Impact Wrestling 7/8/15…The Reign Of Carter Begins

Clips from last week, when Ethan Carter III pins Kurt Angle clean in the ring to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Ladies and gentlemen, EC3!!!

Trouble!!  Trouble!!  Trouble!!

I love that theme.

Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to the show.

Do I have your attention now?

EC3 is unpinned, unsibmitted, undefeated, unbeatable new World Heavyweight Champion, Ethan Carter III….EC3.

The time is now, EC3 is here, and he is the new, undisputed World Heavyweight Champion and the greatest wrestler alive.

He has been given a gift, by his sweet Aunt Dee, she is coming back to the show tonight, and he has been put in charge of the show.

In the main event, history will be made, not once, not twice, but three times.

Enter Matt Hardy.

He did EC3 a favor a few weeks ago, and softened up Kurt Angle.  He’s not an EC3 fan, and he did it to prove he belongs in the World Title picture.  EC3 was successful in his campaign, so he is going to start his now, called Matt for Champ.

He pleads with Twitter to give is a hashtag.

EC3 asks Tyrus if he likes the idea of Matt for champ?


Ethan tells Matt that he took Kurt to the limit, but Ethan took Kurt to the mat, so he regretfully declines.

How about Matt beat down Carter, and Tyrus doesn’t like that idea.

But Matt is already booked in a tag team match, now Hardy’s brother decided to get his leg hurt, but Matt will face this tag team who aren’t happy about last week’s event….

The Dirty Heels.

The Dirty Heels win with some dirty tactics, Roode holds onto Hardy’s shoes, while Aries makes the pin.

Still to come tonight, part 2 of Jeff Jarrett’s interview, and the return of Dixie Carter.

The Rising are up next.

For the last time, The Rising are in the ring together.

As of right now, as Drew says The Rising are finished.

The 3 of them came together because there was a need for a chance to fight for wrestling.  He is talking about The Beat Down Clan.  Eli, Micah, it has been an honor fighting beside each other.

Eli is sorry for this, but with this, Drew brought Eli to the door, and there will come a time he is going to show the gratitude.

Drew tells us the future is bright in TNA, BDC will be done.

The night is always darkest before the dawn.  Drew will continue to fight, this is not the end, but only the beginning.

EC3 is touched by this, who is doing commentary.  What Drew has done is touching, but it’s just too bad he booked him in a 6-man tag match, and he has nobody.

So Drew, they say when factions break up, they have to face a 3-on-1 tag match, so bring out the team.

It’s The Revolution, consists of Abyss, Khoya, and Manik.

Galloway picks up the win, kicking Manik in the face, and rolling him up for the win.  Khoya and Abyss got into it a bit before the pinfall.

Mr. Anderson congratulates EC3 for winning, and respects him for doing that with a clean pinfall.  He offers his services to face EC3 for the title in one of the 3 matches.  Nope, Anderson is facing Bram, next.

Bram is DQ’d ramming a chair into Anderson.

Bram wants Mr. Anderson’s mic now.

Bram nails Anderson with a mic, calling him pathetic, again with the mic job.  And nails him 2 more times, while Anderson bleeds.

Jesse Godderz is in the ring, ready for a streetfight against Robbie E.

Jesse wins with the Adonis Crab, making Robbie pass out.

EC3 is ready for his history making night.  Lashley wants his shot tonight, but EC3 denies that match, and gives us Lashley Vs Tyrus.

Kurt Angle is ready to make things interesting.

Part 2 of Jeff Jarrett’s interview is now.

Jeff tell us TNA is a part of Global Force family, their mission is to bring promotions together, and give is matches we have all been wanting to see.

EC3 is in the ring, ready for his 3 title matches.

Ethan believes in paying it forward, and you never forget your first match, and he brings us the man, the myth, the legend….

Norv Fernum.

Kick to the gut, one percenter, match is done.

Match one out-of-the-way.

Now for match two….

This week is Shark Week, on Discovery, so what could that mean?

Give me a Shell Yeah!!

It’s the legendary Sharkboy.

One Percenter.

Trouble!!  Trouble!!  Trouble!!

One more match to go.

Our third and final title defense…

Kurt Angle comes out.

Boy Kurt, you just ruined a great segment here.

Ethan is a scared little boy.  He is afraid to face anyone, and this is a binding contract, and he can have a match anytime he chooses.  He chooses tonight.  He wants his title back, it’s real….it’s damn real.

Lashley is ready for a fight, he faces Tyrus, next.

Lashley wins the match with a spear.

This hasn’t been a good 15 minutes for EC3.

Tonight, EC3 Vs Kurt Angle.  But next, Velvet Sky Vs Madison Rayne.

More of part 2 from Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling interview.

This is about having the same goal, and the same plans for each other.  Jarrett will let the fans decide about Jarrett’s legacy.  He has had some enjoyable matches with Kurt Angle, the early NWA TNA days with AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Mick Foley, Don West.  If there is a legacy, he takes great pride in choosing the right people in place to be the very best.

At the end of the day, it’s about competing to be the very best, that is his legacy.

Velvet Sky Vs Madison Rayne is now.

Madison tells Velvet she doesn’t belong in this ring anymore, Velvet has had enough.  Match is now.

Velvet wins with a stunner.

EC3 Vs Angle, for the TNA World Title is next.

Angle Vs EC3 is now.

EC3 causes a DQ when he rammed into Brian Hebner, but EC3 tapped out right as this happens, but the ref did not see it.

A limo shows up, here is Aunt Dee.

EC3 is in the ring, he won that.  And now ladies and gentlemen, he wants to bring out the return of Dixie Carter.

Dixie tells Ethan she put her body on the line by going through a table.  And she realized the mistakes she had made.  She is proud of Ethan, and the accomplishments he has made.  But he needs to defend his title and defend his wins by winning, and not skating through his name.  Someone needs to be in charge, someone needs to make sure this company continues to soar, this crowd makes this company.  They deserve that.  And that someone is not Dixie.  And darling, that someone is not Ethan either.

We end the show, wondering who is in charge of Impact Wrestling.

Next week, Tigre Uno puts his X-Division Title on the line against Rockstar Spud, Greto, and Manik.  Also will Taryn Terrell be able to handle Brooke?

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Despite my fun moments with EC3, I wasn’t a big fan of tonight’s show.  Just no setup for a proposed rematch, and we have a return of Dixie Carter, who did not give us much news at all, except she disapproves EC3.  But then again, we see the return of Norv Fernum, so not all was horrible.

Jeff Jarrett also tells us that everyone will work under the same umbrella at Global Force.  It’s a good thought, but ego is always in the way.  Will TNA oblige?

Tune in, and find out.  Give me your thoughts on the show.


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