WWE NXT 1/28/15…Owens Vs Zayn Contract Signing

We are in Full Sail University in Florida.

The team of Blake and Murphy will face The Lucha Dragons, for the Tag Team Titles.

We have new Tag Team Champions, when Murphy and Blake win with a rollup,

Tonight, our 2 Number One Contenders matches continue, with Bull Dempsey Vs Baron Corbin, and Adrian Neville Vs Tyson Kidd.

Last week, we see footage with Sasha Banks attacking Charlotte, Baylee comes out to help her.  William Regal informs the divas that on February 11th, we will have a Fatal 4-way for the NXT Divas Title.

Baylee tells Charlotte she will do whatever it takes to be Divas Champion, but tonight, they will work as a tag team.

Charlotte tells her if it doesn’t, she won’t make it for the Fatal 4-Way.

Next, Adrian Neville Vs Tyson Kidd.

Tyler Breeze is sitting at home, saying he isn’t embarrassed, and will watch the rest of this tournament very closely.

Neville Vs Kidd, is now.

Kidd wins with his 450 splash to advance into the tournament.

The new guy asks Adrian in the ring how it feels about winning, and he is facing wither Bull Dempsey or Baron Corbin.

Adrian talks about in this business, you get right back up when you fall, and that way is for him to win the tournament, and win back his NXT World Title.

Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch are backstage.  Sasha talks about winning tonight, and on February 11th, Becky will know what to do.

Sasha walks away, and Becky brings up winning the NXTDivas Title is the right thing to do.

Murphy and Blake are backstage, excited over beating the team that dominated the Tag Team scene, in The Ascension.

Divas tag match, with Charlotte and Baylee Vs Sasha and Becky.

The match ends in a no contest.

Devinn Taylor is with Finn Balor.

Next week, Balor will face Hedeo Itami in the Semi-Final of the Number One Contender Tournament.  Finn talks about even though they are friends, he has no issue facing him.

Itami interrupts him, saying he brought him to NXT, and he can take him out.

Devinn Taylor is with Emma.

Emma is back to NXT, and she is acting a bit heelish it seems.  It’s time for a fresh start, and that will be against Carmella.

Devinn wants Emma to dance, but Emma refuses.

Baron Corbin Vs Bull Dempsey, now.

Cornin dominated this match, hitting End of Days.

Next week, the Semi-Finals are set with Hedeo Itami Vs Finn Balor, and Adrian Neville Vs Baron Corbin.

The official contract signing is up next, between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Baron Corbin tells Devinn Taylor that he is one step closer to being the new NXT Champion, and next week, Adrian Neville is closer to being erased.

Bull Dempsey shows up, and he tells him he got lucky two times, and if he thinks he can do it again, he is crazy.

Corbin pie faces Bull, and walks away.

The NXT GM, William Regal introduces both Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

William tells both men that if they touch each other, he will cancel the match, at NXT Takeover.

William asks Sami to sign first, despite being the NXT Champion.  But he does, and asks for Kevin to do the same thing.

Kevin does not say a word, and Sami tells him he isn’t going to speak.  What about the last 12 years, when they started in Montreal?  They have been friends, they have been enemies, but it was always about coming here, to NXT.  He didn’t think at Revolution, when Sami arrived, and Owens arrived that they would be here.  But it’s moot, because in 2 weeks, Sami will beat the hell out of Owens.

This contract doesn’t say a title match.  Kevin said this wasn’t personal, this was always about fighting for a prize.  The NXT Title is a prize, and this is about a better life for Kevin, his wife, and kids.  So if this isn’t a World Title match, he isn’t signing it.

Sami wants this to be a championship match.  He knows Owens is serious, he won’t fight, unless it’s a championship match.  The fans want to see this, so make this a championship match, so Sami can kick Owens’ ass.

Regal makes some changes, Sami signs it.  And now Owens does too.

Owens throws the contract at Sami, and he throws the pen at Sami, and walks away with Sami being held back by William.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was another good show, it sets up the big one in 2 weeks, and in particular, the big title match.  I will try to make sure to watch that live when it happens at 8:00 that night.

I like Bull Dempsey, I said this before, but what else do you do with him?  He lost rather easily twice to Baron Corbin.  They could always put out a tag team, with Bull and someone else.

Is Adrian ready to step into WWE?  I have to think the winner of this tournament is going to be the winner of the Balor Vs Itami, right?

I also like seeing what the divas have to offer, and a more aggressive Emma, who in my opinion hasn’t stood out yet in WWE might be the best thing for her.  We know she can wrestle, so get aggressive.

What were your thoughts?  Share with me, here.


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