Impact Wrestling 5/29/15…May Mayhem

We begin the show from earlier today, when Eric Young is driving to the Impact Zone parking lot.  Kurt Angle is waiting for them, and we get the two men fighting each other, with security stopping them.

Tonight, Angle Vs Young in an I Quit match.

We kick off the show with a 6 sides of steel match, Gail Kim Vs Taryn Terrell.

With some help from The Dollhouse, Taryn wins with a Cutter after Marti threw Gail down from the cage.

Taryn has been Knockout Champion for 191 straight days, 19 days away from tying Gail Kim’s longest title reign.

Taryn knocks out Earl Hebner, and here comes Awesome Kong.  They lock her out, while The Dollhouse take out Gail.

Taryn tells Gail she was nothing, and means nothing to her.  She takes Gail’s wedding ring off, and tries to break her ring finger.

Josh Matthews and Al Snow welcome us to the show.

Moments ago, we see Taryn break Gail’s ring finger, and Taryn took the ring away.

Video on James Storm, Magnus, and Mickie James.

Hardcore Country!!

Mickie James comes to the ring.

Mickie has agreed to come back for one more match, and she hopes she can give us one more great match.  But she is here to talk about friends and family.

Magnus is her fiancée, but he is also her best friend, and the love of her life.  James Storm means the world to her.

James Storm comes to the ring.

Mickie wants to personally apologize to James for Magnus hitting over his head with a guitar.

Storm tells Mickie she doesn’t have to apologize, because she did nothing wrong, just like Magnus won’t call and apologize, because he in his mind, he did the right thing.  And if the roles were reversed, he might have done the very same thing.

But Magnus is jealous.

Mickie tells James that he has more ring experience than maybe even Mickie.  He’s not trying to be jealous, he’s just protecting his family.

James would never hurt her family.  If holding the door for a woman is a bad thing, he’s a bad, bad man.

James went out and bought her an awesome guitar that was expensive.  He bought their son Donovan an awesome blanket with his name on it.  And he bought Magnus an old gladiator helmet he used to wear back in the day.

It was funny.

But in all seriousness, he set up a very important meeting, he is talking about people like Tim and Faith, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, even someone like Billy Corgan in the back.  They are interested in seeing Mickie James.

She tells him he shouldn’t have done this, and James said any decision made should not be a hard one, so he will be behind her no matter what decision she makes.

He gives Mickie a hug, and walks out.  Mickie tells him that she will be there at the meeting.

Gauntlet match for the X-Division Title.

Kenny King will break all backs, this match is for Destination X.  He will see Kurt Angle, or whoever the World Champion is then.

Gauntlet match is next.

Champion and challenger are separated, locked and alone.  But Eric Young wants to show us a tweet, and then he breaks some glass.

It’s time for the Gauntlet match.

Kenny King and Rockstar Spud were the two final competitors.  Kenny got a bit too confident, and Spud rolled up King for the pinfall, and became a 2-time X-Division Champion.

Still to come, Kurt Angle Vs Eric Young in an I Quit match.

But next, match 2 of The Wolves Vs The Dirty Heels in a Best of 5 series.

This Wednesday, Impact Wrestling is moving to 9:00 Wednesday night.

Earlier tonight, Angle and Eric attacked each other, and are now separated.

The Dirty Heels Vs The Wolves is now.

The Wolves win with a Powerbomb, followed by Cutter combination, with Davey pinning Aries.

An incredible match here, certainly better than their match 2 weeks ago.

The Wolves are up 2-0.

Velvet Sky is in the building, so Angelina Love will handle this situation by herself right now.

Kenny King is trying to get a hold of MVP, and he hasn’t returned any of the calls.

Angelina Love shows up, and sees “Darth Velvet” with the same people she belongs in.  Angelina will take care of Velvet, because she brought her own friends.

Her own personal security team.

They will take her out of the building if she touches Angelina again, because she was fired.

Velvet hops the railing, and goes after Angelina, again.

The security handcuff Velvet away.

Mr. Anderson finally gets EC3, without Tyrus.  Tyrus will be locked inside a steel cage.

EC3 Vs Mr. Anderson is next.

EC3 wins in a clean victory with One Percenter, after reversing a Mic Check.

Anderson wants to shake EC3’s hand, but EC3 refuses to do it.

Angle Vs Young in an I Quit match, next.

Spud is backstage, talking about being a 2-time X-Division champion.  It cements his status, with the best champions, guys like AJ Styles, Joe, Christopher Daniels, and Jerry Lynn.  This title means the world to him.

The interview guy asks him about Destination X being close, what is he going to do?  Spud hadn’t even thought about that, since he was chasing the title.  But Imagine a guy like him cashing in on the X-Division Title, and being World Champion.  Imagine…

Our main event, Eric Young Vs Kurt Angle is up now in an I Quit Match, for the World Title.

Kurt makes Eric quit with a sit-down Ankle Lock.

Impact is moving to Wednesdays, starting this Wednesday, June 3rd.

The Wolves Vs The Dirty Heels, we will also hear from Rockstar Spud.  Will he give up the title, and fight for the World Title?  And Velvet Sky is in the house, what happens this Wednesday night?

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A little over 5 months has passed, and there are already talking about changes within The Destination America family.  For one, Impact Wrestling will move to Wednesday nights, but a new show will debut right before it.  Ring of Honor Wrestling, starting at 8:00.  I have only seen 2 episodes of the show, since my home in Canton, Ohio doesn’t get the show.  But now, it will be in my home every Wednesday night.

So the question becomes what happens to TNA, when there are rumors of Destination America cancelling it in September?  Such a confusing situation, but if both companies do this right, we could see them work together.

Let me put it this way, if they were smart, they would work together.  After all, they follow each other, right?  Make this a cohesive team effort.  But I have this feeling it won’t happen.

Anyway, on to the show tonight.  I liked it, the matches seemed big, and the results meant something.

I just don’t like Destination X being here in a few weeks, it should be in the month of July, like it has been previously.  This just seems like a throwaway show, but what do I know?

What were your thoughts of the show?  Send them to me here.  Have a great weekend.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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