WWE Monday Night Raw 4/20/15…Road To Extreme Rules Ends Here

Tonight, The Authority will make their 2-week hiatus back.  HHH gave us an announcement about “Tough Enough” returning to TV.  6 days from Extreme Rules.

Raw is now.

At Extreme Rules, we will see Randy Orton Vs Seth Rollins, inside a steel cage, with Randy’s RKO move banned.

The steel cage is lowered, and we see Randy Orton headed to the ring.

For someone claiming to be smart, Seth Rollins is a dumb bastard. He believes Orton’s greatest weapon is the RKO, but Randy’s best weapon is inflicting pain. He doesn’t need the RKO. It’s too quick, and too easy. But now he has no other choice but to do it nice and slow.

Randy will break Rollins’ jaw, so we won’t have to hear him run his mouth week in, and week out. He will also take His rib, and break it. But we will take his stupid blonde streak in Seth’s hair and ram it into the steel cage. And when he is pinned, Rollins reign will end as WWE Champion.

Here comes the WWE World Champion.

Seth plays the game of human chess better than anybody. And this Sunday, he will prove that by defeating Orton and continuing his run as the greatest WWE World Champion.

He has this title to prove how good he is. Orton may be one of the greatest WWE Superstars in the history, but he is that much better.

Cage or no cage, Rollins will beat Orton this Sunday.

Orton brings up since he banned the RKO this Sunday, he will go in the back, and RKO every son of a bitch he sees. And then by the end of tonight, he will RKO Rollins.

HHH will return tonight, and make a big announcement on Tough Enough.

Dean Ambrose Vs Luke Harper, one on one is next.

Luke Harper is on the mic, he tells Dean he doesn’t know why he isn’t afraid of him, but at the end of the night, Dean will be.

The match ends in a no contest when the guys beat the crap out of each other.

The segment ends with Luke throwing Ambrose off the top of the ramp.

Seth Rollins with J & J Security are looking over their shoulders, for Orton. Tyrus O’ Neil scares him. Rollins wants to show everyone he isn’t scared of anyone, and dares to beat up the next guy he sees.

That guy is….HHH.

HHH assures Rollins he will talk to Kane when he comes in. Rollins assures HHH he has Orton under control, but he needs more security.

But Randy is one guy.

Lucha Dragons are in action, next.

Lucha Dragons Vs New Day.

Winners get Tag Team Title match this Sunday.

The New Day wins the match with a countout. Xavier Woods held Sin Cara’s foot underneath the ring.

As they celebrate, Randy Orton RKO’s Kofi and Xavier. Big E. thought it best to walk away, and he does.

New Day Vs Cesaro and Kidd at Extreme Rules.

At Extreme Rules, John Cena Vs Rusev in a Russian Chain Match. Also, Cena will have an open challenge tonight. We see footage from last week when Rusev attacked Cena with a chain.

Next, we see footage from last week when Big Show took Reigns for a ride.

We see footage from last week, including Big Show’s explanation from this past Thursday night on Smackdown.

This Sunday, Big Show Vs Reigns in a Last Man Standing Match.

It’s Fandango Vs Curtis Axel.

Last Dance, match is done.

Tonight, The Miz Vs Damien Mizdow, winner gets “The Miz” brand.

HHH is tweeting, he joins us live, next.

HHH comes out to make the official announcement that Tough Enough is coming back, and the ideal behind the show is we can audition. Anyone can try out, and he asks us what it would be like to hear your own music, to get onto this stage. To headline Wrestlemania, and to wrestle for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. That is our dream, and WWE is giving us that opportunity. Tell them, show them, go to WWEToughEnough.com, and maybe we can be one of the 10 men, or 5 women chosen to compete on the show. The winner gets a WWE contract. Do we have what it takes? If we do, show the world that we are truly tough enough.

Here comes Kane.

Kane tells HHH that he has been trying to return his phone calls, send him text messages, send him emails all week-long. HHH told him he wanted Kane to cool off.

Kane is here to give HHH his two weeks notice, because HHH trusts that WWE World Champion, someone who doesn’t appreciate the ones who have helped him get the title.

Seth Rollins shows up, calls Kane a loser and wants HHH to drop this guy. The Authority doesn’t need him.

Kane screams at him, and says The Authority could have chosen anyone to be WWE World Champ, even El Torito.

HHH gets in between of both of them, and calls for Kane to be the Gatekeeper of the Cage match. Nobody goes through Kane this Sunday.

Rollins shakes hands with Kane, and walks away.

Okay, Kane is the Gatekeeper, I guess.

Cole, JBL, and Booker T show us what happened last week, when Naomi took out Paige after being eliminated in the Diva’s Battle Royal.

Paige is out indefinitely, and it will be Naomi Vs Nikki Bella, this Sunday.

Naomi Vs Brie is next.

Backstage, Rollins and Kane are still arguing. HHH tells Kane he has to be corporate, and no longer be the hell, fire, and brimstone. Kane disagrees, and proves it tonight.

Naomi Vs Brie is now.

Naomi wins with a Rear View.

Though the title match is not confirmed, Nikki Bella confirms she will not deny the match if it’s given to her.

Heath Slater is in catering with Erick Rowan. Heath talks about accepting the John Cena United States Challenge, and will be the new United States Champion, BA-BAY!!

Rowan just walks away, and Heath is met with a RKO.

That’s 3 for Randy.

We hear from Roman Reigns, next.

Roman Reigns comes out to the ring. He doesn’t want to talk, he wants to fight. He wants Big Show to come out.

Here comes Bo Dallas.

He noticed anger in Roman’s voice. Like Yoda said in Episode I….”Anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering”

We know Roman suffered when he went through a car hood last week. He also suffered after losing at Wrestlemania. Roman is a bit of a bust, he is a “Tim Tebow” of WWE. He fails and fails every time. He knows Reigns will be WWE World Champion someday. He just has to


Superman Punch, and then a spear.

Big Show is too scared to face Reigns man to man, but this Sunday, Reigns will tear him up, and be the last man standing.

You can BOlieve that.

Ziggler Vs Rollins, tonight.

Sheamus is now facing Zack Ryder.

Woo Woo Woo…You Know It.

Bell rings, Brogue Kick. He can pin him, but where is the fun in that? Ryder deserves more time than that.

Sheamus is on the mic the entire time. He says Ryder is just like us, none of us could last 2 seconds in the ring with him.

Sheamus throws Zack out of the ring like a rag doll. And he gives him another Brogue Kick for good measure.

Ziggler comes out and gives Sheamus a Zig Zag.

Sheamus wins by DQ, I guess.

Ziggler Vs Sheamus in a Kiss Me Arse match this Sunday, at Extreme Rules.

Up next, John Cena US Title Open Challenge.

Cena wants to talk first.

This Sunday, live on WWE Network, we go Extreme.

This Sunday, we go for revenge. We saw earlier that Rusev means business, and why shouldn’t he? Cena handed him Rusev’s first loss at Wrestlemania.

And he, just like us cringe whenever Cena says The Champ Is Here.

But this Sunday, Rusev wants to do what is best, which is destroy. The winner of a Russian Chain match is to touch all four corners successfully. And that means Rusev wants to take the fighting spirit away from Cena.

Rusev’s plan is to dominate, and win back his United States Title. But that just won’t happen. Rusev wants to prove that Wrestlemania was a fluke, but it wasn’t, it was a statement. And this is an opportunity of Rusev getting a steel plate up his ass.

But we will still get a fight tonight.

Albany is the place to be, John Cena is the man to beat. The John Cena United States Title open challenge starts now.

You want some, come get some.

Kane answers the call.

Cena wins with the AA, with Seth Rollins laughing about the loss backstage.

Tonight, Ziggler Vs Rollins.

Kane comes backstage after his loss, and HHH gives him “the look”, you know that look, like when your parents are disappointed in you?

The Miz is with Renee Young.

Miz’s brand is on the line tonight. He gets to face that imposter, and Miz shows off his “The Marine 4” Blu-Ray, out tomorrow.

But Renee interrupts this interview, with another interview. Byron Saxton is standing by with The United States Champion, John Cena.

John talks about opportunities and tonight’s win was huge. But Rusev attacks him with a chain.

Rusev Vs Cena in a Russian Chain match this Sunday, at Extreme Rules.

The Miz Vs Damien Mizdow is up now.

The Miz wins, with some help from Summer Rae, who turns heel again.

The Miz tells us he is AWESOME…..

RKO by Orton, giving us 4 tonight.

Extreme Rules rundown.

Luke Harper Vs Dean Ambrose is added, with a Chicago Streetfight. Also New Day Vs Cesaro and Kidd is now for the Tag Team Titles, and it’s in the Kick-Off show.

So New Day was fighting for a shot at Tag Titles, and they aren’t even on the PPV.

How is that a new day?

Ziggler Vs Rollins is tonight.

Bray Wyatt interrupts us to ask if you want success, do you want money? Fame? Because you can lift as much weight as you want, but the one factor that will hurt you is Bray Wyatt. He will show that you have been nothing but a failure, and when you look up, you’ll see Bray Wyatt standing on top of you.

Behold the new face of fear.

Ryback Vs Adam Rose, now.

Shellshock, game is over.

The hot dog and banana try to attack Ryback, but it doesn’t work.

Ryback asks us what the banana said to the hot dog? Nothing, because they both had been shellshocked.

Renee Young is standing by with Kane. I guess Rollins was tweeting a joke about Kane’s loss. He tweeted that Kane needs dental floss and depends.

Kane confronts Rollins in the back. They go face to face, and Rollins apologizes. He admitted he has been under pressure with Orton. He knows Kane has done alot for Rollins, and to stay on top. He will dedicate his match with Ziggler to Kane.

Rollins walks out with J & J Security, with Randy Orton watching in the distance.

Rollins wins the match with an Implanted DDT, after Sheamus comes out to distract Ziggler for a moment.

After the match, Rollins wants to say his thank yous, and show the world why he is the best in the business this Sunday.

Here comes HHH, and he’s marching to the ring.

HHH wanted to tell us Rollins is going to defeat Randy Orton, and remain the WWE World Champion, but Rollins interrupts HHH and degrades Kane. But now here comes Kane, the cage goes down. Orton is somehow there….RKO!!!

We don’t stop there, no we must plug Hulk Hogan Rock and Wrestling on WWE Network.

NOW the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

What a boring show tonight, the highlights were the RKO’s. Not sure why Kane and Rollins are bitching too. But eh, who cares.

Anyway, Extreme Rules is this Sunday, and I can’t wait to see New Day Vs Cesaro and Kidd.

Can’t you tell?


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