Ring Of Honor Wrestling 7/8/15…Battle Of The Belts

Tonight, we find out results of Battle of the Belts.  Who is the ROH World Championship?

It’s Jay Lethal.

We are in New York City, with Kevin Kelly and King Corino welcoming us to the show.

Our main event is Elgin and reDRagon Vs The Kingdom.

But first, we will see Watanabe Vs Dalton Castle.

Dalton Castle wins with his Spinning Wheel move, I guess.

He shakes hands with Watanabe, and now Dalton has something to say.

He is the only man in ROH, as he sits on his two boys, and his name is Dalton Castle.

This upsets Silas Young, who comes out.

We hear about the ROH World Title, next.

Nigel McGuiness is here to introduce us the current ROH TV Champion, and the new ROH World Champion, who defeated Jay Briscoe at Best in the World.

Jay looks good with both titles.

Nigel shakes Jay’s hand and congratulates him as new ROH World Champion.

The crowd chants he deserves it, and Truth Martini tells us Jay deserves this, but these people are not Jay’s people, The House of Truth are Jay Lethal’s people.

Best In The World, history was made, we witnessed greatness, we witness the new undisputed World Champion, Jay Lethal.

Nigel wants to hear from the champ.

All Jay wants to say is what he has been saying since the beginning, Jay is the best in the world.  To be the best, you have to be the undisputed of the greatest Wrestling company in the world.  But ROH is the greatest Wrestling company in the world, because Jay Lethal is here.

Nigel wants to know which title he is going to vacate, what is his plan moving forward?

Jay isn’t giving up a damn thing, he has earned both of these championships and Nigel knew going in, the man who won would have both title and he isn’t giving up anything.  And when Jay is wrestling, he is going to be the undisputed Champion, and he needs both titles.

Nigel tells him if that is the case, then the two titles are two separate titles, and therefore, both need to be defended.

At Death Before Dishonor, Jay will face Roderick Strong, and next week on TV, Lethal will defend the TV Title against Mark Briscoe.

Jay tells Nigel if he has to defend both titles on the same night, then so be it….

Here comes Roderick Strong.

Roderick wants Jay to make full of something, July 24th on IPPV, at Death Before Dishonor, Jay will walk in as World Heavyweight Champion, and after DBD, Roderick will out as World Heavyweight Champion.

July 24th, Death Before Dishonor, Lethal Vs Strong.  Next week, on TV, Lethal Vs Mark Briscoe for TV Title.

Our main event is up now, The Kingdom Vs reDRagon and Michael Egin.

At Best In The World, we saw Adam Cole lose to Bullet Club, and Maria Kanellis assures Adam nothing is wrong with The Kingdom.  She blames herself, as the leader of The Kingdom.  Taven, Bennett, and herself have been touring together in Japan, winning the NJPW Tag Titles.

So they all get a group hug, and our match is set.

reDragon and Michael Elgin defeated The Kingdom, when Kevin O’ Reiley pins Adam Cole.

Cole shakes hands with O’ Reiley, and walks out with them leaving The Kingdom alone.

What does this mean for The Kingdom, the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I’m going to say this again, I can’t stand this current format.  PPV was 2 weeks ago, we just heard from the new champ and find out he has a title defense in 16 days.  I know Strong won his match to get this title shot, but there won’t be much heat to it, at least on TV.  Why not start the tapings right after the PPV and set your next big show for the next one, so we can see 4 weeks of build ups?  And did they need to wish us a Happy 4th of July weekend, when this isn’t a weekend?  I know it was first aired over this past weekend, but edit that out.

Anyway, again I enjoyed the wrestling but my favorite part of the show was the first Jay Lethal promo in 2 weeks, since he won the title.  And I am looking forward to seeing him compete next week against Mark.

Other than that, story of the night was Adam Cole turning face, right?  Kingdom are about to kick him to the curb.

What were your thoughts of the show?  Send them to me here.  Have a great 4th of July weekend, everyone.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

8 Responses to Ring Of Honor Wrestling 7/8/15…Battle Of The Belts

  1. adztheman says:

    ROH will generally shoot a least a couple of weeks worth of TV at each appearance…reduces costs that way…

    The Kingdom/Dragons/Elgin match was entertaining and Elgin makes a case for getting back into the World Title picture, as he took the title from Cole earlier this year…

    Lethel is going to get the best opportunity in a long career to show what he can do, as Austin Aries returns later this summer to ROH…

    • I get that part, with the tapings. But my suggestion is to do the PPVs, or IPVs on Saturday, or Sundays, then tape the shows and air those to set up the next big show. They have 10 days to build up Death Before Dishonor, not exactly a big setup. But Jay looks good with both titles around him. He earned that.

      • adztheman says:

        Since we seem to looking at some sort of working agreement between TNA, GWF and ROH, I could see a lot of this combined at some point to avoid the sort of problem you describe.

        You see the shows on Destination America that I watch on my DVR on Sunday Morning, since the Providence NBC station carries ROH and NESN, which the Red Sox own, carries them Sunday night at 8pm, so the time lag is a problem…but Destination America gets an hour of TV that they don’t have to spend any money to produce, so they’re happy, happy happy…

      • But it’s poor TV IMO. At least I get to see it on Destination America, but in many ways, it’s like playing a commercial spot that has expired, but you have to play it anyway, because it’s been planned. ROH has to upgrade on their TV, the guy that owns the place has his own cable company, right? So take advantage of that, and spend some money on production. ROH’s bread and butter is the wrestling, and I get that. But make the product better, at least.

        Remember, Kevin Kelly, the guy who made his claim to fame on wrestling TV by picking his nose on WWE TV, because The Rock told him to says “I hope you all are having a great 4th of July weekend”.

        And for the love of Mary, can we please not see the Code of Honor anymore? It’s stupid, you MUST shake hands before, and after? Doesn’t it over-saturate the moments when a guy does extend his hand after a big, and I mean BIG title loss?

        But Cheeseburger must shake hands with Dalton Castle….


      • adztheman says:

        ROH has a new lighting grid which it debuted earlier this month; Jim Ross has been bitching about ROH Production Values for a while now, but some of the guys who founded ROH worked with Paul in ECW.

        To me, ROH wanted a grittier look than what you see anywhere else, and they achieved that.

        But I’ve seen some of the TV with the new lighting grid and it does solve that problem.

        Sinclair Broadcasting owns ROH; they have national ads that Lethel and others have been voicing…

        What I like about ROH is it proves that you can do an excellent wrestling show aimed at adults and do it in one hour…its not aimed at 8 year olds, it has no Divas Division, it has no 20 minute promos to start each and every show.

        The 20 minute promo is a bad habit that TNA and WWE need to break themselves of soon.

        Wrestlers do not have to adhere to the Code of Honor; its one of the things that differentiates heels and faces in ROH, but when a great match happens, it helps capture the moment.

        Cena has been raising Owen’s arm while getting him over, which has been used as a tool to help cement Owens as a heel…he reminds me a lot of Bubba Ray in that regard…

      • But see, you just made my point. When Cena raises Owens arm after losing, IT MEANS SOMETHING. When Cole shook AJ’s hand after last week’s match, IT MEANS SOMETHING. But when “Brutal” Bob Evans does it for Watanabe, I don’t care. But that is just me.

        Again, the wrestling is amazing on ROH, but I feel they are still missing those promos to generate heat for a casual ROH fan to order that PPV. However, if you’re interested in the main matches of those shows, you can’t see who won for another 2 or 3 weeks, unless you have a computer.

        It’s just frustrating, I thought they got rid of those Paul Heyman clones like Gabe Sapowski, whose booking style was good, but he never tried anything new to make the product better. They also got rid of Cornette because the dude still think booking works like the ’80s and every manager must carry a tennis racket.

        Just make some slight changes to make things better.

      • adztheman says:

        ROH struck gold by partnering with IWGP, as they have members of the Bullet Club and other guys from Japan on a regular basis its why the WWE sent Lesner and a couple of other guys to do their own Japanese stuff, almost as an afterthought.

        Cornette is doing his own one man show, and going through archives of stuff from various organizations…I enjoyed TNA when JC was doing some stuff for them.

        You’ll see promos on ROH, but they are far shorter than anything else on TV; they happen with some infrequency, either in the ring or as a taped segment.

        They just won’t hand anybody a microphone and send them out there;

        Meanwhile, I was hoping everybody on ”Tough Enough” would drown in the swamp so they could get some cast members worth watching and start over.

      • So sad how Tough Enough has come. Where is Maven when we need him. I heard he is back into the game.

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