Impact Wrestling 8/19/15….Turning Point

Tonight, Jeff Jarrett is in charge again, and we will have a TNA World Heavyweight Title match.  EC3 will defend his title against P.J. Black.  Gail Kim will take on The Dollhouse inside Six Sides of Steel.  Eric Young Vs Chris Melendez, Impact Wrestling is now.

The Jarretts make their way to the ring.

Before they talk about tonight’s show, let’s talk about last week’s show.  The world has been buzzing since last week about Global Force Wrestling.  From the Grand Slam Tour, to the Impact Show, against TNA wrestlers.  So we will take it one step closer.  For the first time tonight, a Global Force wrestler will vie to become new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.  And we will keep on going….

Here comes EC3.

This is not GFW Jeff, this is TNA.  The house the Carters built.  Jeff doesn’t want any piece of EC3.  His match against PJ Black?  Nope, it won’t happen.

Karen Jarrett explains EC3 who Jeff is.  The man who formed Global Force Wrestling, and before that, he formed TNA.  So is this animosity EC3 has because his aunt Dixie chose Jeff to run this place over Ethan?  Bully Ray gets knocked out, as did Drew Galloway, so who could gain more by taking them out.

Ethan wonders then if she is accusing Ethan of anything, and Karen is just stating the facts.  Ethan denies any wrongdoing, and tells “Toots” he won’t see her again, and threatens to pack his bags, and leave the building.

Jeff tells EC3 he will go to the back, and tell Aunt Dee to sanction this match, since he still has a bit of ownership here, so he has 2 options, either A.  Defend the title, or B.  Stripped of the title.

Josh Matthews and The Pope are in the studios, going over last week’s festivities, including Drew Galloway being knocked out.

Earlier tonight, the camera dude catches up with Drew.  He doesn’t know who knocked out Bully Ray, but he believes Eli Drake took him out, and tonight, he gets a No DQ match with him, and he is planning pay back.

Our first match is the Open Mic Challenge between Bram Vs Mr. Anderson.

Mr. Anderson wins the match in what was a ladder match that had tables and chairs too.  Bram grabbed the mic first, but Anderson nails a Mic Check on Bram, and nails him many times with the mic to win.

A good fight here.

Roode is in the back, telling Jarrett he disrespected him last week, he wants to know what he has plans for Bobby tonight, Jarrett needs to see Dixie and walks off.

EC3 is irate that Jeff Jarrett accuses him of doing anything with taking out Bully Ray?  Aunt Dee, they have had their problems, but do the right thing for TNA.  Don’t strip him of the title.

The Revolution comes out to the ring.

Now Storm is going to say something we may not understand.  The Revolution is a family.  What they lack in blood, they make up for committment.  Everything The Revolution has given, Storm gives them opportunities.  People say Storm was too hard on that man who used to stand with them, so how about that man comes face to face and speak out.  Khoya, come on out.

The man formerly known as Khoya comes out.

Maybe Storm was too hard on him, James wants him to come to the ring, and nothing will happen to him.  Storm just wants to talk man to man.

Storm brings up he wanted to be hard on him to test his loyalty, to see how bad he wants to be a part of The Revolution.

These people don’t care about him, he came to this country, he couldn’t speak any english.  He told him that all he wanted to do is provide for his family.

Which is why Storm wants him to point out his finger to the sky.

He did everything for The Revolution, but The Revolution did nothing for him.

His name is….

His name is Khoya.

His name is Mahabali Shera, and he is just like the fans.  He likes to dance, and he believes the fans want to dance.

So he does dance, with the fans.

He teaches Manik how to dance, and Manik looks like he is having fun.

But Storm tells him he is like a joke, and Shera tells him he wants to fight.

But Abyss helps Storm out, and lays him out with a Chokeslam.  They order Manik to use a Frogsplash, and he reluctantly does that.

Storm hits a Last Call Superkick, and Storm screams at Mahabali sooner or later, he will cut his throat.

Coming up next, Six Sides of Steel, Gail Kim Vs The Dollhouse.

JB is in the back with PJ Black.

First week in, he wins King of the Mountain Title, second week in, he has a TNA World Title shot.  EC3, he knows is trying to get out of the match, but do the right thing.

Eric Young calls PJ a thief, and tells him he will take what is his.

The Dollhouse Vs Gail Kim is now.

Gail Kim defeated The Dollhouse with Eat Defeat.

Earlier tonight, The Jarretts threaten EC3 he will defend his title tonight, or get stripped of the title.

He is discussing with Dixie about the main event tonight.

EC3 intervenes, questioning if Dixie really wants to give one of his guys a title shot against him.

Aunt Dee tells him either he defends the title, or is stripped.  It’s his decision.

EC3 Vs PJ Black is schedule, but next, Eli Drake Vs Drew Galloway in a No DQ match.

Moments ago, Gail Kim defeated The Dollhouse inside Six Sides of Steel.

Gail Kim is looking for Taryn Terrell.

Will we see EC3 Vs PJ Black tonight?

EC3 and Tyrus speak about this decision, Matt Hardy tells EC3 he is still coming for his title.  EC3 tells him if he has a problem with him, he has to deal with Tyrus.

Hardy Vs Tyrus tonight.

Eli Drake denies anything to do with taking out Galloway, and our match is set now.

Drew Galloway wins the match putting Eli through a table.

They are talking like this is the final of the feud.

Taryn Terrell is running from Gail Kim, and is met by Velvet Sky.  Velvet tells Taryn she is done.

Will EC3 Vs PJ Black happen tonight?

Velvet and Taryn find Gail, and Velvet tell us paybacks are a bitch.

Eric Young come out to the ring.

Jeff Jarrett doesn’t know what he’s doing.  TNA board of directors do not know what they are doing.  The TNA World Heavyweight Title runs through him.

Here comes Chris Melendez.

He won’t go away, and he wants a match.

Eric tells him he has nothing he wants, he’s not in Eric’s level.  But wait a second, he is a big game hunter, and he does want something, Chris’ leg.

Chris accepts, and EY takes a cheap shot, but the young hero turns the corner, and is on top.

Hardy Vs Tyrus is next.

Jarrett has something else he wants to go over with Dixie. But Dixie wants to see if Ethan accepts the match first.

Hardy vs Tyrus is now.

Hardy wins with 2 Twist of Fates. But is interrupted by EC3, who nails him with the title. He accepts the challenge, and calls for the best GFW wrestler they have.

Our title match is next.

EC3 wins with a One Percenter, in what was a good match.

Jeff and Dixie are watching, Jeff wants to keep the ball rolling, and proposes that Jeff runs Impact Wrestling week to week.

Dixie wants time to think about it, and will let him know next week.

Next week, 3 titles are on the line. Velvet Sky faces Brooke, for the Knockout Title. The Wolves face The Revolution for Tag Titles. Tigre Uno defends his X-Division Title against DJ Z and Sonjay Dutt, and Drew Galloway wants answers about who attacked him.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I loved the ending of the main event, EC3 and PJ Black are two of the best young wrestlers, and they proved it.

But anything else just didn’t feel like a special show. We even used to have a nice intro for these free-PPV shows, but we don’t get that anymore.

This was just an okay show, and it should have been better.

What was your thoughts on the show? Send them to me here.


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