WWE NXT 3/11/15…Alex Riley Returns To The Ring

We are live, on tape at Full Sail University, in Orlando, Florida.  Big Cass and Enzo Amore come out to the ring.

They are facing The Lucha Dragons, and they are SAWFT!!

Cass and Enzo tell them they are on their way to the Tag Team Titles.

Enzo and Cass wins with a Rocket Launcher.

They are now Number One Contender matches.

Tonight, Alex Riley Vs CJ Parker.

Next week, NXT goes to The Buckeye State in Columbus, Ohio.  We will see Alex Riley face Kevin Owens, and Columbus’ own Alexa Bliss will face Sasha Banks.

Alex Riley video is playing.

We now see Kevin Owens video, and his history of NXT.

Divas action now with Carmella Vs Alexa Bliss, next.

Alexa wins with what she calls a Sparkle Splash, off the top rope.

Tonight, Alex Riley will face CJ Parker.

Earlier today, we hear from A-Ry. He has felt trapped for two years, comparing it to being trapped in a cage. Kevin Owens talks about doing this to feed his family, Alex has no family. This business is HIS family and tonight, he fights for his family.

Also later tonight, we will see Hideo Itami face Tyler Breeze.

Tyler talks about proving to Itami just how pretty he is, and how ugly Itami will be.

Alex Riley Vs CJ Parker.

A-Ry picks up the win with a Blockbuster off the top rope. One of the best dropkicks in the business, and he proved it again.

Kevin Owens comes out and calls Riley the dumbest man in NXT. Because he quit his announce job just to face Owens. Next week, he will get that opportunity, and Owens will end his in-ring career. Then, he will take out Finn Balor.

Riley Vs Owens is next week.

Our main event, Tyler Breeze Vs Hideo Itami is now.

Tyler Breeze defeated Itami with a Beaty Shot, after Itami hit his head on the bottom turnbuckle, leaving him a bit loopy.

A big win by Tyler, and the show ends with Tyler slowly walking out of the ring, seems a bit loopy too.

Next week, NXT is in Columbus, Ohio, part of the Arnold Classic and the show ends here.


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