Impact Wrestling 7/15/15…Carter Vs Carter

Last week, The Reign of Carter began with 3 title defenses, and we saw the return of Dixie Carter.  Dixie is naming someone in charge, Impact starts now.

The entire TNA wrestlers are around the ring, with Dixie in the ring.

The last time Dixie was in a ring, surrounded by the wrestlers, they were all cheering when she was put through a table.  She wonders what brought her all to that, and it was her ego.  She is here to take the blame, and to apologize to the TNA fans.

She regrets many things, but she does not regret going through a table.  Because she has a tremendous amount of respect for what these wrestlers give for this company, and to the fans.

She is here for a new future of TNA, a future that is so bright for the company.  When she is here to talk about the future, it’s easy to doubt.  People feel she will let them down, but the wrestling business needs Impact Wrestling.  She will do everything in her power to never let them down.  One of the first decisions she made is to bring someone who truly deserves them, but someone who is the law.

Enter Ethan Carter III.

Who is it Aunt Dee?  Who is it Aunt Dee?  Who is it Aunt Dee?

Dixie loves Ethan, but he will meet the man who is the law.

It’s Bully Ray.

Bully shakes the hand of many of the wrestlers, as they are in disbelief.

We are all shocked to see both of them in the ring together.  He received a phone call, it’s from Dixie.  The first thing he heard was I’m sorry.

She said it again, she was sorry.  What was she sorry for?  The answer was she’s sorry she let everyone down.  She’s sorry first and foremost she let down her entire locker room, and she is sorry for what she did to the fans.  And he started to believe her.

He has a detector of who is full of crap, and who isn’t, and she sounded very sincere.  He is very happy to be back on a wrestling TV show again.  He is also happy to hang back with the wrestlers, and the fans.

But he is still very angry, he wouldn’t be coming back because of Dixie.  He would be coming back for the fans, and the wrestlers.

He asks everyone to get up on the apron.

Every single person on this apron,. or the ring crew, traveling crew, they all give a damn about this company.  And Dixie should realize how much they all care, despite the stuff she has put them through.  Dixie came clean, but he isn’t making the decision, the fans will.

Do they wants to see him run things in TNA?  They all agree.

He won’t hug her, he won’t kiss her, but he will shake Dixie’s hand.

Now let’s all do what we do best, put on a wrestling show.

Oh yeah, Ethan, he didn’t forget about him.  The TNA World Champion will defend his title tonight.

And he will do it against the winner of a 20-man battle royal, now.

Drew Galloway wins the Battle Royal, last eliminating Eric Young, who eliminated MVP before that.

Later tonight, Drew Galloway Vs EC3.

Also next week, we will get to hear who the latest inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame.  Sting was the first inductee of 2012.

Josh Matthews and The Pope are in the studio, going over Drew Galloway winning the 20-man Battle Royal.

Last week, Bram took out Mr. Anderson.

Mike Tenay sat down with Mr. Anderson for an exclusive interview.

After we see what we saw, Tenay wants to hear about Anderson’s future.

He is 39 years old, in the best shape of his career, if he ended it tomorrow, he would be happy about his career.  Bram is a very dangerous man, and he can go dark.  If he does, it will be nasty.  But he doesn’t know if he wants to go there.

Rockstar Spud is in the back, with Bully Ray.

Rockstar is feeling sorry for himself, after losing to Kurt Angle, and his X-Division Title.  Bully Ray told him we all lost to Kurt, and he should be proud of what he did.  The first time he saw him, he knew he had it.  He is a funny character, and a very good wrestler.  He is a 2-time X-Division Champion.  And now he has a chance to be a 3-time X-Division Champion.  So go out there, win it for yourself.

Spud is ready, and he hugs Bully.

Footage from 2013 HOF, when Kurt Angle was inducted into TNA HOF.

Next week, the 2015 TNA HOF inductee will be announced.

Also earlier tonight, Drew Galloway wins a 20-man Battle Royal.  He faces EC3 tonight.

Drew will be ready for tonight, his destiny will be fulfilled as Drew Galloway will be the newest TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Eli congratulates him, and wishes him luck.

Next week, Tigre will talk about Trump, and that should be fun to watch.

Oh lord, Grado is up now.  He is facing DJZ, Tigre Uno and Spud for the X-Division Title.

Tigre Uno pins Grado with a 450 splash, retaining his X-Division Title.  Spud is beside himself.

Tonight, EC3 Vs Galloway for the World Title.

But next, Taryn Terrell Vs Brooke for the Knockout Title.

It’s play time for The Dollhouse.

Brooke beats the longest reigning Knockout Champion, when the lights go out, Gail Kim shows up and takes out The Dollhouse.  The lights go out again, Brooker hits a Butterface Maker.  (X-Factor) and wins the title.

Kurt Angle and Bully Ray are discussing matters.  Kurt has an idea, Bully Ray liked it.  Kurt will make the announcement next, but somebody won’t like it.

Kurt comes to the ring.

Kurt is wearing a Destination America hoody.

He’s not ashamed losing the title to EC3.  He’s good, but he does have a problem with how he lost the rematch.  He got himself DQ’d, right before Kurt had him beat.

Kurt and Bully may not see eye to eye, but Bully has respect.  And from what he said, the rematch never happened.  The good news is he gets the rematch when he wants it.  That’s good because Kurt just went to his doctor, he has a tumor in his neck, and he needs surgery.  But he is looking forward to the title match when he gets back.  He wants to thank the fans for their continued support.

Here comes Eric Young.

Eric tells Kurt he needs to tell the truth.  EC3 didn’t beat him, EY gave him Piledrivers.  How many more can his old, crippled body take?  Eric wants to take the credit for that, so how many more can he take?  Maybe 2?  Maybe 3?  How about the next time he gets a Piledriver, Eric takes him out?

But Eric wants him gone for good.

He decks Kurt.

Chris Melendez helps out Kurt, but Eric clips him from behind, and he nails a Piledriver on Chris.

Still to come tonight, EC3 Vs Drew Galloway, but next, we relive the match from Slammiversary of James Storm Vs Magnus.

The 2014 TNA HOF induction was Team 3-D.

Next week, we find out who the newest 2015 inductee is to the TNA Hall of Fame.

Josh Matthews and The Pope tell us Bully Ray is now in charge of TNA, and he gave us a World Title match.

But first, we head to 2015 Slammiversary PPV match in an Unsanctioned match between Storm Vs Magnus.

Clips from 2 weeks ago, when Storm interrupted Mickie and Magnus segment.  Mickie challenged James to a mixed tag match with she and Magnus vs James and anyone he chooses.

James is backstage, telling us The Beatles asked if you want a Revolution?  James started a Revolution, and says he started it because there is always room for one more member.  And if you let Storm down, he will cut you down.  And as for his partner?  It’s someone close to Mickie.

The phone rings, and he walks off.

In 2 weeks, Storm and a mystery woman Vs Magnus and Mickie.

EC3 is in Bully Ray’s office.  He is behind Bully, but since he defended his title 3 times last week, he wants a week off.

Bully loves the input, but he disagrees.  EC3 is the World Heavyweight Champion, start acting like one.  Find a way to get the job done.


EC3 Vs Drew Galloway is next.

EC3 retains his title after Eli Drake nails Galloway with his crutches, and Ethan hits a One Percenter for the win.

Where does Eli Drake go from here, who apparently is fine, never was injured.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a better show, not as good as it was 2 weeks ago, but I liked the addition of Bully Ray.

I just wasn’t feeling the impact of Eli Drake, because quite frankly, he hasn’t done much since he got fired in.  Maybe that will change now, but one way or the other, he will have to showcase his talent, so his time is now.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.


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