WWE Monday Night Raw 6/1/15…Kevin Owens…A New Star Is Born

Last night, WWE gave us Elimination Chamber.  Ryback became the new IC Champion, and New Day retained their Tag Titles.

But the real story of the night was Kevin Owens defeating John Cena, clean in the ring.  Those two men square off in 2 weeks at Money in the Bank.

What happens tonight?

Raw is now.

Oh yeah, also last night, Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins by DQ.  But Dean was awarded the WWE World Title, and he stole it.

We see footage of this from last night, kicking the show off.

And what’s a show starting off without The Authority?

We are live in San Antonio, Texas.

Stephanie introduces us to the WWE World Heavyweight Champion as Seth Rollins.  But he doesn’t have the title.  Stephanie tells us Dean stole the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, he stole the Money in the Bank contract, he stole the Intercontinental Title, and he was arrested for assault and batter last week, (But footage said he was innocent).

So should they fire Dean?  No, how about suspend him?  No.

HHH tells us Dean isn’t stupid.  He was told to return the WWE World Title before the show begins.  So he can return the title to the rightful owner, then they can discuss where we go from here.

No Ambrose, but crowd chants Justin Bieber.

HHH tells us to shutup, and get Ambrose out here now.

Enter Roman Reigns.

These guys aren’t happy to see Roman, but it looks like San Antonio is.

Dean isn’t happy, and he isn’t here.  He may never be here again.  Unless, he gets a rematch.  Not just any other rematch, but a ladder match.

This way there is a decisive winner.

Stephanie tells Roman they don’t deal with a lowlife.  And Roman tells Steph that low-life beat Seth.

It was by a DQ, But Ambrose pinned Rollins in the middle of the ring.

Seth said he did not beat him, he is still the WWE World Champion.

Roman brings up Seth doesn’t look like a champion.  He has lost to Ambrose, he lost to Reigns.  He used to be cool with The Shield, but now he runs with Mommy and Daddy.

This angers Rollins, and he accepts.  He tells them he doesn’t need anyone, he doesn’t need J & J Security, he doesn’t need Kane, and he sure as hell doesn’t need The Authority.  The match is on.

He walks off, and Stephanie asks him who he thinks he is.

HHH answers that he is Roman Reigns.  He is the man who had a Wrestlemania main event shot, but Seth Rollins ruined that shot.  Roman is in Money in the Bank Ladder match.  But maybe he isn’t, he will compete in the ring next, and if he loses, he is out of a shot at becoming WWE World Heavyweight champion, again.

We find out who Roman faces, next.

Reigns is facing King Barrett.

Reigns in what was a rather long match wins with a spear.

Was there really ever a doubt?

Last night at Elimination Chamber, Kevin Owens defeated John Cena, clean in the ring.

The Champ Is Here, Kevin Owens tonight, on Raw.

Byron Saxton is standing by with Nikki Bella.

She is the longest reigning current WWE champion.  So what is next for her?

Nikki is ready for anything.

Paige shows up.  She brings up winning the Divas Battle Royal, until Naomi attacked her, so she is owed a Divas Title match, one on one.

Nikki brings up that she sounds like Naomi, someone who thinks she is owed a title shot.  But challenge is accepted, and we will have it tonight.

Lilian Garcia introduces us to the new Intercontinental Champion, Ryback.

Later tonight, Ryback will face The Miz for the IC Championship.

Nobody likes an overly emotional “Big Guy”, but he is standing as the new Intercontinental Champion.  And the last time he was in San Antonio, this crowd gave him a standing ovation, and showed him what Ryback means to the crowd.  And he thanks us for that, as for defending his IC Title, we know what he says…

Feed Me More….

IC Title match is next.

The match never happens when The Big Show comes back, he decks Miz.  Big Show with the mic, and says if anyone beats Ryback, it’s going to be Big Show.  There is nobody bigger than The Big Show.

Ryback seems good with that.

Reigns defeated Barrett, later tonight, he has to face Mark Henry with the Money in the Bank ladder spot on the line.

Also tonight, Nikki Bella Vs Paige for the Divas Title.

The Champ is here, next.

Who is the next Mr. Money in the Bank?  We find out in 2 weeks, but here comes Kevin Owens.

When Kevin says he is going to do something, he delivers.  When he got to NXT, and Owens said he’d win NXT Title.  He delivered.  When Owens said he’d take out Sami Zayn, he delivered.  And when Owens said he’d take out John Cena, he delivered.

Last night was the biggest win of his career.  He should be on top of the world, but he is not.  After he won, he called him and spoke to his wife.  She was very proud of him, but when he spoke to his son, he was not.  He’s a John Cena fan.  He asked his father how John Cena is.  Owens should be okay with this, but he’s not.  It’s not his son’s fault, it’s just that for the last 10 years, Cena has been billed as a superhero.  The bright colors, the slogan, hustle, loyalty, and respect.  While Owens has been working his craft for 10 years, Cena became SuperCena.

Well, last night, he beat SuperCena.

So while the words Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect has been said, he beat a broken down man.  And in 2 weeks, he will expose John Cena.  And if you’re a parent, take your child, who is a John Cena fan, sit them down and watch too and see what a real role model is supposed to be, a man who says he is going to do.

Here comes SuperCena.

Man, Kevin Owens is a jackass.

He tells him to shut up, and act like he’s been there before.

After last night, people are talking about Kevin Owens.  After last night, Owens took Cena to the limit, but he won.

Ever since Cena has the US Title, he said someone would come down, answer the challenge, and be the better man.  He was going to come down this ring, shake his hand, but he doesn’t think Owens deserves this, because he isn’t even a real man.

A real man isn’t jealous by what other people have, and his son is corrupted because of the WWE marketing machine.  But if that was the case, they would have Adam Rose T-shirts, still believe in Funkasaurus, and one day want to play in XFL.

These people believe in Cena, whether they have signs, whether have shirts, or as the kid has, carrying a sign that says she’s beating cancer.

Which is awesome.

For 10 years, people said you would never make it in this business, that you were never good enough, but what happens is you kick that door down, and you prove people wrong.  That’s what Owens did, and he should be proud of that.  His three words have to be Fight Owens Fight.  Because now this is a bit of advice from a real man to half-man, what will happen when one of your promises doesn’t deliver.  Because in 2 weeks, what happens when a real wrestler loses to a real man?

The two men go face to face now, but Owens walks away.

A great segment, and I can’t wait to see their match in 2 weeks.

Tonight, Reigns Vs Mark Henry, spot of Money in the Bank on the line.

New Day is in the ring, and tells San Antonio that Tim Duncan is old, but New Day is hot.  They tell us too that when Kofi Kingston becomes Mr. Money in the Bank, they all become Mr. Money in the Bank.

Because New Day rocks.

Dolph Ziggler comes to the ring, to face Kofi.  Lana accompanies Ziggler.

Ziggler wins with a rollup.  New Day attack Ziggler, but here comes Prime Time Players to help.

6-man tag match is ongoing.

Ziggler, and PTP win when Titus hits a Pump Handle Slam.

Tonight, Nikki Bella Vs Paige, for the Divas Title.

But next, Reigns Vs Henry, with MITB spot on the line.

Reigns wins the match by countout, and still remains in the MITB ladder match.

Henry answers by giving him a World’s Greatest Slam, and a splash.

Henry just turned heel for the 850th time.

Reigns is in the back and is greeted by Steph and HHH.  Keep the vest on, because later tonight, he faces Bray Wyatt.

Sonic is doing auditions for a new commercial with WWE superstars.

Divas Title match is up now, Nikki Bella Vs Paige.

Nikki wins, or should I say Bellas, going old-school here with the Switch-a-roo, Brie coming in and rolls up Paige for the win.

Earlier tonight, Seth Rollins answers the title challenge to face Ambrose at Money in the Bank, in a ladder match.

But throughout the night, Reigns has wrestled to put his MITB spot on the line, defeating King Barrett and Mark Henry.

Later tonight, Reigns will face Bray Wyatt.

Orton Vs Sheamus is now.

Sheamus is DQ’d when he took the action to the outside and gave Orton 2 Brogue Kicks.

Sheamus is making a statement heading to Money in the Bank, in 2 weeks.

Byron Saxton is with Rusev, in crutches.  He has nothing, no woman, no title, no career.  He is a broken man.  But he will get it all back.

This Thursday night, Kevin Owens will host his Kevin Owens NXT Open Challenge.

Here comes the “Inspirational” Bo Dallas.

He tried to help Neville.  Now he just wants to hurt him.

I guess we are seeing a Neville Vs Dallas match.

Here we go.

Red Arrow, match is over.

Next, Reigns Vs Wyatt, winner is in Money In The Bank match.

Despite The Authority’s attempt to assist Bray, Wyatt knocks into Kane and Reigns hits a spear for the win.

Rollins tries to corner Reigns with The Authority, but Dean Ambrose shows up from behind.  Dean gives the title back to Seth, but Seth drops the title and Ambrose takes the title back.

Reigns and Ambrose head out of the ring and through the crowd as the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A very fun show tonight, setting up what should be a good PPV in 13 days.

I loved the Cena and Owens segment.  Their match last night was incredible, and yet I think they can top it and it starts in 13 days.

I also still sense a heel turn by Reigns, and this will happen in the ladder match.  Or, Reigns wins the title at the event, cashing in after winning MITB.

Or both?

What were your thoughts on the show?  I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.


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