Impact Wrestling 6/3/15…Wednesday Night Impact

God Bless the next World Heavyweight Champion, and God Bless EC3.

Ladies and gentlemen….EC3

We have a barber quartet, which is beautiful.

EC3 has to win at Slammiversary, right?

Josh Matthews is joined by The Pope.

EC3 is finally the Number One Contender, so let the celebration begin.

The barber quartet is at it again, and balloons for everyone.

Is Tyrus excited?  EC3 can feel it, that Tyrus just wants to dance.

Tyrus is slowly dancing, but too bad because this is serious business.

He wants to prove the naysayers wrong, who claim he has this chance because of his last name, and the ones who say he can’t wrestle.

We get a chant going, and for old times sake, he disagrees.  He’s very good, and he’s number one.

As the great George W. Bush said “million accomplished” and he asks for Kurt Angle to come out and celebrate.

Kurt is impressed by this celebration.  Vern Gagne and Lou Thesz would roll over their graves, if they saw this.

EC3 is ranked number one.  But he is not next in line for the title.

EC3 disagrees.

Kurt tells us next week is Destination X and the X-Division Champion has an opportunity to put his title up to get a World Title shot.

EC3 disagrees, he left Rockstar Spud in the dust, Kurt is ducking him.  EC3 knows Spud, he will make him an offer he can’t refuse.

Tyrus, buxom blondes, let’s go.

The quartet sings a tune for Kurt and Angle lays an Angle Slam.

Josh Matthews and The Pope introduce us to the show.

Match number 3 of the Best of 5 Series.  The Wolves Vs The Dirty Heels.  The Rising Vs BDC, and right now.  Lashley Vs Eric Young.

Lashley wins the match with a spear,  Chris Melendez is ready for Eric Young.  But Lashley is holding Chris back.

Spud has a big decision to make tonight.  He holds a title he has wanted for 14 years.  But now he has a chance to get the biggest prize in the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

He doesn’t know.

Last week, inside six sides of steel, Taryn Terrell defeated Gail Kim.  Awesome Kong couldn’t do a thing as The Dollhouse took care of Gail Kim.

Taryn Terrell will give Kong a chance at the Knockout Title next week.  Marti and Jade are in action, next.

Chris Melendez is taking this personal to what Eric Young has done.  He wants a match with Young.

Austin Aries talks with Spud.  He created Option C for anyone who is X-Division Champion to cash in the title, and fight for the World Title.  Now he wishes he didn’t create it, because sometimes the grass isn’t greener on the other side.  He can instead take the X-Division Title, and defend it like a fighting champion.  Aries has the briefcase, he can get the title shot anytime, but he just wants to give Spud a choice.

Jade Vs Brooke, now.

Brooke picks up the win when Jade runs into Marti.

No pillow talk for The Dollhouse tonight.

Jeremy Borash is with EC3.

What is Ethan’s thought with Spud?  Spud is a champion, X-Division champion.  He is a good hand, but EC3 is a franchise.

Tyrus interrupts, he has a phone call.

BDC Vs The Rising is next.

During the break, Rebel and Brooke are celebrating Brooke’s big win.  But now The Dollhouse attack Rebel, after Brooke goes to the back.

BDC Vs The Rising in 6-man tag, now.

The Rising win with Doomsday Device, picking up a big win.

Rockstar Spud will make his decision, next.

EC3 just had a conversation that will change Spud’s life, forever.

Last week, James Storm had an interesting proposal for Mickie James.

In Nashville, Tennessee, Mickie arrives.  She is talking to Magnus on the phone.  James runs into Mickie.

Spud is out to the ring, now.

It’s been a year filled with ups and downs for Spud, but he has a choice of his career to make.  Jeremy Borash asks does he hang onto the X-Division Title, or does he relinquish the title, and get an opportunity at the World Title?

This is a once in a million chance for Spud.  He is just like all of us.  He needs more time, but HB denies that.

The decision needs to be made, now.

Does he keep the title, or does he face this man…

Kurt Angle.

Spud is the ultimate underdog.  He has to understand fully, what he is going against.

Kurt is the only Olympic Gold Medalist.  He is a 13-time World Champion.  He is here to say there is no chance in hell Spud will win.

What is his decision?

Ladies and gentlemen….EC3….


Look at Spud, he stands in the ring as a 2-time X-Division Champion.  That is an incredible career, but look at him.  He isa fish swimming with sharks.

EC3 called him a gazelle, a lion, but look at Kurt.  He is a world-class athlete.  Kurt is the greatest wrestler that has ever been in the ring, until EC3 came along.

EC3 just got off the phone with his Aunt Dixie Carter.  They have agreed to offer him a lifetime contract as Chief of Staff, the boys would be back.

Come back home.

Spud loves his Chief of Staff.  He would have done anything for Dixie.  He would have done anything for Ethan.  He thought of him as a brother, but then Carter fired him.  He slapped him, he spit on him, he laughed at hi, he then shaved his head.

This has always been about Ethan.  He had everything on a silver platter.  Spud has worked 14 years for everything he has had.  And all EC3 would be a spoiled little prick.  He can shove that offer up his ass.  Spud is cashing in his X-Division Title, because next week, he will face Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

EC3 gives Spud a cheap shot, and Kurt tells Ethan tonight, we will see a tag match of EC3 and Tyrus Vs Kurt and Spud.

Austin Aries is giving Bobby Roode a pep talk.  They have played right to The Wolves’ game plan.  It’s time to do their own thing, and Aries wants Roode to wear something.

More from the meeting, Storm calls Mickie a star and is glad he was able to give her this opportunity, and he can give her so much more.

Storm tells Mickie he wants her to join Storm.  To join him in this journey.  Magnus can’t provide for her.  Storm wants Mickie and Dominick to join The Revolution.

Mickie tells Storm that Magnus is Dominick’s son, she can’t do that.  And if this is what this is about, she is going to leave.

Storm apologizes, he will stand by Mickie no matter what choice she makes.

Best of 5 series match is up now.  The Wolves Vs The Dirty Heels.

This is a must-win for The Heels.

The Dirty Heels pick up the win when Roode nails Eddie with a chair behind the ref’s back.  Roode didn’t want to, but he had to.  And now he embraced the win.

Tonight, Spud and Kurt Vs EC3 and Tyrus.

Video footage of Storm pushing Mickie James off the platform, she had a nasty fall.  He calls Nick to say Mickie won’t be able to make it for dinner.

Madison Rayne is in the ring, and she is sick of being in the sidelines.  While people like Velvet Sky, someone who was told to take her ball and go home.  But because of the fact that the TV cameras are on, she will show up.

Here comes Velvet Sky.

Velvet is just trying to get her spot back.  But allow Madison to remind Velvet what her spot was.  She slaps Velvet.

Spear, followed by a Stunner.

Angelina Love is done with this.  Velvet doesn’t work here, and she just assaulted a very good friend of hers.  So security, arrest her.

They can do this the easy way, or the hard way.  The last time, it was the hard way.

It still is, but the security grab Velvet and cuff her.

This is what happens to trash like Velvet.  She gets arrested, again.  She goes to jail, again.  Velvet is just a fan, and Angelina is the star.

She slaps Velvet twice, both times Velvet smiles.  But Angelina with the elbow now.

Time to take Velvet to jail.

More security come out, but this time they are here because Angelina put her hands on a fan, and they are here to take her away.

Our main event is next, Kurt and Spud Vs EC3 and Tyrus.

This is the real Taryn Terrell, and she faces Kong, next week.

Main event tag action.  EC3 and Tyrus Vs Spud and Angle.

Spud and Kurt win when Spud hits a Bulldog, pinning Tyrus.

Kurt and Spud go face to face, but Austin Aries interrupts.

He tells them that next week, Spud gets a World Title shot, and he gets that shot.  But, like creating Option C, Austin Aries is cashing in his briefcase, and will face the winner later in the night.

Destination X next week.  Kurt Angle Vs Rockstar Spud, with Austin Aries facing the winner.

And X-Division is on the map as we start the march to a new X-Division Champion.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I love hearing The Pope do commentary, please continue that.

We also had a good segment with Angle, Spud, and EC3, add Aries to the mix, next week will be fun.

I just wish Destination X was after Slammiversary, because the focus needs to be on that show.

Match 3 of Heels Vs Wolves delivered, as did BDC Vs The Rising.  In fact, the wrestling was very good throughout the night.

This first experience with ROH and Impact together was positive.  Let’s hope this continues.

What were your thoughts?  Send them to me.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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