WWE Monday Night Raw 8/24/15…The Calm Before The Storm

After a huge night at Summerslam, we kick the show off with HHH, who was at WWE World Headquarters, in Stamford, with the WWE World Champion and United States Champion, Seth Rollins.

HHH is proud of Seth’s accomplishments last night.  He tells Seth he is no longer the future of WWE, he is “THE MAN”.

Is he ready to take his place with the likes of Bruno Sammartino, The Ultimate Warrior, and Andre The Giant?

Tonight, Seth Rollins gets his.

We begin Raw.

We are inside The Barclays Center, in Brookyln, New York.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.  Tonight, we get a Summerslam rematch.  The Brothers of Shield will face The Wyatts.

Also, Jon Stewart is here to explain his actions.

But first…..

Here comes the pain!!

We are still in Suplex City.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman.  And he is the pissed off advocate of the ripped-off conqueror.  The BEAST of the Barclays, Brock Lesnar.

So what the hell happened last night?

How did we go from Brock Lesnar forcing The Undertaker tapping out for the first time in 25 years to having a false record that states Undertaker finally got a victory from his client, Brock Lesnar?

It is an undisputed fact his client took The Undertaker into Suplex City.

It is an undisputed fact that his client took “The Phenom” into a Kimura Lock, and tap out.

We see footage of that.

Heyman understands the fairy tale we tell our kids, because he is a father.  Hey kids, Santa Claus does not exist.  There is no Easter Bunny, and kids The Undertaker isn’t indestructible, and his client made him tap out.

It’s like a kid in the corner screaming to leave me alone.  Or in Brock’s case, PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE.

His client does not blame the ref, who did not see Undertaker tap out.  Or does his client blame the time-keeper who saw compassion for The Undertaker, and ring the bell.

This gets booed.

Should we also remind you Undertaker passed out after his match, again?  Heyman has material that can last for 3 hours.

So we heard The Undertaker scream out, and tap out to the Kimura Lock.  So what does The Undertaker do?  He pulls off a desperate move, again, gives his client a low blow and slaps on Hell’s Gate.  He needed to hear his client tap out, but what does he do?  His client, Brock Lesnar gave him a one finger salute, and told him to FY.

So, enough of the talking, his client is here for a fight.  It’s not to be issued for Wrestlemania.  It’s not for Survivor Series, or Night of Champions.  HIS CLIENT BROCK LESNAR CHALLENGES THE UNDERTAKER TO A FIGHT TONIGHT!!!  TONIGHT!!  TONIGHT!!

We’re waiting for The Undertaker, and we get….


Bo has good news and bad news for Mr. Brock.

The bad news is Brock passed out, and took a nap.  The good news is Brock had a dream about beating The Undertaker.

Brock can make all of his dreams come true.  All he has to do is….


Yeah, that went well.

5 trips to Suplex City, and a F-5, Brock BOLIEVES.

Tonight, on Miz TV, Team PCB.

New Day, New Champs are next.

Oh glorious, we have The New Day coming to the ring, with Xavier Woods blasting a trombone playing “New York”.  Kofi and Big E. are singing.

New Tag Champs are here.

PTP are at commentary, with New Day facing Lucha Dragons.

Kofi and Big E. win, I love this tag team.

Here come The Dudley Boyz!!





Welcome back to Dudleyville, boyz.

They tell PTP they are The Dudley Boyz, and they are back.

Lord, Jon Stewart is getting press all over for what happened last night.

Thank you to Demi Lovato, “Cool For The Summer”, the official theme song for Summerslam.

John Cena granted his 500th Make A Wish this week.  That is very cool.

Rocco Lanzer is at Raw, I hope he is having a great time.

Steph and HHH admire the statue of Seth Rollins.

It’s like Christmas morning for Seth Rollins, and his proud parents HHH and Stephanie McMahon.

Seth thanks them for such a wonderful day, and this is such a better place with these two in charge.

Stephanie tells him Seth is “THE MAN”, and she thanks him.

Big tag match now.  The Brothers Shield Vs The Wyatts.

Brothers Shield win by DQ when we see a new member of The Wyatt Family.  A big guy, who looks like NXT’s Bull Dempsey take out Reigns and Ambrose.

We don’t know the guys’ name, but we see him use a modified sleeper.

Follow The Buzzards!!

I guess that is a guy named Braun Stowman.  Interesting debut, no clue what name they will give him.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.

Miz Tv time.

He brings out the winners of the first ever Divas Elimination Tag match last night, they are PCB, Paige, Charlotte, and Becky.

They tell Miz it doesn’t matter who pinned, they are cohesive.  Charlotte learned from “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, who was a part of the greatest faction in history, The Four Horsemen.

Miz brings up Flair taught him a Figure Four, and Charlotte tells Miz that he lived up to that.  Miz informs Charlotte he is a 12-time champion.

They are one unit, they are here to prove that this is the era of the female athlete.  They will not back down, and will prove they are just as strong and dominant as any man.

But Team Bella interrupts.

Nikki reminds them she is the Divas Champion, and that title represents who is the real dominance.

Brie tells them they are the face of dominance, the face of empowerment.

We get we want Sasha chants.

Becky asks them who won last night, and Nikki reminds them they have been here for years.

Alicia reminds Becky that she has been here for 9 years.

Nikki tells us wins and losses don’t matter, because in 3 weeks, and 1 day, she will be the longest reigning Divas Champion of all-time.

All six get in their faces, and Miz is trying to take control of this segment.

Miz tells PCB that if they want to make a statement, watch him, and not someone who likes to make hashtags.  All he sees are women that fight like a bunch of girls.

All six fight, and the fans want to see Sasha.

They won’t like what’s next.  Team PCB Vs Team Bella.

Team Bellas win when Nikki distracted Paige, and Alicia Fox picks up the pin.

The crowd was not amused with this match.  They wanted to see Sasha Banks.

A big 8-man tag match is tonight.

King Barrett is in the ring, and will tag with Stardust.

Actually, Stardust attacks Barrett, for losing last night.

This segment got weird, Barrett disappears.

Here comes Neville.

One on one match instead.

Okay, the match never takes place, they fight and when Neville sets up Stardust with Red Arrow, Stardust runs out of the ring.

Coverage of Summerslam through ESPN.  Jon Stewart stole Summerslam?  Really, that’s a headline.

I guess Stewart is up next.

Earlier tonight, The Dudley Boyz returned, and this Thursday night, they return to Smackdown.

Here comes Jon Stewart.

Oh boy!!

The fans are chanting Thank You Stewart.

But apparently last night, he did upset some people.

Some of them are here tonight.  But some people, are happy.

But for those individuals who had to comfort their children, who wanted to know who the mean, old man was.  Why would he do that?

He will tell us.

It was not to help Seth Rollins, or The Authority.  Because in his heart, Jon couldn’t tie the great Ric Flair.  Because in his mind, The Champ is Flair.


Here comes “The Nature Boy”.

Flair approves that decision.  “The Great One” is here.

He appreciates what he did, but he was pulling for John Cena.

Sooner or later, the record will be broken.  And he prefers it’s someone he respects.

You don’t have to like it, but learn to love it.  He respects John Cena.

Jon apologizes for what he did, he just thought he did what had to be done.

But Jon ruined everything, Stewart was saving the 16-time.

But Jon has messed up EVERYTHING.

Here comes Cena.

It’s time to handle business, Stewart and Cena has to talk.

Jon did what he did last night, because he did what was right.  There are some that agree with him.  He is at peace with what Jon did.  But does he realize Seth Rollins is WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and United States Champion.

The same championship he pried from Rusev and he used that as an opportunity, the symbol of excellence to see their favorites get a chance.  Names that these people like, names like Ambrose, Rusev, Cesaro, Owens, and Sami Zayn.

Jon is trying to make this a comedy show, but Cena isn’t hearing any of that.

Stewart told Cena it was a beautiful match, and he respects what he has done with the US Title, and as a fan, he can’t see Cena breaking Flair’s record.

So now The Authority owns the spotlight, they own the championships.  Jon tells Cena he can have his moment, and win it back.

So Cena has to have his moment, and he gives him an Attitude Adjustment.

We see an Andre The Giant statue from Wrestlemania Axxess, and tonight, The WWE World Heavyweight Champion and United States Champion Seth Rollins receives his statue.

But next, big 8-man tag match of everyone else that hasn’t appeared yet on Raw.

Moments ago, Cena gave Stewart an AA.

Renee Young checked on Cena, and confirmed he did an AA on Jon Stewart.  Cena just had a “talk” with Jon.  Later tonight, he will have his “talk” with Seth Rollins.

Ziggler, Cesaro, Ryback, and Orton Vs Rusev, Owens, Big Show, and Sheamus is now.

Big Show accidentally knocks out Sheamus, and Orton hits a RKO for the win.

Rusev and Owens are upset over what happened, so Big Show had enough.

Owens and Rusev lay out Big Show, and walk away.

And now Team Orton comes back in.

Ziggler hits Superkick.  Cesaro and Ryback lift Big Show up, and Orton hits a RKO.

A tough week for Big Show here.

We see footage of last night’s Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar ending.

One day, we will see Taker Vs Lesnar III.

Bruno Sammartino has his statue, and tonight, Seth Rollins will be immortalized.

Earlier tonight, we see a new member of the Wyatts be introduced.

Bray warned Roman about him being a poison, and Bray will do whatever he takes to eliminate Reigns.  Take his so-called “buddy” Dean Ambrose.  He selfishly brought him to this fight, and he paid for that.

Bray introduces us to the newest member of The Wyatt Family, Braun Stowman.  He is Abigail’s black sheep.

John Cena is on his way to confront Rollins, but Stephanie and HHH interrupt.  Stephanie mocks Cena for lifting a man 100 pounds lighter than he is, to show how much of a “sore loser” he is.  Cena told her he is about to upgrade.  Stephanie tells John that nobody is going to interrupt this moment for Seth, especially if he’s not here.

Security escorts him out of the building.

The Ultimate Warrior had his statue this past year, now….Seth Rollins will get his.

Here comes Stephanie and HHH to present Seth Rollins his statue.

It’s Vince McMahon’s birthday, he is 70 years old.  Happy Birthday Vince!!

We are all going to sing Happy Birthday.

When you look for someone to honor, you look for someone who will work hard.  That man must be the first person in the building.  Someone who hustles, that is Seth Rollins.

If you’re looking for someone who has insured your faith in them, that would be loyalty.  That is Seth Rollins.

If you’re looking for someone who will pay back to the ones that believed in you.  That is respect.

Hustle, loyalty, respect.  That is Seth Rollins.

But there is one more thing, that some are not and that is a winner.

Someone who will win at all cost, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and the United States Champion.  Seth Rollins.

Here he comes, The Champ Is Here.

Seth thanks Steph and HHH for this honor, he wants to thank the WWE fans.  This is an honor, joining The Mount Rushmore of WWE.

This is like going to Yankee Stadium, and seeing their Mount Rushmore.  Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth.  This is like what Brooklyn has, your Brooklyn Nets.  Wait a second, nobody is good there.

But heroes become legends, and legends never die.

Last night, Seth made history, defeating John Cena and becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and United States Champion.

So tonight, he becomes immortal.

Now he has said some horrible things to John Cena.  He called him a disease, and Seth will eradicate the cure, and he meant every word.  But make no mistake about it, for the last 10 years, John Cena has been “THE MAN”.  But in order to be the man, you have to beat the man.

And he did just that.  And Trips was right, he is no longer the future, he is “THE MAN”.

And after he main events Wrestlemania, after Wrestlemania.  And after he dies, his statue will remain in tact.

So without further adieu, Brooklyn New York are you ready?  I said, Brooklyn, New York, are you ready?


The curtain comes up, and it’s….


Seth Rollins goes after Sting, but Sting counters, hits a Stinger Splash, he takes him out of the ring, and holds the WWE World Title.

Sting wants a shot, and this is where we end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Wow, what an ending to the show.  This was a very memorable show, a night of returns.  The Dudley Boyz, an appearance by “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, and an appearance by Sting.

He wants a shot at the title, will we see it?

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me, what a night.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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