Impact Wrestling 7/29/15….Hall Of Fame Ceremony

Tonight, Jeff Jarrett takes his place in the TNA Hall of Fame, we will also see One More Match, with James Storm and Serena Vs. Mickie James and Magnus.  We will also see Matt Hardy choose his stipulation for the World Title.  And Jeff Hardy returns.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Austin Aries kicks things off, and he has something to say.

Austin is the most passionate wrestler, and he deserves a shot at the World Title.  He says Bully Ray is not doing a good job as the new boss.

And that brings in Bully Ray.

Bully is a bog fan of Austin, but his mouth always seems to get him into trouble.  Austin asks why he doesn’t get a World Title shot.

Bully told him Aries lost to Kurt Angle.

How about Aries and Roode getting Tag Team Title shot?

But they lost the best of five series to The Wolves.

How about a X-Division Title shot?

Austin is insulted about that, because he doesn’t need The X-Division Title, the X-Division needs him.  Austin is the most decorated X-Division Champion, it’s for guys like Rockstar Spud, who is never going to be in the main event spot.

And here comes Rockstar Spud.

Spud always looked up to Austin, he was the greatest X-Division Champion, he created Option C, so guys like him can be X-Division Champion, and cash in for a shot at the World Title.  Austin did that, and became one of the best World Champions.

Austin interrupts, and says he didn’t create Option C for Spud, he did it for himself.  He told Spud that if he cashes in, he would have nothing, and he has nothing.  He didn’t have a chance to beat Kurt Angle.  Aries lost, but 9 times out of 10, Aries would beat Kurt.  With Spud, 10 times out of 10, he would lose.

Spud tells Austin he has been told that his entire life, and he has proven everyone wrong.  Bully tells Austin that Spud has guts for coming out, and telling Austin how much respect he has for Aries, and Austin just completely tears him apart.

Aries proposes he works a match with Spud, if he loses, he doesn’t deserve a career in TNA.  So Bully proposes he puts that on the line.  If Austin loses, he never wrestles in TNA again.  Aries suggests there needs to be something in it for him, so how about when Aries wins, he takes Spud’s Rockstar name.  He will then be known as “Rockstar” Austin Aries, and Spud can just be little Spud.

Aries lays a cheap shot, and I guess that match is next week.

Tonight, Eric Young will face Sgt. Chris Melendez, we will also hear from Jeff Jarrett being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame, and Matt Hardy picks his stipulation.

The Jarretts entered The Impact Zone earlier today, and we hear Kurt giving Melendez some advice on his match against EY.

Tonight, Tigre Uno speaks out on Trump, also Mickie James teams with Magnus to face James Storm and Selena.

Melendez Vs Young is now.

Chris has fought and fought for everything he has had in his life, and nothing will change.  He wants EY to come out, and here he comes.

Eric is trying to Chris a favor.  He doesn’t want Eric to come to the ring, he needs to quit, and Chris disagrees.  He needs Eric to come to the ring.

Our match is now.

Eric picks up the win with a Piledriver.

Kurt was in Chris’ corner.

Brooke Vs Marti Bell, for the Knockout Title next.

Clip from 2012 when Sting was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

JB goes to Matt Hardy’s locker room.  Matt hasn’t come up with a stipulation, but when we figure it out, they will let us know in the ring.

Who is we?

Brooke Vs Marti is set now.

The lights go out, which means it’s Gail Kim time.

But the action continues, and Brooke retains her title with a Butterface Maker, and wins the match.

Tonight, Matt Hardy chooses his title stipulation, and Jeff Jarrett gives us his induction speech.  But next, Tigre gives us his Trump speech.

Kurt Angle’s 2013 induction video.

Josh Matthews and The Pope are in the studio.  Bound for Glory tickets go on sale this Friday.

More footage of Tigre Uno.

Christy Hemme is with Tigre.  Donald Trump is not here, so Tigre challenged him to show up, he’s not here.  Tigre tells him the Mexican people are not for him, he is Tigre Uno.

EC3 isn’t sweating the stipulation Matt Hardy will give us later tonight.

Next week, we will see Austin Aries Vs Rockstar Spud.  But tonight, Mickie James and Magnus Vs James Storm and Serena.

Jeff Jarrett is catching up with Billy Corogan.

Ladies and gentlemen, EC3.


In 7 days, he defends his World Heavyweight Championship against Matt Hardy at No Surrender.

The caveat in this is he was tricked into a stipulation match by Bully Ray.  The Hardys claim they are such a great family, but they are just some hillbillies from North Carolina.

We get some Hardy chants going.

Now if this was a match against Jeff, he might be sweating it, but he’s not.  Why?  Because Jeff flipped over his Moped, and hurt his leg.  Amazing, he has done so many daredevil moves, and he gets flipped over by his moped.

But Matt Hardy, he is stronger than death, he will never die, but he;s just not World Champion material.

Here comes Jeff Hardy.

Look at what the cat dragged in, Jeff Hardy.

Jeff thanks the creatures.  Jeff has sat at home, and he has cried.  He was crying at the hospital when they put his leg back together.  He cried at home when he couldn’t go to the bathroom, but every time he sees EC3, he made him sick.  Overconfidence will get you.  He’s healing, and he will be back.  Before you know it, Jeff will be the next World Champion.

But before he does that, he gets a poll from the crowd, is Ethan Carter a good champion?


He is feeling there will be a change, and the man who will make that change is his brother, Matt Hardy.

Matt for champ chant is going.

Their entire careers, people like Ethan tell them they can’t, and Matt tells them next week, he will do.  People have said there is a rivalry between these two, but those people are jackasses, like EC3.  And between the two of them, they will make the perfect stipulation.

Jeff guesses there has to be some cool objects underneath the ring.

Hey, some chairs, some tables, and some ladders.  How about that.

In the ring, we have a ladder, a table, a chair, outside we have steel steps.  We have many metals around the ring.

3 words for Ethan, Full Metal Mayhem.

And per Bully Ray, nobody is allowed at ringside, except for EC3.  Nobody, and next week, Matt’s dream of being World Champion will become a reality.

Later tonight, Jeff Jarrett’s ceremony, but next, tag team mayhem.

Team 3-D video is playing, from 2014.

JB is with Magnus and Mickie James.

This should be a night of celebration, but tonight, the fans get to see Mickie and Magnus team up.  But this is not a celebration, this is a fight.  A fight with a man who tried to take put his family.  Tonight, they fight for the last time, tonight, they put this to an end.

Mickie tell us that family comes first, so if she has to beat down her friend, Serena for 10 years, then so be it.

Storm and Serena Vs Mickie and Magnus, now.

Magnus and Mickie win when Khoya screws up, and kicks Storm. Mickie hits a DDT, pinning Serena.

Jeff Jarrett is inducted into TNA Hall of Fame, next.

We hear from Ken Anderson, over what happened a few weeks ago against Bram.

Next week, Bram is demanding a match between he and Mr. Anderson.  He doesn’t even know who he is anymore.  He does know Ken has 2 little ones at home.  So he suggests he kisses them on the head tonight, and says goodbye.  Because this is personal, and Anderson won’t be coming home.

Next week, Bram Vs Anderson, Eli Drake Vs Drew Galloway.  Also Rockstar Spud Vs Austin Aries, Gail Kim Vs The Dollhouse, and for the World Title, EC3 Vs Matt Hardy.

A video look at Jeff Jarrett.

Mike Tenay brings out Dixie Carter, who introduces us to Jeff Jarrett.  Dixie brings up the first time she ever met Jeff.  It was in Nashville, and she couldn’t believe he was a wrestler, but he brought her to the business, and knows how dedicated he is the business.

She brings out Jeff.

Jeff thanks everyone who ever had a hand in starting the company, everyone from working in promotions, to the people behind to the scenes, and even to the fans who purchased the PPV.  He thanks all of the wrestlers who have ever worked for the company, and he thanks Dixie.  Because if it wasn’t for her, this company wouldn’t be going, and he wouldn’t be in this position.

He also brings up having a falling out with his father, over this company 7 years ago.  But 6 weeks ago, he started to talk to him, and family means everything.

He thanks us again, and the wrestlers join him on the ramp, as the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A much better show tonight than last week.  And we finished the night with a nice speech by Jeff Jarrett, and he deserves this.  No Surrender is next week.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.


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