Impact Wrestling 1/23/15…Feast Or Fired

We are in New York City.  12 wrestlers all compete for an opportunity of a lifetime.  3 title shots on the line, and one pink slip.

Tonight, it’s Feast Or Fired.  And we kick the show off with the Feast or Fired match.

The four men who retrieved the briefcases are Robbie E, Rockstar Spud, Austin Aries, and Magnus.

We find out later tonight the fate of all four men.

Bobby Lashley has entered the building.  He is going to the ring to get his title back.

Moments ago, Feast or Fired match.  Robbie E, Rockstar Spud, Austin Aries, and Magnus all won.  We find out the results, later tonight.

Magnus shares his thoughts from what just happened.  This is an opportunity for Magnus, and he feels good about his chances for a title shot.

Bram feels slighted though because Magnus stole it from him, and Magnus more or less says deal with it.  The two get into each other’s faces, with officials breaking up the melee.

World Heavyweight Champion, Lashley comes out.

We see BDC last week take out Lashley.

We wants his title, now.

Enter Kenny King.

Kenny calls Lashley unappreciative, and ungrateful.  He acts like he won the championship by himself.  His family took care of Bobby Roode.  But they don’t need Lashley anymore.  BDC represents the World Title.

Lashley wants his title.

Kenny King wants to fight, as does Lashley.

Kenny King wants the BDC to join him, and here they come.

Lashley hits a spear, and the BDC attack Lashley.

MVP tells Lashley he won the title, because of MVP.  And if he wants MVP, he will see him in the street.  He will be waiting for him.

Earlier tonight, Feast or Fired took place, we will find out the results tonight.

Next, Gail Kim Vs Havoc.

Moments ago, we see MVP challenging Lashley to a street fight.  Lashley is limping to the back, will he answer to the challenge?

Awesome Kong video is being shown now.

Gail Kim Vs Havoc, now.

Havoc is DQ’d when she put her hands on the ref.  She kicked Gail in the eye, and it seems the eye had swelled up.  Havoc is chasing Brian Stiffler around, and then….

The lights go out, the come back on, and we see Kong go face to face with Havoc.

They finally trade blows, with Havoc getting the first shot, but it didn’t work.  Kong took Havoc out with a clothesline.

Tonight, Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode face Eric Young and Lo-Ki.

Last week, EC3 challenged Jeremy Borash to a match, and it was accepted.  Tonight, EC3 Vs Jeremy Borash.

Right now, Tigre Uno Vs the debuting Khoya.

Khoya wins with a Veera Bomb.

Storm has the mic, and he calls out Matt Hardy.  Matt has beat his demons, but later tonight, he faces Hardy and will prove he can be a “demon” Matt can’t beat.  And he makes it clear, there is always room for one more in The Revolution.

Angle and Roode discuss their upcoming match.  Roode just wants his hands on Young for what he did.  Kurt wants to prove he can win the World Title, and is upset about what MVP did to the title.  He tells Roode if they stay on the same page, they can win.  If not, they will lose.

Young and Lo-Ki Vs Angle and Roode is next.

Josh Matthews is in the studio, previewing the next match, Young and Lo-Ki Vs Roode and Angle, with footage from the last few weeks.

Also earlier tonight, Feast or Fired match.  Robbie E, Rockstar Spud, Austin Aries, and Magnus all secured the 4 briefcases.  We find out the results, tonight.

Rockstar Spud is being interviewed backstage.  He said when he won British Boot Camp, he wanted to be a champion, and he has a chance for that.  Or he could be fired, but with how EC3 treated himself, and JB, he is willing to take that chance, tonight.

Christy Hemme will share the results with the four men.

Kurt and Roode Vs Young and Ki is now.

EY and Ki win when MVP and Joe came out to distract Angle for a moment, and EY nails Roode with a chair, and Ki pins Roode.

Coming up next, JB Vs EC3.

MVP is waiting for Lashley in the streets of New York City.

We also find out the results of Feast or Fired, later tonight.

EC3 Vs Rockstar Spud video is being shown, and tonight, we get Jeremy Borash Vs EC3.

EC3 is doing the announcements for us, and doing a fantastic job, I might add.

The match ends in a no contest, JB fights back but Tyrus comes in and destroys both JB and Spud.  But then we see Mark Andrews, winner of British Boot Camp, season 2 help HB and Spud.  Mark hits a Shooting Star Press to send EC3 and Tyrus packing.

Josh and Taz discuss the Feast or Fired results.  Someone is getting fired, tonight.

Storm Vs Matt Hardy is now.

Hardy wins with an inside cradle, pinning Storm.

Storm wants to shake Hardy’s hand, but Matt won’t give it to him.  Abyss comes out and lays Hardy out.  Storm nails a Last Call Superkick.

Storm calls for Abyss to grab Janice from underneath the ring, but Jeff comes out to help his brother.

Twist of Fate, and Abyss is out.

Hardy challenges Abyss to a Monster’s Ball match, next week.

We find out the results of Feast or Fired match, next.

Next week, it’s official, Monster’s Ball match with Jeff Hardy Vs Abyss.

MVP is waiting for Lashley, and Joe doesn’t like this.  But MVP assures him, he has this.

We now have the results of the Feast or Fired match.  Christy Hemme gives us the rules.

Rockstar Spud kicks things off here.

Spud will receive a X-Division Title match.

Magnus receives a Tag Team Title shot.

Robbie E or Austin Aries could be fired, next.

When we came back, Robbie E. was a bit nervous that he might be fired.  However, he has a great idea.  Velvet was the one who really grabbed the briefcase, so he makes her open the case.

For some reason, she does and the briefcase says Velvet Sky is fired.

Robbie is happy he still has a job, and Austin reveals that he indeed will receive a World Title shot.

Lashley and MVP fight in the streets, now.

The fight breaks down with Beat Down Clan aiding MVP, sending Lashley back outside, but Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode fight them off.

The camera zooms in on Roode picking up the World Title, stares at it for many seconds.  Lashley gets up, and the two men lock eyes, as the show ends.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

It seemed like TNA threw so much into tonight’s show, but nothing really stuck.  We have the Feast or Fired gimmick, but did they really give up on the woman who was the covergirl of the Knockout calendar?  Velvet Sky, if this truly is the end deserved a far better send-off than what she got.

And for the second week in a row, we had our main event not feature a match, although the stare-down between Lashley and Roode was good.

I guess we will see where we go with these other storylines, but tonight’s show just wasn’t good.

Do you agree?  Disagree?  Send me your thoughts.


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