Impact Wrestling 6/17/15…EC3 and Kurt Angle Sign The Contract

This show is in memory of “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, who used to work for TNA in the weekly PPV days.

Tonight, a contract signing between Kurt Angle and EC3.

Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to the show.

Mike Tenay is in the ring, for the official contract signing now between Angle and EC3.

This isn’t our Slammiversary main event, this is for an Impact Wrestling show, set for July 1st.

Before we make it official, let’s get some pre-match thoughts.

EC3 has been performing for this ever since he made his debut.  Kurt Angle is the greatest wrestler in the world.  He has defeated everyone that has crossed his path.  He has beaten Heartbreak Kids, Texas Rattlesnakes.  He has beaten Cerebral Assassins, and Electrifying Man.  He has defeated Next Big Things, ayatollahs, and Superstars that are Rated R.  He has beaten Deadmen, Immortals, and guys he can’t even see.  He has beaten Submission Machines, phenomenal Ones, Kings of the Mountain, ICONs.  But Kurt Angle, what do they all have in common?  They have been beaten, EC3 hasn’t.  Kurt, you can’t beat him.  He is the end point of Kurt’s World Heavyweight Championship reign.  That is a flaming torch, and that torch gets passed to Carter.

Ethan signs the contract.

Kurt asks Tenay how many have he been to?  About 100?  That is important, because Kurt has been here before.  EC3 is spoiled, he is talented, but very spoiled.  The men he has beaten, Bully Ray, Sting, Anderson.  EC3 reminds him that he beat Kurt.

Yup, but he is healthy now and the question is what happens when Ethan loses?  This will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Kurt signs the contract and Tenay tells them that they get matches tonight, with the other man choosing the opponents.

EC3 will face “The Destroyer” Lashley.

Josh and Pope welcome us to the show.  EC3 chooses Kurt’s opponent next week on a live edition of Impact.  The Dollhouse will be in action too.

Next week, on a Live Impact Wrestling.  Low-Ki Vs Grado Vs Tigre Uno for the X-Division Title.

Best of Five series preview is being shown now between The Wolves Vs The Dirty Heels.

It’s currently 2-1 The Wolves.

This match is set now.

Davey has the mic.

When the crowd chants Wolves, that’s because from day one when they were in Japan, they sacrificed their bodies to be the best tag team in the world.  Those belts are what counts, because they are the best in the world.

When they came into this company, they put The Bromans in front of them, they beat them.  When they put The Hardys in front of them, they beat them.  They put Team 3-D in front of them in Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, they beat them.

Now when they signed up for this match with Dirty Heels, they wanted to see who the best team is, now Dirty Heels cheated their way to victory.  Fool them once, that won’t happen again.

Eddie issues the challenge for match 4 tonight.

Bobby Roode comes out, and informs us that Aries is not cleared to wrestle tonight.  They don’t call the shots, Dirty Heels call the shots.

Davey issues a challenge of Roode Vs one of the Wolves in a singles match.

Roode doesn’t want to.  But wait a minute.  How bad do they want to wrestle Roode?  How about they up the ante, and make this interesting.  The winner of the singles match chooses the stipulation in Match 4.

Eddie wants Roode.

Eddie wins with a rollup, after Roode tried to hit Edwards with a chair, from a returning Austin Aries.

Davey tells them that next week, at match 4, we will have Full Metal Mayhem.

EC3 Vs Lashley is tonight and we see a video.

JB is standing by, he was supposed to interview Bram’s mystery opponent.  I guess its Joseph Park.

He is down on luck, lost his legal practice, and his teeth.  He is in between jobs right now, and wants to be the guy on top.

Good lord, Bram Vs Park is next.

Bram spears Joseph Park through a table to win.

I do like Bram though.

It’s playtime with Taryn Terrell. She tells Kong and Brooke that they have a match with The Dollhouse tonight. If they win, they both get a title shot. If they lose, neither one gets a title shot against Taryn ever again.

Earlier tonight, Kurt Angle and EC3 signed their contract set for July 1st Impact.

Tonight, Lashley Vs EC3, EC3 chooses Kurt’s opponent next week.

The Dollhouse Vs Kong and Brooke is now.

Brooke and Kong defeat The Dollhouse with a missile Launch Elbow Drop.

Taryn Terrell will have to put the Knockout Title against both Kong and Brooke.

We take a look at Eric Young Vs Chris Melendez video.

Next, Sgt. Chris Melendez calls out Eric Young.

Next week, on a live episode of Impact, we will SE Match 4 of the Best of 5 Series, with The Dirty Heels Vs The Wolves in Full Metal Mayhem.

Christy Hemme interviews Sgt. Chris Melendez.

After a thank you Chris chant, Chris brings up at Hardcore War, Eric ripped off his prosthetic leg, he disrespected this country, and he disrespected every man and woman in uniform. But As Chris said to him, he will continue to fight, until he is dead. Come on out.

Eric tried to do Chris a favor. He volunteered to go to war for his country. Chris made the ultimate sacrifice, and he can’t take that away from Chris. He is a real American hero.

But Eric doesn’t care.

Eric doesn’t care about Chris, he doesn’t care about the fans, he only cares about himself. According to his chapter, Eric is a 5-star general, he is a GOD. In Eric’s eyes, he is up here, and Chris is down here.

Eric choked an American gold medalist, now that was at a whim. So what is going to happen when Eric really thinks about it. So Chris needs to ask if he truly wants to do this. Does he really want this match next week? Against a world-class athlete?

Chris said Eric is right about two things. Eric is above him, Chris has a lot to learn, but Chris will be ready to fight next week.

Still to come, Lashley vs EC3.

Tonight, EC3 Vs Lashley, and our next match is DJ Z Vs Jessie Godderz.

Jessie wins with a Boston Crab, making DJ Z tap out.

Jessie tells DJ Z that he is the reason why The Bromans are 2-time Tag Team Champions, both times he made the pin. But Robbie E and DJ Z did their own thing, while Jessie was training to get better. Now it’s his time, and he will never be a loser.

Just when he is about to give DJ Z a powerlift, here comes Robbie E. who returns the favor from the beatdown he had a few weeks ago, sending Jessie outside of the ring.

We see Mickie James-James Storm video. Will Magnus get his revenge? We find out, next.

Magnus comes out to the ring, demanding James Storm to come out. He makes it clear that he will hold this show hostage if he has to. Security comes out, but Magnus wants Storm.

We get Storm now.

He tells Magnus that he was the one who told Mickie that he was a bad man, and that she needed to stay away from Storm. So how did that look when Magnus came off looking jealous? And how about Magnus hiring a camera crew to follow Mickie around. That has trust problems, so what happened when the cameras were turned off.

Magnus breaks through the security, but before he could get to him, Storm brings out a baby stroller, and presumes Donovan is there, but he isn’t, because when he kicks the baby stroller, it was a doll.

EC3 Vs Lashley is next.

EC3 wins with multiple interference, Tyrus nails 2 refs, EC3 uses a chair, and takes out “The Destroyer”.

Josh Matthews was certainly obnoxious here, and we are now up to 599 straight days without a loss. EC3 celebrates to end the show.

Next week, on a live Impact Wrestling. Who will Kurt Angle face? Also match 4 of Best of 5 Series, The Dirty Heels Vs The Wolves.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I wasn’t a big fan of tonight’s show, mostly because of the piss-poor buildup to Slammiversary. They knew when the show was going to be, yet they continue to not give a shit about these PPVs, and just want to build the show. I am not even sure if I am going to order this show. Very disappointed to hear Angle Vs EC3 will not headline the show. Instead, they will be the title match 4 days after the PPV.

I am truly baffled by this, and to make matters worst, they are going to do tapings before the PPV, so why do this? I guess the PPV will feature King of the Mountain, yet you can’t think the World Title is on the line, or else you know Kurt will retain it, since they are doing the title match tapings next week.

And Josh Matthews was awful again, either turn him full-blown heel and bring in Mike Tenay to do the play-by-play. I wouldn’t have a problem with that, but we already know a heel play-by-play man doesn’t work. Just ask The Michael Cole experiment.

Next week’s Impact will be fun, with the live element, but this week’s was nothing. What were your thoughts on the show?


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