Impact Wrestling 5/15/15….Hardcore Wars

Tonight, Team Angle Vs Team Young in a Hardcore War.

Impact Wrestling starts now.

Here comes the World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle, and Chris Melendez.

Mike Tenay returns to the announce table, with Josh Matthews.

Kurt tells us he went to war with Eric Young last week.  He decided to side with BDC, and it blew up in his face.  Eric has his backup, but so does Kurt.

Chris Melendez is one, a decorated American Hero.  Kurt won medals for his country, but Chris put his life on the line for his country.  He would be honored if Chris accepts to be a part of his team.

He also asks for The Rising to come out.

These guys stand up for what they believe in, the love of wrestling.  We love wrestling, these fans love wrestling.  BDC is like “cancer” spreading into this company, but Kurt defends his title every week for this company.

Drew Galloway tell Kurt he doesn’t need to thank them, he is Kurt Freaking Angle.  He represents wrestling, and is a part of The Rising.  Whoever holds the World Title is the best.

But Kurt, there will come a day when they go one on one for the title.  Drew wants to be the best wrestler in the world, and when they face for the title, Drew will win.

Kurt will do battle with him anytime.

Here comes Eric Young.

He earned that shot last week, but special guest referee, Bully Ray.  Melendez, The Rising stood in his way, and they screwed him.

And this is why Eric Young is the Number One Contender to the World Title.  Eric is the best, he is going to be the World Champion.

Angle tells him he tried to bring out the real Eric Young, but he chose to side with BDC, and when that happened, it bit him in the ass.

Eric won’t quit until he is the champ.

He isn’t going to quit.  He isn’t going to quit.

Kurt agrees Eric Young is the Number One Contender, but it will be his stipulation.  They will face off in an I Quit match.

These four men are a part of his team tonight.

Eric calls them losers, and he doesn’t care about them.  He only cares about his team.

BDC attack them all from behind.

Here comes Bobby Lashley.

“The Destroyer” takes out EY with a spear.

The last member of Team Angle is “The Destroyer” Lashley.

Team Angle Vs Team Young in a Hardcore War, tonight.

Also tonight, The Dirty Heels Vs The Wolves in match one of best of 5 series.

But next, Brooke and Rebel Vs The Dollhouse.

The Dollhouse win in easy fashion with double teaming kicks, with Jade pinning Rebel.

Taryn Terrell is on the mic.

The Dollhouse proved that not everything is fun and games with The Dollhouse.  Gail Kim will find out too later tonight, when Taryn reveals what “playtime” is like with her family.

Earlier tonight, Team Angle added Lashley to tonight’s Hardcore Wars.  What will BDC do?

Backstage, MVP confirmed Homicide won’t be able to wrestle.  Eric tells them he has a backup plan, who is crazier than Eric himself.

Ladies and gentlemen, EC3…..




EC3 isn’t even in the Top 5 this week, that’s a crime.

On this appellate, EC3 wears a button, that represents the majority.  EC3 2015 for World Champ.  Ethan has tried to stay conservative with his words, he tried to be liberal with his fists, but this top 5 list is a big pile of red, white, and blue bullcrap.

Last week, EC3 defeated a man in his own match, that is number 3 this week.  The Number One Contender lost last week.  Explain that to EC3.  A conspiracy indeed, because in the political world, a mind is a landscape.  EC3 is determined to find out the answers, so Obama, red phone is ringing, because EC3 demands the truth.

Mr. Anderson….

Anderson is bringing a chair.

Anderson wants some truth too.

Listen Ken, EC3 already defeated Anderson, so with his rich mouth, and these poor people’s eyes, EC3 is done with Anderson.

Anderson tells EC3 that he already had it cleared if he beats Tyrus tonight, he gets EC3 another time.

Ethan isn’t interested, and Anderson calls Tyrus Ethan’s bitch.

Those are fighting words, and we have our match.

Anderson wins with a Mic Check.  He gets the rematch with EC3.

Impact Wrestling is moving to Wednesdays, starting on June 3rd.

Still to come tonight is The Wolves Vs The Dirty Heels, match one of the Best of five Series.

Sneak-peak of BBQ Pitmasters, starting this May 25th.

Last Friday night, we see James Storm carrying a Mother’s Day gift for Mickie James, and Magnus knocked a guitar over Storm’s head.

Magnus comes to the ring.

He will never apologize to nailing James Storm over the head with a guitar, he will do it a million more times, because he is full of crap and the fans know it too.

The fans are booing here.

Magnus wants Storm, but we get Abyss instead.

Magnus last week attacked his leader, THE leader of The Revolution.  Tonight, Magnus will realize there are consequences of his action and Abyss will hurt him.

We get a brawl now.

No official match, just a fight. But it ends with Khoya and Manik helping Abyss and Abyss nails a Black Hole Slam.

The Dirty Heels Vs The Wolves, first match of the Best of Five Series, starts now.

The Wolves steal match one with a rollup, seeing Richards pin Roode.

Backstage, The Rising are in this together. But Kurt only offered 2 spots. Drew chooses Micha. He assures Eli there will be plenty of more battles, but he will have to sit this one out tonight.

Eli isn’t sure, but he tells them to tear it up.

Kurt tells them this is one of the greatest teams he has ever assembled, but whoever Eric Young chooses, they will have to beat them tonight.

Taryn and The Dollhouse have some pillow talk. While Gail Kim was playing wrestler, she had a talk with Gail’s new step-daughters. And she has a sneak peek for Robert later tonight. Something she will share, next.

Earlier tonight, The Revolution attacked Magnus, and Storm is not happy about this. It has nothing to do with them, and he never asked them to do this. Do not let it happen, again.

The Dollhouse are out now.

Taryn tells them this is their house….The Dollhouse. This is Taryn’s time, and will prove she is the ruler of The Knockouts.

But speaking of playtime, we see pictures of Taryn with Gail’s step-daughters, but first we will see what Taryn will wear for Robert, and she shows off what she will wear.

And here comes Gail Kim. Gail tells Taryn she crossed the line. Marti tells her they were just playing, and she is ruining their time. Marti asks Gail if she wants a bite of her sucker. Gail tells Marti to stay out of her business, and if Taryn wants to prove she is the best Knockout champion, then settle it in the ring.

Taryn tells Gail there is no time for that, and in due time, Robert will know she is the better woman too.

Those are fighting words, as Gail takes care of all three ladies.

I guess The Bro-man’s broke up, I say that because we now will see Jesse Godderz Vs Robbie E.

Robbie pinned Jesse with a rollup in very quick fashion.

Jesse wasn’t ready, and nobody wants to see a 5-second match. Let’s restart the match.

Robbie agrees.

Robbie wins again in quick fashion with a rollup.

Jesse wasn’t ready, his tights weren’t even tied. Let’s do this again, winner takes all.

Robbie agrees, and the match is set again.

Robbie wins again, with another rollup. Jesse put up a bigger fight here, but Jesse is still not amused.

Now Jesse attacks him with the mic.

Jesse throws Robbie out of the ring. “Mr. Pectacular” is back.

Jesse tells Robbie he is the better Bro-man, and takes a chair around Robbie’s neck and flings him to the pole.

Backstage pep talk from both men. Eric Young’s 5th man is here, but we won’t see it now.

Hardcore War is next.

Anderson wants Tyrus in a cage, because it needs to be Anderson Vs EC3, one on one. Mr. Anderson will see Tyrus and EC3 later.

Hardcore War is up now. Team Angle Vs Team Young.

Lo-Ki kicks off for Team Young, and Drew Galloway begins for Team Angle.

This is basically a Lethal Lockdown match, without a steel cage.

Bram is a part of Team Young.

Team Young wins when Eric nails Melendez with a Piledriver.

After the match, he takes off Chris’ prosthetic knee, and Kurt tries to stop him, but Eric nails Kurt with it, and applies the Boston Crab, shocking out Kurt to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Another strong show, highlighted by Dirty Heels Vs The Wolves, and of course Hardcore War match. But EC3 is right, the Number One Contender is a man who lost last week.

And that is a problem with wrestling right now, wins and losses don’t mean much. You lose a title match, you’re STILL in line for a title show, next. Just one of the irritated things.

Not much tonight from Storm, Mickie, and Magnus, but enough for me to want to see more.

I hope Eli not being chosen isn’t a sign of The Rising breaking up, after they just started.

Not a fan of The Dollhouse right now, the wrestlers were able to showcase their talents, and that’s good, but the gimmick I am not into right now.

I guess Impact is moving to Wednesday again, I guess the ratings will rise a bit? Maybe? Maybe?

What were your thoughts of the show? Send them to me. No show next week, for Memorial Day weekend, instead we get an encore presentation of Slammiversary 2014.

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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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