WWE NXT Takeover Rival 2/11/15

Tonight, the landscape has changed.  Tonight, we put our attention to the NXT World Title match.  Sami Zayn defends his title against Kevin Owens.  We will also determine a new Number One Contender with Aaron Neville Vs Finn Balor.  And a Fatal 4-Way for the NXT Divas Title, with Charlotte Vs Sasha Banks Vs Baylee Vs Becky Lynch.

NXT pre-show is set in 12 minutes.

We are at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.  Renee Young, Corey Graves, Jason Alberts, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the pre-show.

Tonight, Kevin Owens Vs Sami Zayn, for the NXT Championship.

Corey and Byron think we will have a new champion.  Jason believes in Sami.

Number One Contender match is up for grabs too.  Adrian Neville Vs Finn Balor.

Number One Contender tournament video is being shown.

These two men have grown up in the wrestling business together.  This match should blow the roof off.

Adrian has big-match experience in NXT before.  Balor does not.  Adrian has the edge here, but Jason brings up the unknown factor for Finn.

Kevin Owens entered the building earlier today.

Last week, Tyler Breeze attacked Hideo Itami, and tonight these two face each other.

Also tonight, Bull Dempsey Vs Baron Corbin in a No DQ match.

Footage of Adrian Neville beating Baron, with some assistance from Bull Dempsey.

Lucha Dragons will face the new Tag Team Champions, Blake and Murphy.

Also, for the first time in NXT history, a Fatal 4-Way for the NXT Divas Title.  Charlotte Vs Sasha Banks Vs Baylee Vs Becky Lynch.

Divas video is showing now.

Charlotte joins the panel.

She’s ready to defend her title tonight.

Charlotte told Corey that Sasha is an opportunist, and has never beaten her one on one.

Our main event preview is up next.

Earlier today, Sami Zayn enters the building.

Byron goes with the crowd, getting their intake on Owens Vs Zayn.

Owens Vs Zayn video is being shown now, it’s an awesome look at their history and what this match means.

NXT Takeover:  Rival is up now.

An awesome video is showing now, setting the stage up for tonight.  3 big matches are set, and the show begins now.

We are live at Full Sail University, in Orlando, Florida.

We begin the show with Hideo Itami Vs “Prince Pretty” Tyler Breeze.

Rich Brennan, Jason Alberts, and Corey Graves welcome us to the show.

Hideo wins the match with a kick to the head, pinning Tyler Breeze.  Another GTS tease, and when he hits it for the first time, the roof will be blown up.

William Regal is checking on Kevin Owens.  Tonight, Owens Vs Zayn for the NXT World Title.

But now, it’s Bull Dempsey Vs Baron Corbin, in a No DQ match.

Corbin wins with End of Days.  Bull was bit sloppy in this match, but End of Days is a sweet move for Baron.

Corbin has pinned Dempsey now three times, and he sits on a chair after the match, and sort of mocks him.

William Regal is going over the rules with Sami Zayn in the locker room.

The divas are getting ready for their Fatal 4-Way later tonight.

Tag Team Titles are on the line, Lucha Dragons Vs Blake and Murphy is up now.

Blake and Murphy show their title wins were not a fluke, Blake pins Sin Cara with a Frogsplash, and win.

The video interrupts and says The Takeover isn’t over.  It has only just begun, and it continues the next week.

Graves, Brennan, and Albert welcome us to the show, again.  3 big matches are set.

Number One Contenders match is set tonight.  Finn Balor Vs Adrian Neville.

Neville Vs Balor is now.

Balor wins with a Coup De Gras.  Amazing match these two men had, that represented how important this win was.  Finn was wearing full body paint, and had an amazing entrance.

After the match, the two men shake hands, with Adrian leaving the ringside.

“The Boss” Sasha Banks and Charlotte get ready for their match.

Fatal 4-Way for the NXT Divas Title is up now.

Charlotte Vs Sasha Banks Vs Baylee Vs Becky Lynch.

“The Boss” Sasha Banks pins Charlotte to become the new NXT Divas Champion.

Another excellent match here, what an incredible story these four women told, and with time, women’s wrestling can be entertaining and meaningful.

After the match, Charlotte wants to shake Sasha’s hand, but they hugged it out, then shoved each other, which was a nice twist.

The last two matches have been as exciting as they made it out to be.

We are 46 days away from Wrestlemania.

Now the stage is set for the main event.  NXT Title is on the line.  Sami Zayn Vs Kevin Owens, now.

This match was Lesnar Vs Cena, with Kevin playing the role of Lesnar.  5 Powerbombs, and the match changed when Sami sent Kevin into a senton off the top rope.  Zayn hit his head on the steel ramp, and was very loopy the rest of the match.  The referee wouldn’t stop the fight, doctors and officials would check on him, and Sami refused to quit.

Incredible storytelling here, and Kevin leaves the event strong.

Owens stands over Sami with the title, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

What a show this was, certainly lived up to everything they were building, especially the last three matches.

And now with Owens winning, we are sure to get Owens Vs Balor soon, even though Sami will get a rematch soon, but if he truly has a concussion, it won’t be anytime soon.

WWE has alot to live up to, because these NXT events have outperformed any big events WWE has done for the most part of the year.  WWE has the talent, they just need a different direction to truly give what the fans want to see.

This will be good for the entire wrestling business, and right now, NXT is WWE’s main competition.

So game on, WWE.

What were your thoughts with the show?  Send them to me here, Smackdown is tomorrow night, but I will see it Friday.

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