WWE Monday Night Raw 8/31/15….An ICON Returns

Tonight, in Tampa, we hear from Sting.  He will challenge Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Title, at Night of Champions.

What is on Sting’s mind?  Let’s find out, Raw is now.

A big night tonight, with Michael Cole, JBL, Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

Tonight, Ryback faces Big Show, for the IC Title.  Also a Beat the Clock Challenge to determine the new Number One Contender to the Divas Title.  We will also see Dean Ambrose face Braun Strowman, and The Dudley Boyz give us their Raw return and faces The New Day.

But we kick the show off with “The ICON” Sting.

The last time he was in the ring was at Wrestlemania against HHH.  Hunter took Sting to the limit, and he believes he took HHH to the limit.  But that was then, and this is now.  As for Seth Rollins, as good as he is, he isn’t HHH.

Time after time, he has cheated his way to hold on to what is the most prestigious title in the business today, WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

What is even a more of an injustice is Seth truly believes he has earned a statue, and belongs in the same category as Bruno Sammartino, Andre The Giant, and The Ultimate Warrior.

So Sting will prove that Seth is just a little boy in his world.  He will go on to win the one title he hasn’t won in his career, WWE World Heavyweight Title.  Now at Wrestlemania, after his match with HHH, he shook his hand, and Seth isn’t even half the man HHH is.  So at Night of Champions, Seth will enter in Sting’s world.

Rollins watches this backstage, and is irate at what Sting said.  This has been the year of Seth Rollins.  Sting was at Wrestlemania, he saw Seth cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase.  He saw that he took Suplex City and crushed it to the ground.  He also saw his knee hit John Cena’s face.

Stephanie tries to rally around Seth, telling him legends are born through the years.  But she does believe one thing, Rollins isn’t half the man Hunter is.  Not yet anyway, but they are trying to show him how to be.

Seth wants his statue at Night of Champions, and Stephanie tells him to ask Sting about it himself.

Summerslam rematch here is next, Ziggler Vs Rusev.

Ziggler wins by DQ when Dolph had Rusev beat after a Zig Zag.  But Summer Rae came in and interfered, and here comes Lana.

These four have to wrestle in the ring, right?

Tonight, Intercontinental Title is on the line, with Ryback Vs Big Show.  But next, Beat The Clock challenge for Team PCB.

Renee Young checks in with Ziggler, congratulating him on his win.  Technically he won, but he didn’t pin Rusev, so perhaps Summer Rae should stay out of his matches.  Now he needs to take a shower, so excuse me.

As he slips out, Renee Young informs us that The Dudley Boyz will be returning on Raw tonight.

But we see Summer Rae slide right into Ziggler’s locker room.

Team Bella is in the ring, with Nikki informing us we will witness history, as we see 14 days Nikki has to be the longest reigning Divas Champion.

But now, it’s Becky Lynch Vs Alicia Fox.

Becky wins in 3:21, making Alicia tap out to Dis-Arm-Her.

Wow, these are going to be short Diva matches tonight.

Rich Brennan is joined by Ryback.

His thoughts on his match against Big Show.

Two months in the making.  It’s “The Big Guy” against The Big Show.  Ever since he came back, nothing could keep “The Big Guy” down.  Not The Elimination Chamber, not a staph infection, not The Big Show, and not The Miz.

But we see Summer Rae running down the hall, and Ziggler comes out with just his towel.  So did Summer take his clothes?

Moving on….

IC Title match is up now, Ryback Vs Big Show.

Ryback hits Shellshock, when The Miz distracted Big Show for a moment, long enough for Ryback to win.

Tonight, Ambrose Vs Strowman, and next Beat The Clock Challenge match, with Charlotte Vs Brie.

Wow, Charlotte wins the match with 1:40 left.  Team Bella is letting Nikki down.

Paige is next, later tonight.

They show us the return of The Dudley Boyz last Monday night on Raw.

Renee Young is with those damn Dudleys.

Straight out of Dudleyville, and back to WWE Universe.  They are here for 2 reasons, 1.  They plan to put everyone through tables.  And 2.  Becoming a 10-time World Tag Team Champions.  And in order to do that, they have to go through The New Day.  They are at the head of the table, and they plan on putting them through a table.  So what are they going to do when they are in the middle of the ring, and they hear 20,000 screaming fans scream out Devon, get the tables.

Oh, my brother….TESTIFY!!

Kevin Owens Vs Cesaro is next.

Owens wins the match with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.

Next, Ambrose Vs Strowman.

We come back, and see Lana and Ziggler.  Summer Rae saw Ziggler naked, but nothing happened.

Lana is not happy, Dolph assures her nothing happened, but she leaves.

Wyatt Family time, get your flashlights ready.

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you Sister Abigail.  He wanted to say thank you for giving Bray the greatest gift, “The Black Sheep” Braun Strowman.

This is his moment, tonight he will share the world on what he stands for.  Because for thousands of years, mankind has guessed when the world comes to an end.  The guessing stops tonight, the 7th trumpet sounds, because we will show us what they are about, unmasked.

Braun takes his mask off, and says this isn’t the beginning, this is the end of the apocalypse.

Reigns causes the DQ when Braun shoves Roman, and Reigns right after Strowman.

But the big dude takes care of both Reigns and Ambrose.  Luke Harper gives Reigns a Superkick.

Strowman puts Ambrose out with a Bearhug sleeper.

Sister Abigail, for good measure by Bray.

We now switch gears (I hate it when they do that), and see earlier tonight Sting had some comments about Seth Rollins that he did not like.

Renee is standing by with the WWE World Champion.

Renee asked Rollins if he found his statue.

It’s about hard work that everyone puts into making this the company they have done over the last year.

Renee asked him about Seth not being in HHH’s league and Seth is discounting that.  He is the only man to be WWE World Champion, and United States Champion.  And tonight, he is calling out Sting to make sure he gets his statue back.

Paige Vs Sasha Banks for Beat The Clock Match tomorrow night.

Despite hitting a RamPAIGE, the clock goes off, and Charlotte faces Nikki Bella at Night of Champions to face Nikki.

Here comes Nikki, showing off her Divas Title./

Seth Rollins will call out Sting, and also tonight, The Dudley Boyz Vs New Day.

Renee Young is with Lana, and we see footage of Summer Rae’s point of view.  She of course tells us a different side of the view.

Lana walks away, crying over what she heard.

New Day Vs Dudleys is up now.

Xavier tells us The Dudley Boyz are a menace to society.  They are a menace to culture, they are a menace to Tag Team Title, but most importantly, they are a menace to tables.

All of the memories we have of sitting at the Thanksgiving table, or playing at the pool table.

They have a special table, so join us as we clap along to save the tables all over the world.

Save the tables.

Tag match is up next.

The Dudleys win with a 3-D, and now we have the special table.

Oh boy.

Xavier Woods saves Big E.

Save the tables.

Coming up next, Rollins calls out Sting.

This Thursday, Miz TV will give us more drama from Ziggler and Lana.

Here comes the champ.

Now let Rollins make something perfectly clear.  Up until last week, he had no problem with Sting.  He revered him as an ICON in this ring.  But then he took his statue, and interfered in his business, and now knows how WCW went out of business.

Rollins isn’t hiding in the shadows.  He is in the middle of this ring, calling out Sting.

He wants Sting to do two things….

  1.  Apologize for what he said earlier, because while HHH was great, Rollins is just as good now, and will be better.
  2.  And he wants his statue back, so Sting come out and tell us where you put his statue

Here comes Stephanie.

She knows that she is the one who told Rollins to call out Sting.  But she suggests he take back what he said about her husband, HHH.

Rollins tells her this is all just a game, because when HHH was running Evolution, and people compared him to Ric Flair, HHH would say he is better.  It’s the same thing.

Stephanie tells Seth that he is the first man to ever be United States Champion, and WWE World Champion.  He is letting Sting get to his hand, Seth Rollins is THE MAN.

So Seth wants his statue back, so come out Sting.

Enter John Cena.

Stephanie isn’t going to throw Cena out of the building, like last week.  But now, we will see how expendable he is.  Cena admits Rollins is good in the ring, but Rollins is also the dumbest human being on the face of the earth.  The Authority are not friends with Rollins.  They only hand-picked him because they knew he would be the only one who would stab his brothers in the back.

Rollins is the “flavor of the month”, they use and abuse people because it’s what’s best for business.  They throw you out like yesterday’s garbage.  Ask Randy Orton, ask Dave Bautista, ask Kane.

See, at Night of Champions, The Authority said every title is on the line.  So at NOC, Cena will invoke his rematch clause, and Rollins will put both of his titles on the line.

So we go with the real person that runs this place, Stephanie, does he get an US Title match at Night of Champions.


Cena celebrates, and here comes Sting.

The show ends with all three men facing off.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

And the HHH-Rollins feud has been planted tonight.  The question remains do we keep doing this until Wrestlemania?  Or do we do this at Survivor Series?  Overall, the show was okay but compared to last week, no contest.

We had our corny storyline, of Ziggler-Lana-Summer Rae triangle, and I can’t think right now they are making Lana look good here.  So, the question is do we do a double turn?  Rusev goes face, Ziggler goes heel, and we get to see Rusev and Lana reunite?

Not much from Sting and Rollins face to face, that has to change.  I do like the idea of Rollins wrestling twice at Night of Champions, and Beat The Clock match made nobody look good.  Sasha Banks, who was the biggest diva star last week, gets hit by a RamPAIGE within 1:40.

But with the clock keep being shown on Nikki’s title reign, will Charlotte, or even Paige demand that title shot on that night, and pins Nikki within seconds of the longest title reign?  That would rock.

It’s great to see The Dudleys come back, together as a team.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send me your thoughts.


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