WWE Monday Night Raw 8/10/15…Is Summerslam Heating Up?

We are 2 weeks away from the biggest party of the summer, and with this PPV being 4 hours, we expect the show to pick up to make these matches must-see in 13 days.  I mean, putting a 4-hour PPV that nobody really cares about is like putting on a 3-hour weekly show that doesn’t mean anything.  I mean that wouldn’t happen, right?  Right?


We are live in Seattle, Washington.  13 days away from the biggest rematch of the summer, between The Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar.  We take a look at that video tonight, also “Arrow’s” own Stephen Amell is a special guest host, will he confront Stardust?  Also tonight, Luke Harper Vs Dean Ambrose.

But kicking things off, a 30 minute promo with Seth Rollins.

It’s Monday Night Rollins!!

He is the man who broke the face who runs this place.  Mr. “You can’t see me”, our WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  The Champion of Champions himself, Seth Rollins.

Last week, Rollins presented Cena an opportunity of a lifetime, he presented Cena with a title vs title match at Summerslam, winner takes all.

And what is Cena’s reply?  Nothing.  What is Cena doing with all of his free time?  Is he dropping on that Dr. Dre album too much?  Or is he trying to re-adapt his rapping career?  Because Cena isn’t straight outta Compton, he is straight outta no action.  Because Rollins just dropped Cena’s face with his knee.

If John doesn’t want to show up at Summerslam, and face him like a man, then he can show up in Brooklyn and forfeit his United States Title, like a man.

Regardless, Rollins will hold the WWE World Championship, and United States Championship at the same time.

Cena will show up tomorrow night at Tough Enough.  Then maybe he isn’t tough enough to show up?  Rollins wishes he was half the man he was, and show up tonight.

Wait a second, Cena is here?  Oh wait, he is live via satellite.

We see Cena on the titantron, but it’s Rollins doing the voice, from earlier tonight.

“Cena” is giving up, and Rollins tells him he is doing the right thing because the fans deserve a fighting champion, and that fighting champion is Seth Rollins.

He proved it when he beat Neville last week in the first ever Seth Rollins WWE World Title Open Challenge.  Neville showed while he is good, he isn’t the man.  And in order to be the man, you must defeat….

Enter Cesaro.

Cesaro brings up since Rollins was bringing up his Seth Rollins open challenge, Cesaro offers an open challenge, tonight.

That was last week, there is no open challenge.  What does Cesaro think he has done to earn that shot?

Enter Kevin Owens.

That answer Seth is nothing.  Cesaro has done nothing to warrant a shot.  He may think he does, because some idiot wrote up Cesaro Section signs.  But he has done nothing, while Owens deserves a shot, because he defeated John Cena.  Unlike these two, and Seth, let’s face it, you tapped out.  But didn’t Owens do that?

Enter Orton.

If anyone deserves a title shot, it’s Rollins.

Rollins makes it clear, the match isn’t going to happen.  Tom Brady has a better chance of getting a free meal in Seattle than these idiots have in getting a title shot tonight.  He doesn’t care what they think, he doesn’t care what The Authority thinks, just get out of his ring.

Now comes HHH, which certainly liked the idea of what Rollins said, that he doesn’t care what The Authority thinks.  We are 2 weeks away from Summerslam, and they were told John Cena is 50/50 at even showing up at the PPV.  Now that can create some chaos, so tonight, we set the stage.  We will have a Triple Threat match with Orton Vs Owens Vs Cesaro.  The winner goes on to face Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Title, tonight.

Also tonight, a special Miz TV with Miz’s guest being Daniel Bryan.  But next, 6-diva tag action, Team Bella Vs Team B.A.D.

Team Bella wins the match, but the excitement came after when all 9 divas attacks each other.

Charlotte lays out Brie with a spear, and now Team B.A.D. go face to face with PCB, the new name which was the former Submission Sorority.

Triple Threat match later tonight will determine who faces Rollins, later tonight.

The New Day Vs Los Matadores, go.

The New Day picks up the big win, with Big E. winning.

New Day Rocks!!

2 weeks away, from Brock Lesnar Vs The Undertaker.  We take a look at that match, later tonight.

New Day are celebrating their victory backstage.  Renee Young stand by with them.

It’s official, New Day will face Prime Time Players at Summerslam!!


And Los Matadores have been added to it too.

Triple Threat is fine with New Day.

And Lucha Dragons have been added too.

So a Fatal 4-Way match?  Regardless, we all know New Day Rocks.

Seth Rollins is discussing tonight’s matters with HHH.

This is about building a legacy, and that takes time.  Yes, he will defend his title, it will be against someone who will compete in a grueling Triple Threat match.  Besides, Rollins did this himself, by putting the Seth Rollins Open Challenge last week.  Neville took him to the limit, and Rollins showed the world what he can do.

If John Cena can do it….

Footage from last week on Smackdown.  The Wyatt Family Vs The Family at Summerslam is set.

Tonight, Dean Ambrose Vs Luke Harper goes one on one.

But next, Triple Threat match to determine who faces Rollins later tonight.  Cesaro Vs Orton Vs Owens.

Orton stole the win here with a RKO, pinning Cesaro to face Rollins later tonight.

A fun match here, but the ending we saw Cesaro and Owens work the match, but Orton came out of nowhere to pick up the win.

Orton Vs Rollins, later tonight.

Rollins is ready for the challenge backstage.

Ambrose is backstage.

He never had any friends growing up, but as he got older, he did find a friend.  You always need a friend if you get caught in Fresno…

Reigns tells us it’s good to have friends.  Luke Harper would do anything for Bray Wyatt, but Bray wouldn’t do much for Luke.  They aren’t even brothers.  Reigns asks Ambrose how he likes his coffee, black, with a little bit of sugar.  How about his water?  Room temperature. And his beer?  ice-cold.

Wyatt and Harper, you will find out what it’s like to mess with brothers, tonight and at Summerclam.

Believe that.

Video of Lesnar Vs Taker is playing now.

Next week on Raw, same arena….same time.  The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar.

After Raw, a special look at Lesnar Vs Taker.

But now, Ambrose Vs Harper.

Harper wins with his clothesline, after being distracted by Wyatt.  So where was Reigns to help?

Miz TV is next.

Miz welcomes Daniel Bryan.

The crowd loves Daniel Bryan.

Miz isn’t impressed, because he has a show to run.  Crowd doesn’t care.

Yes Chant is in full effect.

Daniel didn’t exactly come here to be a part of Miz TV.  Did you really think Daniel would miss Raw in his own home of Washington State.

Miz is a fan of Cleveland Browns.

Miz wants to talk about how he made Daniel Bryan’s career.

Daniel tells Miz he can take a lot of credit, such as his A-List ability being a part of the new film “Santa’s Little Helper”.  He can take credit for his amazing wardrobe.  But he can’t take career of Daniel’s career.  The fans can do that.

We will have to agree to disagree.  But they can talk about his official in-ring status, which is to say he is still on the shelf.

Since Miz has never been hurt, what is it like to be at home, doing nothing?

Daniel has been busy, writing a best-selling book, and being a judge on Tough Enough.

Miz is disappointed to see Daniel didn’t write enough about Miz.  And Miz too is a judge on Tough Enough.

Daniel got his first big break in WWE, through Miz, but Daniel also did the right thing when he was injured.  Shouldn’t Ryback do the right thing?

Which is what?

Vacate the IC Title, cancel his Triple Threat match at Summerslam, and award the title to The Miz.

Big Show shows up, he is going to punch Miz out one more time, and he dares the fans to find someone who will make Big Show retire.

Here comes Ryback.

Ryback and Big Show goes face to face.  Daniel shoves Miz right back in the ring.  Not looking good for the Cleveland Browns fan.

Ryback gives Big Show a Meat Hook.  He wanted to be fed more, so he gives Miz a Meat Hook.

Triple Threat match for the IC Title is set at Summerslam.

Orton Vs Rollins has history, Orton nails an incredible RKO at Wrestlemania this past year.

Tonight, World Heavyweight Championship match.  Rollins Vs Orton.

Video of Charlotte is being shown.

Earlier tonight, 6 divas are in action.

At Summerslam, A Divas-Three-Team Elimination match of Team Bellas Vs Team B.A.D. Vs Team PCB.

Rusev is in the ring, with Summer Rae.  He is facing off Mark Henry, with Lana joining them on commentary.

This match ends rather quickly.  I guess we can say Henry lost by DQ, when Lana stopped Summer Rae from interfering, but Summer clipped Lana and actually gave her The Accolade.

The Bulgarian flag, with Rusev’s face is shown now.

Dolph Ziggler will return sometime after Summerslam.

Stephen Adell is watching this show in the front row.

The week that was for Neville.

Stephen Amell is not amused by what we saw.

Next, Neville is in action.

Neville Vs King Barrett.

And like that, Red Arrow with Neville picking up the win.

Stardust attacks Neville from behind.  Stardust goes face to face with Stephen Amell.  Stardust gives Green Arrow a pie face, and Amell has enough, going right after Stardust, inside a WWE ring.

Security comes out, and separates both men.

We see what we just saw, and backstage, HHH checks on Stephen.  HHH does not agree to this, because Amell was a guest.  Stephen and Neville want a match at Summerslam against Barrett and Stardust.  Amell tells HHH to have his lawyers reach the contract, he will sign whatever waiver he wants.  HHH tell him that he will wash his hands from this, he will deliver the contracts to Stephen’s lawyers, have the contract signed.  It will be The Red Arrow and The Green Arrow teaming together against Stardust and King Barrett.

Jo-Jo is standing by with Sheamus.

Who does Sheamus root for tonight?  The boring Randy Orton or the weasel Seth Rollins?

He makes a John Cena and Goonies joke.  But HHH was right earlier, there is chaos centering around the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  But there is one right thing, the Money in the Bank briefcase.  Sheamus will cash this in, and become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  And Jo-Jo, it could be tonight.

Orton vs Rollins is our main event for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Orton wins by DQ, when Sheamus grabs Orton after a RKO and lays him out. But Sheamus is all set to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase, but for whatever reason, the ref is clumsy, and does not do it. Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick, and Orton stops this with a RKO.

The show ends with Orton celebrating.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show started off strong, but the ending was very confusing. I am bored of the storyline that the MITB winner tries to cash in the briefcase, but for whatever reason, it does not happen. But Michael Cole MAKES IT CLEAR that it wasn’t official. No shit, but whatever.

To be honest, Summerslam just isn’t shaping up to be a huge PPV. Other than Lesnar Vs Taker, everything has been sub par. I just am not sure the reasoning for Title Vs Title, especially when the title will be vacated after the PPV. If the plan all along was going to be Cena Vs Rollins, then why not give Owens the United States Title at Battleground?

He’s John Cena, he can get a title anytime. But if someone like Owens wins the US Title, not only is Owens a made man for beating the face that truly does run this place, but it also sets up a future rivalry down the line, and it makes Cesaro Vs Owens important, for the title.

So Summerslam is truly being centered around a one match show, and it’s 4 hours long.

Do you agree? Disagree? Send me your thoughts.


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