WWE Monday Night Raw 9/14/15…The Final Countdown

After an absence of a few weeks, I am back.  Night of Champions is this Sunday, so we expect to see some build-up for that event.  We will also see Nikki Bella defend her Divas Title, on the brink of breaking AJ Lee’s reign as the longest reigning Divas Champion.  But does Charlotte have other plans for it?

Raw is now.

Footage from last Monday night, when Sting crushed Seth Rollins’ statue.

We are live in Memphis.  We will have another 20 minute promo from The Authority kicking things off.

This is pederastic Cancer month, WWE is joining forces with Connor’s Cure.  We see a very nice display of that.

This is the Season Premiere of Monday Night Raw!!

This has been a successful year, with new people making a new mark in WWE.  The next wave of superstars have risen, and will be led into the future by one man.  That man is THE MAN, who is the United States Champion, and the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, none other than Seth Rollins.

And this Sunday, at Night of Champions, Seth Rollins has an opportunity to cement his legacy forever.  Because he will defend his United States Championship against John Cena.  And he will defend his WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Sting.

And the Divas Revolution will give us history tonight, when Nikki Bella defends her title against Charlotte.  We will either see Charlotte win her first ever Divas Title, or we will see Nikki Bella become the longest reigning Diva’s Champion.

And HHH tells us this also will be a historic evening when the man they called “The Franchise” in WCW.  He will be competing inside a WWE ring on Raw, and that is the man they called Sting.

Sting faces The Big Show.

So with that in mind, HHH has one question for us…..are you ready?

No Memphis, he said ARE YOU READY?

Our first match is for the WWE Tag Team Championship.  It’s The New Day Vs The Prime Time Players.

HHH and Stephanie McMahon are getting down with The New Day.

Now that was funny.

The New Day wins the match with their top rope sandwich.  A very fun match, with Xavier using the trombone.

New Day Vs Dudley Boyz this Sunday night.

Tonight, Miz TV will give us The Wyatt Family. Also, we see footage from Starrcade ’88, when it was Sting and the late, great “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes Vs The Road Warriors.

Sting Vs The Big Show, later tonight.

We get a backstage segment with The Authority. Seth Rollins liked HHH’s moves, and loves Sting Vs Big Show. Steph tells him to enjoy the night, and prepare for his 2 matches at Night of Champions.

But what about John Cena and Sheamus?

HHH suggests the two men face each other, later tonight.

Last week, Nikki Bella shared us with this being the night she breaks the longest reigning Divas Title run. Charlotte informs Nikki they face each other.

Renee Young is with Ric Flair and Charlotte. Charlotte is ready for tonight, and Naitch is doing only what he can do…..WOOOOOOO

Paige Vs Sasha Boss, is now.

Sasha Banks made Paige tap out with The Bank Statement. A big win for Paige.

Team BAD attacked Becky and Paige after the match.

Footage from last week is shown when The Wyatt Family took out Randy Orton on Monday night, and Jimmy Uso on Smackdown.

Miz TV, with The Wyatt Family is next.

Footage from Connor’s Cure is being shown.

Miz TV now.

The season premiere of Miz TV. Tonight, he pulled all of the stops to bring us some special guests.

Please welcome The Wyatt Family, and here they come, in their glory.

The Wyatts are in charge of this interview.

Miz wants to know who is Braun Strowman.

Braun isn’t answering, and Wyatt tells Miz that this is what he wanted. To always get the scoop, and get anything he wants, and wants, and wants.

But what does Bray want?

Bray wants The Miz to suffer. He wants Reigns and Ambrose to suffer. He already showed Randy Orton and Jimmy Uso. And at the end of the day, they all fall down.

Here comes The Brothers Shield.

Ambrose takes out The Miz. This is now between The Wyatts and The Brothers Shield.


Bray makes Reigns sick to his stomach. He thinks he is king of the world. They try to take out their partners. They took out Orton, they took out his cousin, and they will pay.

They think they are the man, but Bray couldn’t beat Reigns one on one. And then it was two on two, they didn’t get that job done at Summerslam either. They want 3-on-2, but it won’t happen. They found a tag partner, and this is going to be a war, believe that.

Segment ends.

The season premiere of Monday Night Raw. Sting makes his Raw in-ring debut. We see footage of Great American Bash ’90, when Sting defeated Ric Flair to become the WCW World Champion for the first time.

And tonight, Sting Vs Big Show.

But next, Cena Vs Sheamus.

Cena beat Sheamus clean, with an AA.

A good match between the two of them.

6 days away from Night of Champions, where this is the only night when all of the titles are being defended.

See, I would treat all of the titles important, so I would think they all would be defended the same time, but I guess not.

We are 2 hours away from Nikki Bella being the longest reigning Divas Champion. She faces Charlotte, later tonight.

Ryback is in the ring.

He is proud to stand here as our Intercontinental Champion. He finds it fitting we are here in Memphis, Tennessee. Because Kevin Owens has “The Big Guy” all shook up.


Last week, Kevin Owens cost Ryback the match against Seth Rollins. That is not what a real warrior does, attack from behind.

Here comes Kevin Owens.

Owens brings up Ryback talking about reading “The Secret” to help restore his life, when he was going through negative things. Owens actually bought it. He wasn’t impressed, because this book is a crutch for weak people.

He can’t blame him for reading it, but he can blame him for believing it. Because he is a monster. He is the strongest man in the locker room, yet he is the weakest. He thinks it’s a travesty Ryback is even the Intercontinental Champion.

Clearly Owens doesn’t know who Ryback is. He is “The Big Guy”, he wakes up hungry. He goes to sleep to say thank you, he wakes up again, to say feed me more.

Ryback knows Kevin’s story, he took the long way to reach WWE, and he respects that. He isn’t afraid to say he was skyrocketed to the top. But then he hit rock bottom, and we all saw it. But he got right back up, and he became the IC Champion.

Owens tells Ryback he is, for now. But if Owens ever received a shot, he wouldn’t be.

Ryback informs Owens he went to The Authority, and this Sunday, he faces Owens for the IC Championship.

He isn’t just a big guy, he is “THE BIG GUY”

Starrcade 1997, Sting defeats Hollywood Hogan to win the World Heavyweight Championship. The man who held Sting up was none other than The Big Show.

Tonight, those two go one on one.

Our next match is Stardust and The Ascension Vs Lucha Dragons and Neville, but the match strangely never takes place.

The 6 men just tear each other up, and no bell is rang. I am sure the 6 men will compete at Night of Champions, in an Elimination match.

Nikki Bella video is shown, on how “impressive” her title reign is. Whatever.

Nikki Vs Charlotte is up next.

The Twins tried Twin Magic again, but this didn’t work. Charlotte rolled up Brie, and wins the match, and title.

Ric Flair came out to celebrate, but here comes Stephanie McMahon.

She told the referee that the twins tried to cheat, so therefore, the winner by DQ is Charlotte. But Nikki keeps her championship, but at Night of Champions, Charlotte will get a rematch, and if Nikki loses in any way, by pin, submission, DQ, or Countout, she will lose her Divas Championship.

Survivor Series 2014, Sting made his WWE debut. Tonight, he faces Big Show one on one.

Rusev Vs Cesaro is now.

Ziggler came out during the match, offers Summer Rae a gift, Summer refuses. Cesaro rolls up Rusev, wins the match. Ziggler lands a Superkick, and Summer takes the gift.

This Sunday, Rusev Vs Ziggler.

Footage from WWE visiting kids at St. Jude.

Big Show is visiting with The Champ backstage.

Moments ago, Ziggler hands Summer Rae a gift.

Rusev is irate over what happened, slammed the door on Summer Rae, she opened the gift and saw some very nice earings.

Earlier tonight, New Day retained their Tag Titles.

They face The Dudley Boyz in 6 days.

Night of Champions Kick-Off match will be Stardust and The Ascension Vs Neville and New Day.

Big Show meets up with The Authority.

They pump up Big Show for his match with Sting.

Our main event is next.

We see last Monday, when Sting took Rollins’ statue, and he destroyed it.

Rollins comes in and goes after Sting, but here comes Cena to save the day. Match ends in a DQ.

HHH was watching this match, and said there has been enough controversy today, so now we have a tag match set up. Sting and Cena Vs Rollins and Big Show.

Sting and Cena win with Sting making Rollins tap out to Scorpion Death Lock.

The show ends with the two heroes looking at Rollins, telling him they are ready for this Sunday.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Hey everyone, this was the season premiere of Monday Night Raw. Forget though that last week was live, new, and not a rerun. But they did give us some big matches tonight.

I loved Sting compete, and they did this so he could get a win tonight, and lose to Seth this Sunday, right?

Also a waste of time for me to see Ric Flair, yet his daughter did not win the title. Cena must have squashed that plan too, like last time when WWE wanted Charlotte to win Divas Title.

6 days away from Night of Champions. Thoughts? Send them to me.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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