Impact Wrestling 6/24/15…A Very Historic IMPACT

Tonight, on a live episode of Impact, we will see EC3 choose Kurt Angle’s opponent.  Also, Full Metal Mayhem, match 4 of Best of 5 Series with The Wolves Vs The Dirty Heels.  Also Low-Ki Vs Uno Tigre Vs Grado to crown new X-Division Champion.

So much more, and a historic announcement that could shake the foundation of TNA as we know.

Impact Wrestling in 10 minutes.

We kick the show off with EC3 heading to the ring, but JB interrupts him, wants to know who Kurt’s opponent is for tonight’s match. EC3 tells us last week, he took care of Bobby Lashley, tonight, Kurt faces someone with a “legacy”.

We kick the show off with Josh Matthews and The Pope. TNA World Champion makes his way to the ring.

Kurt tells us that in 7 days, EC3’s campaign to be World Champion will be coming to an end. He wants to know who his opponent is tonight, and here comes EC3.

Ladies and gentlemen, EC3….


Carter tells us in 1 week, Kurt’s title reign will come to an end. Nobody has beaten him, Kurt wants to know who his opponent is, and EC3 refuses to tell him, talking about the men he has beaten. Sting, Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy.

Kurt tells EC3 that his ego will defeat him at the end, because it takes a true champion to beat him. In 7 days, he will make EC3 tap.

Carter asks Kurt if he wants to make him tap out, tonight.

Well, that can wait for 7 days. Because tonight, he has to face….

Matt Hardy.

Also tonight, match 4 of Best of 5 Series between The Dirty Heels Vs The Wolves. We will also see Velvet Sky Vs Angelina Love, if Velvet wins, she will get her job back in TNA. But next, Elimination match between Low-Ki Vs Tigre Uno Vs Grado, winner becomes new X-Division Champion.

Grado is quickly eliminated with Warrior’s Way, which is a good thing.

Low-Ki Vs Tigre Uno is now.

Tigre Uno is the new X-Division Champion with a 360 splash.

A good decision here, putting the title on him.

Christy Hemme wants to ask Uno how he feels, it’s a great night for him.

JB is with Bram.

Tonight, Bram calls out any past TNA superstar. He’s take care of Joseph Park, he took out Crimson. He hates everyone, so who will it be? He doesn’t care.

A big hand shows up. It’s time.

Velvet Sky Vs Angelina Love tonight.

The Dollhouse are discussing their Slammiversary plans. It will be The Dollhouse Vs Kong and Brooke.

Slammiversary rundown. Magnus Vs James Storm in a non-sanctioned match. The Dollhouse Vs Kong and Brooke in a 3-on-2 Handicap match. Also Mr. Anderson and Lashley Vs EC3 and Tyrus.

Angelina Love Vs Velvet Sky is up now.

Velvet wins with a Stunner and In Yo Face, so she is hired back in TNA.

The Dirty Heels are up next, they have a plan in place, they think The Wolves made a mistake choosing Full Metal Mayhem.

MVP enters the building, rumors don’t seem to be true. The BDC are stronger than ever.

Full Metal Mayhem is up now, Match 4 of The Wolves Vs The Dirty Heels.

The Heels win match 4 with a low blow by Roode, pinning Eddie.

Matt Hardy is being interviewed by JB.

Hardy tells JB he was surprised too when he got the phone call from EC3, but he has an opportunity. He was sitting at home, trying to figure out what he was going to do next, and now he has an opportunity to prove he is as a good as he was, and even better.

EC3 tells Hardy he owes him one, and next week, Carter will win the World Heavyweight Championship, and when that happens, he has to kiss the brass ring if he wants any title shots.

JB and Pope explain what has been going on with Bram, but now we see Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett enter a TNA Impact ring.

We get a nice welcome back chant, with Jeff telling us how strange things can turn just like that. He informs us that a week ago, right before he was boarding a plane to do a tour of Global Force Wrestling, he was contacted by TNA officials, with a proposal.

Now, he sort of laughed it off, boarded the plane, but as he was in the air, he started to think about things. So he gave them a call. They offered him to come back to TNA for one night, and in a match. But not just any match, it was a King of the Mountain match.

13 years ago, his father and Jeff founded this company. He has seen many things in this ring.

The biggest news he heard was when Jim Cornette made the announcement that Kurt Angle was jumping ship from WWE to TNA. He still has goosebumps just thinking about that.

Or the night Samoa Joe hit Kurt with the headbutt heard around the world. How about a kid from northern Georgia became the NWA TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and become a household name, like AJ Styles.

This still means something to him, and his wife grabs the mic.

She brings up the way they left this company. Sting firing Jeff in a backstage skit on TV, she always tells things the way she sees it, and now it’s about moving forward, and build Global Force Wrestling.

But then again, she sees the look on his face, she knows he must end things the right way, so she will always support him on this matter.

Jarrett makes things clear, this Sunday he will be King of the Mountain, he will end things the right way, and build on the future. As his good friend Toby Keith said a few days ago, you’re not as good as you once were, but on this one day, you might be better than you ever were.

I am ready for Slammiversary this Sunday.


Bram Vs Vader is up now.

Bram loses by DQ, using a lead pipe.

When Bram takes care of Vader, here comes “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan, taking out Bram, and standing tall.

This is the night of returns here.

Eric Young Vs Chris Melendez is next.

Eric Young picks up the win with a Piledriver. Melendez tried hard, but Eric prevailed.

Next, Matt Hardy Vs Kurt Angle.

We come back and see a big fight going on with BDC and The Rising.

We see another return, Hernandez shows up and he is now on Team BDC.

MVP tells Drew Galloway that Hernandez is the newest member of the BDC.

Pope and Josh try to make use of oll of this.

Next week, match 5 of Best of 5 Series, who leaves as Tag Champion.

Also next week, Taryn Terrell Vs Awesome Kong Vs Brooke for the Knockouts Title.

And 540 days in the making, EC3 Vs Kurt Angle for the World Title. But first, Kurt has to get through Matt Hardy.

Kurt defeats Hardy with an Angle Lock. Quickly after the match, EC3 tries to attack Kurt, but Matt Hardy helps Kurt, and goes after Tyrus and EC3.

The show ends with an Angle Lock and EC3 taps out.

Is this a preview to come next week?

Kevin’s Thoughts:

One of the best shows in a while. Top to bottom, a fun show here, that featured the night of returns.

Let’s start with the obvious, Jeff Jarrett. I am now curious to see what happens this Sunday night on PPV. Will he win King of the Mountain? And what does this mean for Global Force Wrestling? Stay tuned.

Vader seems like a one-shot thing, but always good to see him. The story here is the return of Matt Morgan. Matt will face Bram this Sunday. And Hernandez seems to be here to stay as well. He was working for Lucha Underground, but he is back.

Good to see Matt Vs Kurt tonight, Full Metal Mayhem was the best match of the 4 we have seen so far, and it’s great to see Tigre Uno win the X-Division Title.

And Velvet Sky is back.

Just a very good show, what were your thoughts? Send them to me here.


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