WWE Night Of Champions 9/20/15

Tonight, Seth Rollins defends his United States Championship against John Cena, and his WWE World Heavyweight Title against Sting.  Will Rollins be a champion at the end of the night?

All of the titles are on the line tonight as well, we are just minutes away from the Night of Champions Kick-Off show.

Renee Young is joining us with Byron Saxton, Corey Graves, and Houston’s own Booker T.

Tom Phillips is joining us in the Social Media Lounge.  His guests tonight are Tag Team Champions, The New Day.

Tonight, our Kick-off match is Stardust and The Ascension Vs Neville and Lucha Dragons.

Tonight, Seth Rollins is pitching a double-header.  He will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Sting, and his United States Championship against John Cena.

The Road to Night of Champions video is playing now, with Rollins, Sting, and Cena.

Can Seth walk out of Houston with both titles?

Eden Stiles is standing by with Mr. Money in the Bank, Sheamus.

Sheamus has been in the WWE for a while.  He has made a few friends, and many enemies.  But those friends know he is the future WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  They have informed him that Seth Rollins will compete in two matches back to back.  And that means that if Rollins can survive those two matches, Sheamus can cash in and become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

But what if Sting wins?  He wins the one title that has eluded his entire career, it would be history.  But then again, Sheamus can cash in, and make history himself.  Either way, tune in and history can be his story.

Cena Vs Rollins first, then Sting Vs Rollins.  The right move, WWE World Title match should be the main event of this sort of PPV.

Tonight, The Intercontinental Title is on the line, Ryback Vs Kevin Owens.

Eden is with Kevin Owens.

What is going through Kevin’s mind knowing he can make this illustrious list of champions to hold IC Title.

It is a long list, but it’s not about them, tonight, it’s about the prize.  Winning the IC Title means more money, more opportunities, and providing for his family.

And Ryback will be back to reading self-help books, after losing to Owens.

Divas Title match is on the line tonight too.  Charlotte Vs Nikki Bella.

Nikki’s video is being played.

Also tonight, Dolph Ziggler Vs Rusev, with Summer Rae’s love triangle.

Ziggler Vs Rusev video is showing.

Also tonight, #SaveTheTables will be looming.  The Dudley Boyz Vs The New Day, for WWE Tag Team Titles.

The New Day is with Tom Phillips in the Social Media Lounge, which is glorious.

Our kick-off match is up now.  Stardust and The Ascension Vs Neville and Lucha Dragons.

Stardust and The Ascension win when Stardust uses his own partner’s body, and gives Neville Queen’s Crossbow (Crossroads).

Tom Phillips is with New Day in the Social Media Lounge.

The New Day kicks Tom to the curb, and answers the questions themselves.  They won’t do a free concert for us, they save the world by saving the tables.

6-man tag war is up tonight.  The Wyatts Vs The Brothers Shield and a mystery partner.

Video is showing now.

Seth Rollins defends both titles tonight.  We are less than 3 minutes away.

Night of Champions is on now.  Live in Houston, Texas.

Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and JBL welcome us to the show.

IC Title match kicks things off, with Ryback Vs Kevin Owens.

Kevin Owens becomes the new Intercontinental Champion, when he raked Ryback’s eye with Shellshock, and Owens rolls up Ryback.

One title match, one title change.

Wow, Brock Lesnar’s Go To Hell Tour kicks off next month, with a Madison Square Garden show, when he faces The Big Show.  Then after Monday’s Raw on October 5th, he will be a guest on Stone Cold’s Podcast.

Then, officially on October 25th, Brock faces The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell.

Ziggler Vs Rusev is up now.

Rich Brennan wants to speak with Rusev, but Rusev doesn’t want to speak with him, he wants to take care of Ziggler.

And Summer Rae is wearing those earings.

Ziggler Vs Rusev is now.

Ziggler wins with Zig Zag, after Summer accidentally costs Rusev the match, throwing a temper and throws a shoe that hits him.

Wow, such a confusing feud here.

We are seeing Nikki Bella do push-ups.  No, seriously.  It’s Big Momma Pump, Nikki Bella.  We see champion, and challenger.  Ric Flair is with Charlotte tonight.  Bella Vs Charlotte.

But first, New Day Vs The Dudleys, for Tag Team Titles.

New Day tells us the dirty, smelly tables are in danger of being destroyed.  But they are here to save the tables.

The Dudleys win by DQ, when Xavier stopped Bubba from getting the win, after a Team 3-D.  Xavier actually played the “Rocky” theme on his Trombone, which is hilarious since his name in TNA was Consequences Creed, after Apollo Creed.

Big E. calls for a table.  Not good.

Yeah, Xavier is crashing through the table with 3-D.

Divas Title match is up now.  Nikki Bella Vs Charlotte.

Charlotte wins the Divas Title, making Nikki submit to the Figure 8.  They told a story here of Nikki working on Charlotte’s knee, I am surprised though that they did this, since the leg was worked on.  But a good match, and a good story.

Ric Flair shares the moment with his daughter, which is awesome.

Jo-Jo is standing by with the new Intercontinental Champion, Kevin Owens.

There was controversy?  Kevin Owens won’t let that ruin this moment.  He has his prize back, and he doesn’t need a book for this, but it’s no secret how great Owens is.

Night of Champions Kick-Off panel is here.

Who is Ambrose and Reigns tag partner?  We find out, but first we see the Kick-Off match from earlier tonight.  Stardust and The Ascension win.

We see Ric celebrate his daughter win the Divas Title….WOOOOOOOO!!

Ric is ready for the party.

6-man tag match is up now.

Who is the third man?

It’s Chris Jericho!!

The Wyatts win when Strowman put Jericho out with his dominant bear hug.

I love how big they put over Bryan Strowman here.

Jericho walks away from Ambrose and Reigns.

So is Chris sticking for a bit?  That would be great for me.

The Authority is wishing Seth Rollins luck on tonight’s matches.  It’s time for Rollins to prove why he is the man.

He’s ready, and so is Sheamus.

Our double main event is up now.  Rollins Vs Cena, for the United States Title is first.

Cena wins the United States Championship for the 5th time with a clean Attitude Adjustment.

Disappointing, but very predictable.

Rollins tries to leave, but Cena tells him he must defend the WWE World Title.  And he nails Seth with an AA.

Enter Sting.

Rollins retains the title in a hard-fought match with a roll up.  It looked like Sting was legitimately hurt, he went through a Spanish Announce Table, and hit his head on a monitor, he also flew off the top rope on a plancha.  He is 56-years old.  The ring physician came in and checked on him.

Here comes Sheamus.

Brogue Kick!!

Sheamus is cashing in, but Kane has other thoughts.

Complete with mask.

Chokeslam on Rollins!!

Sheamus wants Kane to give him one more, but Kane Chokeslams him.

Tombstone Piledriver!!

The show ends with the return of “The Demon” Kane.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A fun night here, and some good matches.  Whether you like the idea of Cena winning United States Title or not, it happened.  But the Cena Open Challenge comes back, so maybe it’s not all bad.

But the story here was Sting working his ass off for a 56-year-old and surely he still can do it.  So where we go with him, anyone’s guess.

They are also teasing the HHH Vs Rollins program we will see here.

Good to see Chris Jericho back too, and I would love to see him face Ambrose.

The Dudleys did not win titles, but they will down the road.

Surprised that Charlotte won though.  She still needs to build her fan base.

Overall, a good show here.  We will have to see what happens tomorrow night on Raw.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

3 Responses to WWE Night Of Champions 9/20/15

  1. adztheman says:

    Dave Meltzer is reporting that Sting’s neck injury is legit and serious…they were able to execute the finish that creative had scripted, but not before the ring doctor checked on him…maybe Steve can give Kurt a call and get the number for Kurt’s Neck guy…meanwhile, forget about WM 32 and Sting competing…

    Can we put an end to the Zig Rus feud when Lana gets back?

    I’m confused again…

    What happened to the Russian flag? What happened to the Russian Federation Award that he wore to the ring? Why do I care?

    Wonder now where Rollis goes as far as the title is concerned…they cut the Ambrose program short, Orton is off TV for whatever reason; you could certainly plug Kane in at this point as well.

    • Yeah I think they will put Kane in that title spot. I just hate that they made such a big deal over Rollins be US Champ, and World Champ,. yet he loses US Title in one month. I hope Sting gets better though, he took way too many bumps and hit his head on the TV monitor on Spanish Announce Table. Just unfortunate.

      • adztheman says:

        Its going to be a short gap deal, when they could plug Ambrose in that slot, and get a program that could last more than one PPV.

        There is also concern that Taker is going to have real issues, given what happened at SummerSlam, with trying to pull off another physical match…

        Why not do something else with Lesner, and save Taker for a grand exit at what Ross is calling Wrestlemania Texas?

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