WWE Monday Night Raw 6/29/15…Brock Lesnar’s Answer?

Last week, something monumental happened that rarely occurs, Brock Lesnar was beat down to a pulp.  He must answer that, right?  No better way than to do it tonight.

Raw is now.

We begin the show with a 30 minute Seth Rollins promo, complete with The Authority.

Seth welcomes us to Monday Night Rollins, and we are live in Washington D.C.  A city obsessed with power.  But then again the fans in this building do not truly understand what power is.  You gain power by doing something nobody is capable of doing.

You do something Roman Reigns couldn’t do at Wrestlemania.  You do something John Cena isn’t capable of ever doing.  And even The Undertaker couldn’t do this.  You take that power, by conquering the conqueror.  He took care of Paul Heyman’s client, the 1 in 21-1.  He took a trip to Suplex City, and he took everything he could.

But Brock Lesnar isn’t here, he is boarding a plane trip to Japan right now.  (Isn’t everyone else?).  He hopes that Brock thinks about what happened.  Brock injured his good friend, Jamie Noble, broke 3 ribs.  And Jamie wouldn’t miss this moment for the world, so stand up and show appreciation this man deserves.

Show the entire Authority some respect.  They helped Rollins slay the beast.  He got them all something, brand new Apple watches.

Jamie Noble is impressed, baby!!

Seth has something extra for Kane.

He debuted in October of 1997, and he ripped off the cell.  Many things have changed since then.  But the point is for the last 17 years, Kane has been the glue that held WWE together.  And throughout that entire period, he hasn’t asked for anything.  So Seth is giving him his first vacation to Hawaii.

Complete with a Hulu band.

Kane is speechless, this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him.

Rollins tells Kane he has earned this vacation.  But how about they send him off in style.  How about Kane and Rollins Vs Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, in a No DQ match.

But there is more.

He saw J & J enter an arena in a crappy rental car a few weeks ago.  They travel in style, so we have a brand new Cadillac 2015 CTS.

We have some game show music playing now.

Let’s Make A Deal!!

When they travel, they represent Rollins.  And he represents all wakes of life.  What do you say, boys?  Beautiful.  This is for them, and this is what true power feels like.

Here comes The Big Show, he is in action against Mark Henry, next.

Show knocks out Henry, with ease while The Miz is watching on.

Feed Me More!!

Ryback clips Big Show’s knee, Miz kicks Ryback and runs.

Ryback wants Miz, now.

Feed Me More!!

Miz loses by countout, and if you want to truly push someone as a viable title contender, this is not it.

This show has been bad, so far.

Tonight, for the 855th time, Rollins and Kane Vs Ambrose and Reigns in a No DQ match.

Now it’s Paige Vs Alicia Fox, but the Bellas are with Alicia.

Paige wins with a rollup, pinning Alicia.

Tonight, Kane and Rollins Vs Ambrose and Reigns.

Enter John Cena.

Cena has been nominated for Sports Humanitarian of the Year, yet the fans are booing him.

Enter Kevin Owens.

Cena Vs Owens?

Nope, Owens has the mic.

Owens is just going to wait for Battleground.  And if anyone takes the US Title from Cena, it will be him.  Or maybe, it is this man….

Cesaro vs Cena is now.

Cena is DQ’d when Owens gave both Cesaro and Cena a Pop-Up Powerbomb.

Owens makes it clear, if anyone is going to take the United States Title, it will be Owens.  And at Battleground, it will be Kevin Owens.

What a great match these two had.

Tonight, Ziggler and Lana will go public.

No DQ match is tonight, Kane and Rollins Vs Ambrose and Reigns.

We see what took place last Monday again, with The Authority laying out Brock Lesnar.

Bray Wyatt interrupts the fun.

Roman Reigns, he wants to open his eyes so he can see the truth.  Life isn’t always fair.  He always believes he should have been his father’s favorite.  But he threw him out like a piece of trash.  But now, he has done things his own way.  Look Daddy, he has his wings back.  Reigns knows all of the horrible things Wyatt is capable of doing.  He will have fun, there will be no distractions.  This is about Reigns and Wyatt.  The insects can watch the two fight all day.  Wyatt is his yin to Reigns’ yang.  And Bray is watching.  Anyone but you.


Lucha Dragons and Primetime Players Vs New Day and Bo Dallas is next.

PTP and Dragons win with Sky High by Titus, pinning Kofi.

Ziggler and Lana are out next.

Ziggler and Lana come out together.

Many of us might not believe this, but it didn’t start with love at first sight.  She was using Ziggler to get back at her boyfriend, but Ziggler made out with smoking hot babe, so it was a win/win.

But the situation has changed.

Lana told us for years Rusev was her life.  But then she didn’t know what a real man was.  He told her how to talk, how to dress, and even what to think of America.

Dolph has taught her so much, they have become good friends, actually more than good friends.

Ziggler is very passionate.

Rusev comes out.

Rusev comes out with Summer Rae.

Rusev doesn’t care about Lana, he never cared about her.  She is like as you Americans say like a goldfish.

Ziggler has had enough.

What kind of scumbag is he?  He is out here trash talking his girlfriend?  Rusev blew it, just walk away before Ziggler does something about that other leg.

The two have a staredown here, but Rusev walks away.

Summer Rae has something to say to Lana.  There is nothing she hates more than a gold digger.  Rusev was on top of his game at Wrestlemania, but the moment he was hurt, she jumped the ship.  Rusev cared about her, and they both know that he was very kind.  So Lana is nothing but a two-faced phony.

Summer Rae slaps Lana and now we have a catfight.

Rusev pulls Summer away.

Ambrose tell us it’s not a physical thing, it’s a mental thing.  You get knocked down, and you choose to get back up.

He is talking to a Terminator clone, when Reigns shows up.

Ambrose asks if Reigns is a bit angry at what Wyatt did.  Ambrose wants an angry Reigns, the same Reigns that got kicked out of Smackdown.

Reigns is angry at Wyatt, he doesn’t like anyone, except Ambrose.

Let’s rage.

Preview to the upcoming “Terminator:  Genysys” is being shown.

Neville Vs Sheamus is now.

“Mr. Money in the Bank” wins his match with a Brogue Kick.  At Battleground, it will be Sheamus Vs Randy Orton.

That car is getting destroyed later tonight.

Jack Swagger is set to face King Barrett, now.

Barrett wins with Bull Hammer.

No Dq tag match is up next.

Rollins and Kane win when Bray Wyatt shows up to take out Reigns, and Rollins hits a Pedigree on Ambrose for the pin.

The Authority take out Reigns.  He fought hard, but the numbers game caught up with him.  They had a table set, and took reigns right through it, and Seth hits a Pedigree.

After they leave, Bray Wyatt shows up, and gives Reigns a Sister Abigail.

Not a very good night for Reigns, as the show ends.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was not a good show at all.  It’s time to see Reigns piss off, and take out someone from Wyatt’s past.  Perhaps Luke Harper?  He has to show a vicious side.

But no Brock Lesnar tonight, so they had that car for nothing.  Unless they continue to bring out the car every week, until Lesnar comes out and destroy it.  He will compete this Saturday morning on WWE Network, as of right now his opponent is Kofi Kingston.  But that could change.

What were your thoughts of the show?  Boy, tonight sucked.  Washington D.C. did not deserve this bad of a show.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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