.

Enter Rusev, with the lovely “Ravishing Russian” Lana.

Lana is on the mic and tells us while us Americans pride in ourselves in freedom….last week, Rusev was ordered to recite our pathetic Pledge of Allegiance. Not only did Rusev refuse bravely, but he also was punished and forced to put his US Title on the line against 19 other men, and they all failed. So when is America going to understand we are a pathetic excuse of a super power.

Rusev tells us that those that disagree will be crushed. And those that will not listen will be broken, like Zeb Colter.

Lana orders us to stand up and show respect for the Russian flag. We get the Pledge of Russia Allegiance.

Enter Jack Swagger.

They fight until officials seperate the two. But that doesn’t stop Swagger.

Lana and Rusev bail.

Tonight, AJ Lee and a mystery partner will face The Bellas. We can choose them on the WWE App.

Mizdow Vs Fernando, now.

Mizdow makes Fernando tap to the Figure Four, and Jey Uso comes over, and slaps Miz, telling him to stay away from his wife.

6-man tag match is our main event. Ziggler, Cena, and Ryback Vs Rollins, Kane, and Harper.

Tulsa, I’m here.

Bray Wyatt is next.

Last Monday, we see Bray taking out Dean Ambrose, and at TLC he will face Ambrose in a TLC Match.

Wyatt Vs R-Truth, now.

Sister Abigail, that is all she wrote.

Now out comes the chairs, ladder, and tables when we go to a break.

Bray comes back, and tells us it didn’t have to be this way Dean. They could have dominated together, but here comes Ambrose, ready for a fight.

Ambrose tells Bray that he will destroy everything to Wyatt and now goes after his sacred rocking chair.

For the first time, Wyatt is not amused.

The Bellas Vs AJ Lee and ???


AJ makes Nikki tap out to the Black Widow. Is she lined up for another Divas Title shot?

St. “Nick” with his elf, “Noelle” is doing some merchandise for WWEShopzone.com.

He sounds alot like Mick Foley, oh well.

6-man tag match is our main event tonight.

This Friday night on Smackdown, we will see Dean Ambrose Vs Rusev, one on one.

Earlier tonight, the Anonymous Raw GM informs it will be Cena Vs Rollins, with the Number One Contender title on the line.

Paul Heyman joins them live via satellite.

Cena talks about Lesnar being here once a year, let’s just have Christmas every day? That would be stupid, it wouldn’t be special, like Brock being at Raw.

But let’s talk about Wrestlemania being here every Monday night. It would be stupid, it would be pointless. Brock is must-see TV.

So this idea of the Number One Contender would be on the line. If Cena wins, then Cena would get a bigger beating than what he had at Summerslam, with a fresh Lesnar.

Then again, who would be the number one contender if Cena loses? A very interesting question, because would it be Seth Rollins? A guy who can’t do anything without The Authority, and by the way that apology Seth gave for the Curb Stomp is rescinded.

Would it be The Undertaker? We haven’t seen him since Wrestlemania.

How about Sting? It wouldn’t even have to be a retirement match, because if he were to step in the ring with Brock, it WOULD be a retirement match.

How about anyone in the back? Put them all in the ring, one by one and Brock would take them out, because he is must-see, and he is your reigning, and DEFENDING WWE World Champion.

Our main event…John Cena, Ryback, and Dolph Ziggler Vs Seth Rollins, Luke Harper, and Kane.


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