Impact Wrestling 5/1/15….Hardcore Justice

A new month, a new episode of Impact Wrestling.

We immediately begin the show with 6-man tag match of The Hardyz and Davey Richards Vs The Revolution.

Al Snow joins Josh Matthews in the booth.

Hardyz and Richards win when a Swanton, by Jeff.

James Storm shows up, and tells Abyss he let him down one too many times, and he will deal with him later.

Al Snow and Josh Matthews officially welcome us to the show.

Tonight, Kurt Angle Vs Eric Young in a Stretcher Match.

Mr. Anderson gives us his views on EC3’s big announcement last week.  Anderson has his own sign, and we will see it later tonight.  Anderson invites EC3 to the event.

Billy Corgan has joined Impact Wrestling, as a member of creative for Impact Wrestling.

Here comes Mr. Anderson.

We see the segment last week when EC3 told us he was running for TNA World Heavyweight Champion in 2015.

Anderson told us EC3 made these campaign promises last week, and Anderson just cares about EC3 getting his ass whooped.

Here comes EC3.


This sucks when someone comes out, and interrupts a speech.

Fans chant he can’t wrestle.

EC3 is the very first wrestler bringing in politics.  He is the originator, and it can’t be duplicated.  His campaign is very real….

EC3 wants the World Heavyweight Title, right?


Are you sure?

Yes, I am.

Then freaking win.

EC3 tells us he is undefeated, he hasn’t been pinned, and has pinned the incumbant World Heavyweight Champion.

Anderson brings up EC3’s undefeated streak, it’s important to him?  Absolutely.

That brings Anderson to his point, he reveals his sign, his campaign slogan.

Mr. Anderson….Beat The Streak.

Ec3 tells Anderson that if he wants to beat the streak, he can’t.

Anderson suggests they put that to the test, next week.  On a live episode of Impact.  And they fans will get a chance to vote on how EC3 is beat.

EC3 tells him that diplomacy with the common people never work.  But if he wants to try to do it, then challenge is accepted.

And Ken, tread lightly.

Next week, Anderson Vs EC3, with the fans voting the stipulation.

Fatal 4-Way for the X-Division Title in a Ladder Match is next.

Mandrews Vs Tigre Uno Vs Kenny King Vs Spud is now.

With help from Homicide, who took out Spud, Kenny King is the new X-Division Champion, taking the belt on the ladder.  Spud was sporting tape on his sore ribs, and of course, the heels took advantage of that.

A sneak peek of tomorrow night’s all new season of “Hillbilly Blood”


Al Snow and Josh Matthews reviews Impact Wrestling, earlier tonight.

Mr. Anderson Vs EC3, either a Falls Count Anywhere, or what EC3 wants, an Arm Wrestling Contest.  Fans can vote on, all the way through next Friday.

The history of Eric Young Vs Kurt Angle is being shown.

Eric Young comes out, with a stretcher and a mic.

PPV quality show, has too much talking so far.

We thought we knew Eric.  Kurt Angle thought he knew him.  Kurt wanted to wrestle the “real” Eric Young.

He said winning the title changed EY.  He’s damn right, because Eric showed what kind of a world-class athlete he is.

Every wrestler he has had to go against, he put them on a stretcher.

Bobby Lashley, Bobby Roode, and Austin Aries.  Kurt Angle, you will be put on a stretcher, in a non-title match.  Some may see this as a step back, he sees it as an opportunity.

Eric sees Kurt Angle as a man who is hurt.  He sees a man who will get hurt even worse.  Tonight, Kurt Angle, he will do something countless legends, countless champions, countless superstars have yet to do.  Kurt Angle, Eric will end his career.

BDC is celebrating Kenny King’s victory.  Kenny says the best is yet to come.

MVP tells Drew Galloway that he isn’t in control of their career, they are.  Drew started this in England, Lo-Ki finishes this tonight.

Pipe on a Pole match, Ki is ready.

Spud is upset about his title loss.  And all because of Beat Down Clan.  You know what that belt meant?  Jerry Lynn, AJ Styles, Frankie Kazarian, wrestlers at their best, representing the greatest title.  Kenny King, Spud will get that belt back, again.  He promises.

Very good promo by Spud.  I’m with him.

The Dollhouse and Taryn Terrell vignette.

Taryn Vs Brooke, for the Knockout Title is next.

Taryn wins, with help from The Dollhouse.  Taryn wins with a Cutter.

Taryn tells us Kong couldn’t beat her.  Brooke couldn’t beat her.  Nobody is going to beat Taryn.

Here comes Gail Kim.

She is confused by this new behavior, and Taryn tells Gail she is tired of living in Gail’s shadow.  Gail tells her this is about The Knockouts.  Taryn adds this is Taryn’s time, there are 3 of them, and only Gail Kim.

Gail tells Taryn she is not alone.

Enter Awesome Kong.

TNA Slammiversary is coming to PPV, on June 28th.

Still to come tonight, Stretcher Match, with Kurt Angle Vs Eric Young.

But next, Pipe on a Pole match with Drew Galloway Vs Lo-Ki.

Drew Galloway won with The Future Shock DDT, the pipe was used, but not much.

BDC come out and beat down on Drew, but The Rising even the odds.

Video is now being shown with Mickie James, Magnus, and James Storm.

Earlier today, the camera guy is watching Mickie James at a grocery store, and sees James Storm run into her.

Magnus is in the ring.

Storm interrupts him.

Storm isn’t the one who said one more time, let’s bring Mickie out.

Magnus interrupts and says Storm is starting to piss him off a bit.  He told Storm man to man, he appreciated him stepping in between Mickie and Bram, but now he is over stepping his bounds in this.  He is following her around, following his son.  He sees right through James and clearly, it’s working.  Mickie isn’t one of his Revolution followers, so don’t mess with her again.

James, like Magnus said is helping out a friend, just like a man would have done.  Magnus would have done the same thing.  But what he is hearing is somebody has a bit of trust issues.  It was Magnus who hired a cameraman to follow Mickie around.  It was Magnus who had the cameraman tell her that she ran into Storm at a parking lot.  James has known Mickie for a long time, longer than Magnus.  And she didn’t even tell him, so maybe he should be the one to ask Mickie herself why she didn’t say anything, if it’s all innocent.

Kurt Angle wants to show Eric Young a fired-up, pissed off Kurt Angle.  It’s real, it’s damn real.

Main event time, Eric Young Vs Kurt Angle in a Stretcher Match.

Eric beats Kurt here.  The rules of the match was strapping the straps on your opponent, and that wins the match.  No ambulance, no imaginary line.  Kurt had the Ankle Lock, but Eric turned it into a Piledriver.

The show ends with Eric Young celebrating with Kurt’s title, and put it around him while Kurt is on the stretcher.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Not one of their better episodes, in fact it sucked.  2 bright spots however was Storm and Magnus segment and Spud’s promo after losing the title.

We have a live show next week, so it should be interesting.  I also want to say Al Snow was a good choice to take the place of Taz.  I hope this continues.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.


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