Impact Wrestling 4/3/15….Bell To Bell

Tonight, Impact will give us 3 big matches to end feuds.  We will see Eric Young face Bobby Roode.  We will also see Bram Vs Magnus.  And for the TNA Heavyweight Title, it will be Angle Vs Lashley II.

Impact Wrestling is on now.

Josh Matthews and Taz welcome us to the show. We will also see a Knockout match, with Gail Kim Vs Angelina Love.

But we kick things off with Eric Young Vs Bobby Roode, in a Submissions Match.

All good things must come to an end as EY said. And tonight, he puts the final coffin in Roode’s career. No bells, no whistles, tonight, he becomes a winner and stops Roode’s pathetic career.

Roode has the mic now, coming out.

Roode brings up what EY said, history is written by winners. Allow Roode to give EY a history lesson. Young cost Roode his World Title. But he has beaten EY in steel cage matches, and Last Man Standing. EY said that he will make sure Roode never gets another title shot again, well Roode is here to say he won’t let EY breathe.

Young challenges Roode to a Submission Match, so he can me Roode tap.

Roode accepts and says he will make Young Roode’s bitch.

Match is set now.

Eric Young wins the match with a Figure Four, but Roode had made EY tap out seconds before, with a Crossface. But the ref had his back turned.

Our main event is Angle Vs Lashley, and we see champion and challenger enter the building earlier tonight.

Let the hunting begin.

The Wolves come out, with Eddie Edwards on crutches.

JB is with The Wolves, asking about an update from Eddie.

He injured himself at a One Night Only PPV taping. They try to take chances, but this time it caught up to them. He landed hard, and knew something had popped.

After checked out in the hospital, Eddie fractured his heel, it more or less broke in half. And unfortunately, Eddie will be out for a long time and The Wolves cannot defend their championships.

JB wants to know if there are any plans to have a new Tag Team partner with Davey.

The two are family. Through the training, through living in the horrible dojos, they hunt as a pack.

So without Eddie Edwards, there is no Wolves. Without The Wolf Nation, there is no Wolves. And without Davey Richards, there is no Wolves.

Davey tells us The Wolves aren’t going to be teaming for a while, and he puts the titles on the turnbuckle.

However, when his brother comes back, they will hunt whoever the Tag Team Champs are, and no matter what happens, they may get beat down, but with The Wolf Nation behind them, this hunt never dies.

Tonight, Angle Vs Lashley for the World Title. Bell to bell.

Christy Hemme is with Lashley. His motivation is to get back up, and fight for the title. He faces Kurt for the first time 2 weeks ago, and he beat him. But he fight for the chance to get another title opportunity, and Kurt, Lashley will get his title back.

Knockout match is up next, Gail Kim Vs Angelina Love.

After Angelina tells Gail she is better than Gail since she is a 6-time Knockout Champion. We heard Josh and Taz debate this topic about champions, Gail wins with Eat Defeat.

Cross promotional time, with the crew from “Ghost Asylum” checks in with James Storm and his Revolution.

We will find out if Storm’s barn is haunted.

Okay, Magnus Vs Bram video is playing.

Bram Vs Magnus in a Last Man Standing match, now.

Magnus picks up the win and during the match, Mickie James shows up to cheer Magnus on. Bram was about to strike Mickie James, but James Storm comes out and tells him he doesn’t hit a woman.

But through it all, Magnus wins the match with 3 Powerbombs, and a Rock Bottom.

Kurt Angle is with JB, he talks about the first match he had with Lashley was a dream match. He trained for the match harder than he had trained for anything, including the Olympics. But this time, he is defending his World Title, something he hasn’t had in 3 years. So this will be a war.

More “Ghost Asylum” promo.

Moments ago, James Storm defends Mickie James, and Magnus beat Bram.

During the break, Magnus checked to see if Mickie was okay, he saw James Storm and asked what that was about. James tells Magnus he knew he was busy with Bram, and he was looking out for an old friend. Good to see you again, Mickie.

Angle Vs Lashley II, we see footage from their previous match.

We get the big title entrance again, with challenger and champion walking into the guerilla position. I love that.

Kurt retains his title with a rollup pinfall, but it seemed Lashley had his shoulder up, but referee Brian Hebner had his back to it, and counted to three.

After the match, Lashley shook hands with Angle, but very frustrated and we end the show with Kurt celebrating.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

It seems like TNA is switching gears here with their big feuds, which is a good thing. I just didn’t like we didn’t have a clear winner here in the main event. Does that mean we will get an Angle-Lashley III? We can hope, because these two had another good match.

We also had 3 big matches, and a new situation with Storm and Magnus. Will this lead to a feud?

Also this seems like an ending to Young Vs Roode feud. They had another good match that set the tone tonight.

It’s a shame The Wolves were hurt again here, they are 3-time Tag Team Champions, but 2 of their 3 reigns were cut short, due to injuries.

Where do the Tag Titles go from here?

What did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts here.


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