Impact Wrestling 3/20/15….Angle Vs Lashley

Tonight, for the first time ever.  Lashley Vs Angle, for the TNA World Heavyweight Title.  We will also see an Ultimate X match for the Tag Team Titles, and a Triple Threat match, for the Knockouts Title.

Impact Wrestling, in Wembley Stadium is now.

We kick the show off with The Wolves defending their Tag Team Titles against The Bromans, and The Revolution, (Manik and Sanada), Ultimate X match.  Robbie E. is still not over losing to Brooke last week, so DJ Z takes his place.

The Wolves retain their titles, by reaching up for them, after everyone was down.

A good way to start the show.

We kick the show off with Ultimate X match, for the Tag Team Titles.

The Wolves retain their title, reaching for them with everyone else down.

A good way to start the show, with Josh Matthews and Taz welcoming us. Tonight, we will see James Storm Vs Matt Hardy in a No DQ match. We will also see Knockout Triple Threat for the Knockout Title. And our main event, Angle Vs Lashley for the World Title.

We see both men entering the building, and we get a tale of the tape.

Austin Aries comes to the ring.

Aries has been out of commission the last two weeks, because of BDC putting him through a table, but they also stole his Feast or Fired briefcase, and wants it now.

Enter Lo-Ki and Joe.

Ki says this briefcase belongs to BDC now, and Aries disagrees. Austin brings up it’s still under his name who has control of a World Title shot, but he proposes a match with Lo-Ki, for the X-Division Title and Austin’s World Title opportunity.

Ki agrees, but he has to go through Joe first.

Joe nails Aries, and our match is now.

Joe is DQ’d when Ki went after Aries and tries to nail him with the briefcase, but Ki misses and hits Joe. Aries kicks the briefcase into Ki’s head, and retreives his briefcase.

But then, Rockstar Spud, complete with a bandanged head runs out, he is cashing in the X-Division Title shot, and….

wins the X-Division Title with an Acid Drop called The Underdog.

Spud celebrates with the fans.

Tonight, Knockout Title match, with Taryn Terrell Vs Gail Kim Vs Awesome Kong.

Also, Lashley Vs Angle. for the World Title.

We cut to the shot outside, and see Magnus and Bram fighting.

They take it inside, and to the ring.

Magnus just beats the hell out of him, after last week, having to kiss Bram’s foot. Mickie James comes out, but slaps Bram too. Bram tries to crawl away and Magnus lays him out with a Powerbomb.

We now hear from the lockerroom about their thoughts for tonight’s historic main event.

Taryn Terrell Vs Gail Kim Vs Awesome Kong is now for the Knockout Title.

A hard-fought match here with Taryn rolling up Gail and retained her title, while Kong is outside of the ring.

Storm is backstage and tells Matt Hardy, the time is done. There is nowhere else to run. No friends will help him.

So he will give Matt an opportunity with a throwing the quarter. Heads, he beats him to a bloody pulp, and Tails, he gives him a hosptial bed next to his brother.

He throws the quarter and tells Matt he sure would love to tell him the results.

Storm Vs Hardy in a No DQ match is up next.

Tonight, Lashley Vs Angle clash for the first time ever.

Only the strong survive.

Still to come, Angle Vs Lashley.

The camera guy gets thoughts from Kurt.

He hasn’t had a title shot in over a year, and unfortunately, it’s against one of the most dominating champions. If he wins, he cements his legacy, and that is what he intends to do.

Storm Vs Hardy in a NO DQ match, now.

Storm wins with a Last Call Superkick. The Revolution helped James out with this, and at the end of the segment, Storm hits Hardy in the back of the head with a Cowbell.

Our Main event, Lashley Vs Angle is next,


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