Impact Wrestling 7/22/15…Episode 29

Tonight, we find out who is the newest inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame, and we kick the show off with Magnus Vs Bram.

Bram wins the match with a clipping of the ankles, and he rolls up the tights.

Enter James Storm, who enters the ring with a cow bell, and knocks out Magnus.

Tonight, we will find out who Storm’s partner is, and he and Mickie James might want to stick around and find out who she is.

Still to come tonight, Bobby Roode Vs Matt Hardy for the Number One Contendership in a Tables match.

But next, we hear from Eli Drake.

TNA’s Bound for Glory is set for Sunday, October 4th, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Eli Drake comes to the ring.

His name is Eli Drake, and he has waited a long time to say let me talk to you.  Many people have asked how he could do that, stop crying dummies.

Eli Drake is a creator of circumstance.  And he created something that is a circumstance of opportunity for himself.

Drew kept talking about standing up, and standing up.  But Eli couldn’t speak.  Even Micah was nodding his head, like a puppet and Eli just used The Rising to get his foot in the door.  Eli is just like us, because we have all called in sick at work, even though we are perfectly fine.  Friends always stab each other in the back, and the ladies all pretend to be with their man, just because they pay the bills.

And here comes Drew Galloway.

Drew brought Eli into The Rising, because he knew he had killer instinct.  And little did he know how right he was, because Eli killed The Rising because he wanted to be a shining star.

Drew is not an old guy, he has been in this business for 15 years, but he is only 30.  He has had his surgeries, he has been hurt, but nothing had hurt him more than what Eli did.

The last week he has had all emotions.  He has drank too much, he has been depressed, he has wanted to beat Eli’s arse, so maybe he needs to let the fans decide what happens….

They want him to kick his arse.  Eli wanted to be a shining star, Drew will make him famous.

The fight rolls on, but Drew has the Future Shock locked in, but Eli slides out of the ring.

Tonight, Tigre talks Trump.

Next, Confrontation in the Cage, Taryn Terrell wants her title back.

Last week, Brooke defeated Taryn Terrell to be new Knockout Champion.

Taryn wants her title back, next.

Footage from “Pit Wars”, but Taryn comes right out, this show is not going to continue until she has what is hers.

She blames all of us for her losing the title.  She orders The Dolls to get into the cage with her.  She will lock herself in the cage, until she gets what is hers.  Gail, she destroyed her professionally, and Brooke, she took what is hers.  She needs her title NOWWWWWWWWWWW.

Enter Brooke, she is not impressed with this.  Taryn isn’t important, the fans are.  She can blame whoever she wants, but Taryn did this herself.  She and her Dollho’s.

Taryn can’t stand it when fans are chanting her name.

No man is worthy to touch Taryn, and no woman can touch her in this ring.

The only person Taryn should be upset is herself.  She outwrestled her, she outsmart her, and she took this title.  So, come and get it.

The lights go out, and come back on, we see Gail Kim in the cage with The Dollhouse.

Gail takes care of The Dollhouse, and Brooke takes care of Taryn.

Tonight, Tables Match for the Number One Contender on the line, Matt Hardy Vs Bobby Roode.  We will also hear from Tigre Uno, about Donald Trump.  And next, King of the Mountain match, from Slammiversary, in its entirety.

The Pope and Josh Matthews join us in the studios.  King of the Mountain match will air on Impact, from Slammiversary.

This is when Jeff Jarrett wins King of the Mountain.

Jeff Jarrett is the newest inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame, which was announced earlier in the show.  I missed the announcement, due to cable box going out for first 6 minutes.

Tonight, Chain Match between Eric Young Vs Rockstar Spud, and also tonight, Matt Hardy Vs Bobby Roode.

But now, Tigre Uno has some words for Donald Trump.

This was actually nicely done.  A piece on Tigre, and his life in Mexico, and to put it bluntly, he doesn’t share Mr. Trump’s point of view, but then again, Donald has no chance of winning Republican ticket anyway.

The Revolution are on their way out, next.

Recently on Impact, Mickie James challenged Storm to find any woman, and the four would have a match.

Here comes The Revolution.

We need people with guidance, discipline, people need leadership.  Storm founded this revolution because no matter what is going on, what you represent, there is always room for one more.

Storm gave Mickie a chance to join The Revolution, and she turned him down.  He gave you gifts you have dreamt of, because he offered you a chance to have things you don’t have in life.

But Mickie now is a lost cause, and Mickie will get her one more match.  Because it will be Mickie and Magnus Vs Storm, and the newest member of The Revolution, welcome Serena.

Serena, from WWE, who was a part of CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society.

Serena speaks, and says it’s a pleasure to stand in a TNA ring with Storm.  She and Mickie were best friends for 10 years.  They were like sisters.  Mickie called her a protegé.

That meant so much to Serena, and Mickie James became Mickie James, and then she disbanded away from her.  She was lost, but now she has found James Storm.

And Mickie, Magnus stands behind you, but a real man stands beside his woman.  And he will show them what they can do.  Hey Donovan, this is the moment where you say 10 years from now this is the moment where Mommy and Daddy made a big mistake.

Chain match is up now, Eric Young Vs Rockstar Spud.

Eric Young picks up the win, giving him the Piledriver.

Roode Vs Hardy, in a Tables Match is up now.

Hardy puts Roode into a table, and now is the Number One Contender to the World Title, and we celebrate his win when we end the show.

Next week, Jeff Jarrett takes his place into TNA Hall of Fame.  We will also have one more match, when it’s Mickie and Magnus Vs Storm and Serena.  And Jeff Hardy makes his TNA return.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I just wasn’t feeling this week’s episode.  I hated they re-aired the Slammiversary match.  I understand why, but they couldn’t add a segment from studio to cover up anything that has to do with Hernandez and BDC?  Speaking of that, it sucks that the contracts got involved, despite Lucha Underground not having a clear future, but then again, does TNA anymore?

And how do you not have a show without your World Champion?  EC3 needs to be on TV next week.

What were your thoughts of the show?  Are you looking forward to Jeff Jarrett getting his well-deserved Hall of Fame induction?  Sound off.


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