Impact Wrestling 2/6/14….Lockdown

Tonight, a free PPV, presented by TNA.  Tonight, every match is contested inside 6 sides of steel.  Team Angle Vs Team BDC.  Also The Hardys face The Revolution for the Tag Team Titles.  We will also see Havok Vs Awesome Kong.

Lockdown is now.

Josh Matthews and Taz welcome us to the show, and our first match are The Hardys Vs The Revolution.

The Revolution retain their titles when Koya and Sanada interfered, Koya took Matt out of the mix, and Sanada sprayed blue mist into Jeff’s eyes.  Storm hits a Last Call Superkick.

After the match, Koya took Matt down with a Powerbomb through the table.  Manik missed a table splash, and Jeff fought The Revolution, but Jeff was straddled on the cage, and Storm nailed Hardy in the head with a cowbell rope, and Jeff’s head hits the steel steps.

The most brutal bump and is being tended to by EMTs.

Jeff could have broken his neck, thanks goodness he didn’t, but that was such a sick bump.

Team BDC is talking strategy.  MVP talks about making Kurt an offer “he can’t refuse”

Lethal Lockdown match is tonight.

Moments ago, Jeff Hardy took a sick bump, getting his head blasted by a cowbell rope, and his head hit the steel step.

Jeff was helped to the back.

Team BDC is in the ring.

This structure MVP said is dangerous.  It’s more dangerous when BDC is involved.  We just saw what happened to Jeff Hardy.  Bad things are going to happen if you cross BDC.

Eric Young tells Bobby Roode he is going to make him bleed.

Bad things can happen, MVP.  He calls Kurt Angle to come out and talk, so they can have a “conversation”.

Kurt comes out with Austin Aries and Gunner.

Kurt just saw what happened to Jeff, and they are not in a good mood.  Gunner, you have a promising career.  Don’t listen to these idiots.  And he can be a future World Champion.  So don’t be stupid, and be a redneck, make the wise choice.  Aries is the most selfish person, so we know he is all about that briefcase, so he can’t be trusted.  Kurt, he knows his medical record, he knows his knees are hanging by a thread.  So do the right thing, give in, and walk away.

Kurt isn’t impressed by this, he says they will kick their asses.  They won’t even wait, and they enter the ring, all fighting.

BDC takes out Gunner’s arm by hitting the cage with a chair.

First Hardy, and now Gunner.  Can he compete tonight?

Kong Vs Havok video is playing now.

Havok Vs Kong is next.

Moments ago, BDC take out Gunner.  Team Angle is down 2 members.

Gunner is being checked on by the doctor.  He doesn’t think Gunner can go, but Gunner insists he will go.  Aries isn’t so sure, when Kurt checks with Lashley one last time.

Havok Vs Kong, now.

Kong wins with a splash.  We saw both women use chokeslams.  Kong wins the first battle, and I have a feeling we will see more.

Roode Vs Young video is now being shown.

Roode Vs Young is next.

2 weeks ago, we see Velvet Sky tell Angelina Love she was just fired.  Angelina gives Velvet a hug, but she seems happy Velvet is fired.

The camera guy tells Lashley Kurt Angle is looking for him, and Bobby isn’t hard to find.

Eric Young Vs Bobby Roode is up now.

Roode wins the match with a Roode Bomb.  EY bled through this match, as Bobby told him.

Kurt approaches Lashley.  Kurt wants Bobby to fight with him, so in the future they can fight each other, by their terms.  Because as long as Bobby is champion, MVP will run him.  Lashley isn’t interested, but Kurt shoves him at the wall, telling him they need each other.

Josh and Taz review what just took place.

Impact Top 5 list has EC3 at number 5.  Lo- Ki at number 4.  Eric Young at number 3.  MVP at number 2, and Bobby Roode at number 1.

Rockstar Spud and Mandrews Vs Tyrus, 2-on-1 Handicap match is now.

EC3 has the clippers.

Tyrus wins the match, with a chokeslam on Spud, after EC3 took out Mandrews out of the cage.

EC3 says it’s cutting time, and JB cut the cord there.

Lethal Lockdown is up next, Team Angle Vs Team BDC.

Earlier tonight, James Storm lays out Jeff Hardy with Jeff hitting his head on the steel steps.

During the break, Bobby Roode talks about the history he has with Eric Young.  15 long years of friendship, and in one split second, it was gone when Eric took his championship away from him.  He will never forget that, he will never forgive.  He said he would make EY bleed, and he told him he was his brother.  But now, it’s over.  It’s time for the “It Factor” to get his title back.

Earlier tonight, Robbie E. challenged Brooke a race.  Spin your head around a bat, run into the cage, chase out of the cage, and cross the finish line.

Brooke won the challenge, and took a selfie of Robbie.

Lethal Lockdown video is now showing.

Kenny King Vs Gunner kicks things off.

Lo-Ki is in the ring now, making it a 2 on 1 advantage of Team BDC.

Austin Aries is in now evening the odds 2-2.

Joe is in now, giving us a 3-2 advantage of Team BDC.

Kurt Angle is out now.

MVP is out for his team, giving us a 4-3 advantage for Team BDC.

Josh Matthews is making it seem like Lethal Lockdown begins, but I am not so sure, yet.

The 4th member of Team Angle is….


NOW Lethal Lockdown has begun.

Team Angle wins when Lashley hits a spear, and everyone else had submission moves, blocking the other members of BDC.

The show ends with Team Angle standing tall.

Next week on Impact, where does Lashley and Angle stand?  And what does it mean for the Beat Down Clan?

Find out, next week on Impact Wrestling.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

5 feuds here tonight, which means stories were told.  A formula for a successful wrestling program.  My only complaint is for a big wrestling show like this, a free PPV basically, they need to treat this like a “Clash of the Champions” from NWA/WCW days.  2 and a half hours is perfect.  This way, you can add 1 or 2 matches, and give you a PPV feel.  I also wish they were live too, but we need to make this feel special.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Let’s hope Jeff Hardy will be back soon, we know it won’t be anytime soon, but that was a nasty and dangerous fall he took.

I will talk to you on Monday.


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