WWE Monday Night Raw 9/28/15…The Demon Kane Is Loose

Where is Seth Rollins?  Last week, he was shown through the basque of hell, when The “Demon” Kane shows up underneath the ring, preventing Seth from being a 2-time United States Champion.  Is Kane here?

We are also 5 days away from Brock Lesnar’s Go To Hell tour, when a MSG show takes place, at Madison Square Garden, exclusively on WWE Network.  Is Brock Lesnar in the house tonight?

Raw, in five minutes.

We see clips from last week, when Seth is sent straight to hell, by The “Demon” Kane.

“Tonight is the night” as the Raw theme tells us.

We are live in Buffalo, New York.  The United States Open Challenge kicks things off.

Tonight, Roman Reigns gets his wish, going against Bray Wyatt.

Who takes the open challenge tonight?

Have no fear, The Champ is here.

This championship is a symbol of excellence, a symbol of opportunity.  And this championship will be defended here tonight, right now.  Because Buffalo is the place to be, John Cena is the man to beat.  John Cena US Open Challenge is open now.  You want some, come get some.

The trombone is singing John Cena’s theme song.  It’s a new day.

It looks like Big E. is going for the gold.

Our WWE Tag Team Champions ARE HERE!!

And The New Day is here to make WWE great again.  This Saturday, live in Madison Square Garden, only on WWE Network, as Big E. tells us they will finally get rid of those nasty, disgusting Dudley Boyz.

But New Day are here to answer Cena’s Open Challenge.  They have a new slogan for Cena….Hustle, Loyalty, Booty!!

I like it.

They can be Tag Team Champs, and US Champ at the same time.

Cena is done with the speech, there is a time to be entertaining, and a time to be serious.  And they need to take him serious, or else they all will get their asses beat.  So choose.

He cussed, but it’s Xavier Woods stepping up.

The match ends in a DQ, when The New Day interferes, giving Cena the win.  Here comes The Dudley Boyz to help Cena out.

6-man tag match later tonight, I am guessing.

6-man tag match is taking place, in progress.

The New Day pulls off an upset here, with Kofi hitting Trouble in Paradise.

The Dudley Boyz get a chance for some revenge this Saturday night.

Last week, Paige turned on Charlotte.

Tonight, Miz TV with Charlotte and Becky Lynch.

The Authority are with some woman from HR.  They want to deal with “Corporate” Kane.

This is not a good idea.

Ashley is here because there was a complaint filed against Kane.  So Ashley is here to access the situation.

Seth is irate over this, what kind of spineless coward wouldn’t deal directly with Kane?

Ashley will watch Kane, and Kane tells Seth he can handle the heat.  Remembers, he is the man….who handled the balance.

Seth is keeping an eye on him.

Kane is giving us Roman Reigns Vs Bray Wyatt, one on one tonight.

Ambrose is advising Reigns not to face Bray tonight, and Roman isn’t hearing any of that.

He knows The Wyatts have something up their dirty sleeves tonight.

Bray Wyatt started this, and Roman is finishing this, one on one tonight.

But if those two apes come flying out to help Bray, Ambrose will come out and take care of things.

Reigns suggests Randy Orton can help him, but Dean doesn’t want any outsiders to come and save the day, like Chris Jericho.

Reigns tells them they can’t finish this, and Reigns can.

Orton will believe it when he sees it.  But until that, its open season.

Mark Henry is in the ring, ready for The Big Show.

Knockout Punch, another 3 minute match.  Former 3-time World Champion.

Tonight, Reigns Vs Wyatt, one more time.

Miz TV is next.

Time for the must-see WWE talk show in WWE history, welcome to Miz TV.

It seems we can’t get over The Divas Revolution, but it seems the divas are through with each other.

We see last week’s segment when Paige leaves her buddies.

The crumbling of PCB is the kind of drama we can see on tomorrow’s season finale of “Total Divas”, but here come his guests, Becky Lynch and the new Divas Champion, Charlotte.

Becky Lynch isn’t hearing any of this from The Miz.

The fans want to know a bit more from Becky and Charlotte breaking up from Paige.

The P from PCB said some things that need to be addressed.

Either A. Paige will come to the ring, so they can talk things out, like a woman.  Or B. she comes out, and they just throw down.

The Miz thinks this is his show, and Becky throws his mic.

Paige, let’s go.  But Team Bella show up, instead.

They didn’t come here to fight.  They wanted to thank them, because as their team is full of high schoolers, Team Bella is stronger than ever.

By the time Nikki gets her rematch, Charlotte will be hot and bothered, and she will be Divas Champion, again.

Charlotte invites Nikki in, so she can make her tap out, again.

Paige was right, all reigns come to an end, just like she was the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time.

But she disagrees with one thing Paige said, she didn’t start Divas Revolution, it was all one woman, and that is Nikki.

Charlotte tells Nikki, this isn’t about who started the Divas Revolution, it was about the fans, and watching them get their opportunity.

Now all five want to fight, and Paige interrupts.

Nikki didn’t start this Divas Revolution, Paige started it, by being the first NXT WOMEN’S champion.  Charlotte wouldn’t be Divas Champion if it wasn’t for Paige.

Nikki asks if these two are even going to say anything, with friends like this, who needs enemies.

Paige answers back with if you have 2 boyfriends like you do, who needs ambition.

Now that was the pipe bomb, and ll six women fight it off when we go to a break.

6-Divas tag match is up now, in progress.

Paige leaves her partners after Charlotte runs into her.  Natalya walks in to team with CB, and Paige attacks her from behind.  Nikki approaches Charlotte, hits a Rack Attack and pins the Divas Champion.

This Saturday on WWE Network, Brock Lesnar Vs Big Show preview is next.

WWE2K16 is coming out October 27th.

Lesnar Vs Show, this Saturday, Live At MSG.

Kane talks to Seth about their history, with Ashley.

Kane has a gift for Seth.

It’s his severed head from his statue.

He got it from the trash.

Very nice of Kane, from Ashley.

Seth seems creeped out by this.

The Prime Time Players Vs Strowman and Harper.

Strowman takes care of Titus O’ Neil, putting him to sleep.

This guy is a beast.

Tonight, Reigns Vs Wyatt.

Stardust Vs Neville is up now.

Neville sets Stardust up with Red Arrow, and here comes King Barrett.  Hits a Bull Hammer on Neville, costing Stardust the match, and he nails a Bull Hammer on Stardust.

Give me a bloody mic.

All hail the return of the king.

Ashley is headed to the ring, to give her the decision about Kane’s future.

Before she is able to read her report, here comes Seth Rollins.

He tells Ashley Kane is not the man he thinks he is.  He needs to show us something, and we see the video of “Demon” Kane.

That is the real Kane.  Not the “imposter” in a cheap suit.  Because the real Kane has the soul of a demon.  And she can’t give Kane his job, because the carnage that will be soon to follow will be on her head.

Last week, Kane came up underneath the ring, and try to drag him to hell.  But people like Seth doesn’t go to hell.  He is going to heaven.

You don’t believe him?  Ask The Pope.

When he was here last week, The Pope told Seth he is going to heaven.  He feels like he is in heaven, with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and he looks down at hell.

Kane shows us Seth Rollins video.

Ashley’s decision.  Poor Ashley.

She has the determination that Kane is of sound mind, and can continue his duties as Director of Operations.

If anyone needs to be evaluated, it’s Seth Rollins.  He is rude, narcissistic, and paranoid.  He is the most rude employee during her time in WWE.

Seth is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  This is Kane’s fault.  He is the champion of the world.  He is out of his mind.

The title goes down, as does the mic/

Rollins hits “Corporate” Kane with a Pedigree.

He is the champion of the world.  He doesn’t get one on him.

Seth grabs a chair, and nails Kane’s leg with it.

Hits Kane in the back six times.

Now Rollins shatters Kane’s leg with the chair.

Now Seth mocks him, did he get a boo-boo?  Who does he think he is?  He sure isn’t a demon, he looks very human now.  Crying, squealing.  Did Kane think he would fool the entire world?  Everyone knows Kane is a fraud.  He will never get through Rollins, he will never get his title.  His days of getting one on Seth is over.

The ambulance stops….

That is proof that anyone who steps on Seth will get what they deserve.

We see red smoke, and the door opens, it’s the “Demon” Kane.

“Demon” Kane has arisen, and Seth better run the hell out of the building.

Hell, fire and brimstone, here comes Kane!!

Chokeslam on Rollins, Kane goes for the Tombstone Piledriver, but Rollins runs away, without his championship.

Kane wants to get himself some.

Our main event is Reigns Vs Wyatt, one on one.

We hear from Bray.

Did you see what they did earlier?  Braun and Harper make him so proud.  They want nothing more than to come to the ring with him, and tear him to pieces.  But he decided to grant his wish.  Tonight, Bray alone, decided to enter the battlefield.  Tonight, Bray finishes Reigns for good, alone.  It was always about himself and Reigns.  Be careful what you wish for, cause only a fool will run into a dragon, and think he couldn’t get burnt.


Our main event is Wyatt Vs Reigns.

The Buffalo Bills are in the house, tonight.

Oh no, it’s Bo Dallas.

They are truly an inspiration, aren’t they?  Almost an inspiration.  They are missing one important thing, a Super Bowl trophy.  All you have to do is BOlieve!!.

Oh lord, here comes Randy Orton.  I don’t think Bo has a chance here.

RKO, that’s all she wrote.

Buffalo Bills are impressed.

Last Thursday night on Smackdown, Kevin Owens left Rusev, so Ziggler and Ryback win.

Owens Vs Rusev, is next.

Ryback joins us for commentary, when we see Rusev Vs Owens.

The match ends in a no contest, when Owens shoves Rusev into Ryback.  Now all three men fight each other, and we see Rusev and Owens teaming up again, but Ziggler comes out to help Ryback, but KO shows us the Intercontinental Title and leaves.

Pediatric Cancer month is September, and we see media WWE had celebrating #JustDance to honor the cure.

Paul Heyman is coming to the ring, next.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman.  He is truly the devil’s advocate.  Because anyone who steps in the ring with his client in October will go through hell, because his client is Brock Lesnar.

This Saturday night, hell will descend into Madison Square Garden, because his client will dewclaw the world’s largest athlete, The Big Show.

The Big Show has been complacent, because he is bored.  Nobody could take Big Show to his limits, but he knows Brock will take him to the limit.

When that happens, he will empower his Knockout Punch, and will take out his opponent, and that thrives Brock Lesnar.  This Saturday night, on WWE Network, his client Brock Lesnar will take The Big Show to Suplex City.

Here comes Big Show.

Complacent?  Motivated?  Oh he’s motivated now because he is stepping into the ring to face his client, Brock Lesnar.

Heyman is right, Big Show is fired up, he is motivated.  Because he is the one guy that can take Brock to the limit.

He has a question, was Brock upset when he found out who he will face this Saturday?

No answer from Heyman.

He knew it, because he knows Big Show is the one that can beat him, so why not continue his plug.  This Saturday, it’s Eat, Sleep, Knock Out Brock, Repeat.

Heyman leaves, and Big Show tells Heyman to start thinking about his future without Brock Lesnar.

Our main event, Reigns Vs Wyatt is next.

The match ends in a double countout when both men just beat the living hell out of each other.  They go through a barricade, and Wyatt stands up first.  Celebrates this on the announce table, and Reigns spears Wyatt through the Spanish Announce Table, as we end the show here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

What a great way to end the show, the most exciting ending in a long time.

But we kick the show off with a John Cena US Title Open Challenge.  And that turned into Cena teaming up with The Dudley Boyz, which is something we thought we’d never see two months ago.

We are indeed ready for Brock Lesnar’s Go To Hell Tour, and that kicks off this Saturday night.

Your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.


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