WWE Monday Night Raw 9/21/15…The Fallout From Night Of Champions

Tonight, Sting makes an announcement.  We also will see a John Cena US Open Challenge, and a big 6-man tag match.

Raw is now.

We kick the show off with The Wyatt Family.

The Fireflies are out in Laredo, Texas.

JBL, Michael Cole, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

Roman Reigns, he tried to warn him with his words, but apparently he didn’t speak loudly enough.  They tried to warn him with actions, but they didn’t hit hard enough.  Last night, he reached his hands out to Mt. Olympus, and he tried to grab him by the throat.  But he told us they would all fall down, but he is not a liar.

Here comes Reigns.

Reigns is all by himself.

It’s not just about Roman Reigns, it’s Reigns and Bray Wyatt.  It started here, and he says let’s finish it here.  Send the big’uns to the swamp, and we’ll see who survives Lareda tonight.

Bray has nothing prove, and Reigns tells him he’s too scared to go one on one with him?  They don’t need a match, not even a referee.  Just a fight.

Bray sends the troops, and we get our fight.

But Strowman gets involved, and here comes Dean Ambrose.

The numbers game catches up, and here comes Randy Orton, coming to himself some.

They are building Strowman like a beast here.  He gets jumped by Ambrose, dropkicked by Orton, Superman punched by Reigns, and he is still standing outside of the ring.

Seth Rollins lost his United States Title, but survived in his WWE World Title defense.

Kane returns and has the last laugh.

Seth Rollins is backstage, about to go in The Authority’s locker room, and he meets up with Kane instead.

Kane is still the Director of Operations, and he has recuperated since Brock Lesnar took him out.  He is denying that he had anything to do with last night.

Kane has given Rollins his US Title rematch with John Cena, tonight.

The Astro Alliance are in the ring.  Stardust and The Ascension.

Stardust and The Ascension Vs Neville and Lucha Dragons, now.

Lucha Dragons and Neville pick up the win, Klaistro getting the pin fall.

Corporate Kane is back in charge, and our main event is John Cena Vs Seth Rollins, for the United States Title.

We come back, and see Seth Rollins run into The Authority.

He can’t believe they reinstated Kane as Director of Operations.  They deny they had anything to do with it.  Rollins has a chance to get back his United States Championship, so he needs to focus on that.  They will worry about Kane.

Last night, Kevin Owens defeated Ryback to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

Ryback is ready for action, next.

Ryback is facing Bo Dallas.  Kevin Owens joins us at commentary, with the IC Title around him.

Bo congratulates Kevin for being the new IC Champion.  Ryback didn’t lose the title because he BOlieved.  He lost because he thought he was better than Kevin Owens, and he never will be.  BOlieve.

Shellshock, match is done.  Owens attacks Ryback.  But Ryback fights back, and Owens runs off with the title.

Up next, Charlotte’s Diva Championship Celebration.


The 16-time World Champion, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair is here.

Flair is a proud father.  He also had fun in Laredo, Texas before.  But there are times in a man’s life that happens that are so special.

The fans chant thank you Flair.

The first time you step in that curtain, or the first time you step on apron, first time you get in the ring, or win championships.  The first time you fall in love, get married once, twice, three times.  But make no mistake about it, the proudest memory of his wrestling career was when his little girl won her first championship.

She worked, she sweat, she bled, she paid the price, and she beat a great champion, in Nikki Bella.  So Flair gives us the new Divas Champion, Charlotte.

Charlotte comes out with Paige and Becky Lynch.

Father and daughter give us a WOOOOO.

Dad, since she was a little girl, she wanted to be like Ric.  She always thought he was the best, and if she can make him half as proud of her as he has with her, then she has done a good job of being her daughter.

PCB, since the Diva Revolution started, teaming up with the two of them every night has been a dream of hers.  She has always wanted to be Divas champion, and she now has 2 best friends.

She thanks Becky for reminding her to live her life, and not take everything so seriously.

Paige, they started in NXT together, and she followed her, because she wanted to be with her.

Paige now talks, and she reminds us that she started this Revolution.  Charlotte acts like she is a Hall of Famer, but she’s not.  Charlotte won the Divas Title, big deal.  She won the Divas Title on her first night.

But Brie is going to take back her Divas Title, and take over again, because there never was a Divas Revolution.  Becky is the least relevant of the group, she will never be Divas Champion.  Team B.A.D. will continue to hold their ground as placements.  Charlotte is nothing but a placeholder.  We all know why the Bellas have their spots.

And where is Nattie?  Mrs. Hart?  And the only reason Charlotte is even here is because of her old man.

Enter Team Bellas.

She calls Paige un-classy, and she could never handle being the Divas Champion, but she held on to it for a year.  But Charlotte is going to lose to her sister, and then hand over the Divas Championship, when Nikki revokes her rematch clause.

Charlotte Vs Brie is now.

Brie wins with a Figure Eight.

Tonight, United States Championship is on the line, Seth Rollins Vs John Cena.

Sheamus Vs Mark Henry is now.

Sheamus wins with 2 Brogue Kicks.

Sheamus tells us we can say what we want, but refer him as the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  It’s going to happen, just a matter of time.

6-man tag match tonight, The New Day and Rusev Vs Dolph Ziggler and The Dudley Boyz.

The Authority run into Corporate Kane.

Kane wanted to make an impact his first night back.  HHH reminds Kane he just showed up last night.  What is HHH talking about?

Stephanie tells him that if he wants to get back with Seth Rollins, fine but don’t insult their intelligence.

Kane just wants to come back, and do what is best for business.  Stephanie is fine with that, they can get on the same page, just give it back.

Kane gives her a high-five, give her back his mask.

My gosh, it’s gone.  The last time he had it, he gave it to Stephanie and if she lost it, then they have a big problem.  But he can help them find it.

Backstage, Paige is confronted by Natalya.

She understands Paige is frustrated by not getting Diva Title shots, but that was Charlotte’s moment, and she ruined it for her.  But she has a match with Naomi and the only person holding back Paige is herself.

Oh glorious, New Day and Rusev Vs Ziggler and Dudleys.

Xavier has the remains of a table from last night.

They had to remind this piece of wood from his buttocks.

How many people may suffer, Kofi asks before we say enough is enough.

The Dudleys are a menace to society and they must be stopped.

Big E. suggests we build a wall around Dudleyville.  A great wall, a beautiful wall.  A wall that can protect us.  A wall that can protect us from our tables.

Kofi tells us together, we can make everything better.  Together, we can save the tables.

Rusev comes out.

The Russian flag is back.  Putin is proud.

Rusev and New Day win, when Ziggler gives Xavier a Superkick, then Rusev hits one for good measure, and wins.

A week from Saturday, Dudley Boyz face New Day for Tag Team Titles, on WWE Network.

Earlier tonight, Seth Rollins runs into Corporate Kane.

Tonight, Cena Vs Rollins, for the United States Title.

Naomi wins with her rear view, after Sasha and Tamina distract her a bit.

The Authority are beside themselves when Seth comes to them.

He wants to know what the plan is.  There is no plan.  Kane is back to getting into his corporate duties.

Seth isn’t buying it.

HHH tells Rollins they will handle Kane, and he advises Seth to handle John Cena.

Big Show goes one on one with Cesaro.

A week from Saturday, Big Show faces Lesnar at MSG.

Big Show wins with a KO Punch.

Biggest reason he got the win was because of his match with Brock in 12 days.

Big Show is on the mic.  Boo him all we want, this is a message for Brock Lesnar.  October 3rd, at Madison Square Garden, those two will face each other.  He is the greatest giant that has ever been seen.  Survivor Series 2002, Brock Lesnar was “The Next Big Thing”, and can’t be beat.  But Big Show did that.  He knows that he can’t stand Brock.

Suplex City chants, and nobody can take his ass to Suplex City.

Brock thinks he can join the Go To Hell Tour with an easy victory over Big Show?  Show has been in this business too long to be taken for granted.  Brock has this fist waiting for him.

Next, Cena Vs Rollins.

This Thursday night on Smackdown, Ryback and Ziggler Vs Rusev and Kevin Owens.

Earlier tonight, we see The Wyatts continue their feud with The Brothers Shield, and Orton comes back.

The Wyatts interrupt.

Luke Harper listens to voices too, HIS voice.  Bray Wyatt tells Luke to remember his mistakes, I guess Orton does not.

Strowman caught a snake once, killed it, and drank its blood.

Bray approves of this, and reminds us they all fall down, someday.

Main event time, Cena Vs Rollins.

Cena wins with an AA, pulling off a big victory, with Cena leaving the ring, and heading to the back.

Corporate Kane shows up on the Titantron, tells Seth that in order to assure he is the greatest WWE World Champion he possibly can be, there will be many challenges, some that he may not even see coming.

We see the flames, and hear Kane’s music, but Demon Kane shows up from hell…underneath the ring.  He finally grabs Seth’s legs, and sends him into hell, as we end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

No Sting, and no Chris Jericho, who we were led to believe both would appear tonight, but I liked this show anyway.

Seth Rollins once again proved that he is one of the best in-ring performers, and he bumps for anyone, like HBK used to do, back in the day.

This truly is Seth’s moment now, and it’s been his year.

I don’t care about Paige’s heel turn, because we have seen it many times.  I still think The Four Horsewomen, (Charlotte, Becky, Sasha, and Baylee) should have come out from the seats and take control of the Divas division.  So we see what we see.  We can only find out where we go from here, but good to see Nattie on TV again.

They are building the October 3rd show, which is great.  I expect to see Heyman next week.

Overall, a decent show.  What was your thoughts?  Let me know.


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