WWE Hell In A Cell 10/25/15

Tonight, for the final time, we will see Brock Lesnar face “The Phenom” Undertaker, inside Hell in a Cell.  We will also see Roman Reigns Vs Bray Wyatt, for the final time inside Hell in a Cell.  Seth Rollins puts his WWE World Heavyweight Title against “Demon” Kane.

We are 45 minutes away from the Kick-off show, which will give us a 6-man tag.

Keep checking here throughout the night, as we go through Hell in a Cell.

We are live in Los Angeles, with Renee Young welcoming us to the Kick-off show.  The panel includes Booker T, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.

Tom Phillips is in the Social Media Lounge.  His guest tonight is The Dudley Boyz.  We can ask questions, and use the hashtag #GetTheTitles to ask a question.

Tonight, the final meeting with Brock Lesnar Vs The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell.

Also, inside a Hell in a Cell, we will see Roman Reigns Vs Bray Wyatt, and we see footage of this.

They show us Bray Wyatt’s exclusive interview with Michael Cole.  Very interesting interview.

This could be a match that steals the show.

John Cena’s United States Title Open Challenge is tonight.

Jo-Jo is standing by with John Cena.

For the first time, John Cena United States Title Open Challenge, and Cena is ready to break it down now.

We are kicking the show off tonight with history.  You want some, come get some.

Tonight, Kevin Owens Vs Ryback for the IC Title.

We hear an interview from Owens earlier today.

Owens runs down the Lakers, and Magic Johnson being a “false idol”, just like Ryback.

Another rematch, see the theme we are going here?

Charlotte Vs Nikki Bella, for the Divas Title.

Nobody is allowed at ringside for this match.

“Demon” Kane Vs Seth Rollins is being shown now.

Our kick-off match is up next.  Ziggler, Neville, and Cesaro Vs Barrett, Sheamus, and Rusev.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler handle their part.

Ziggler, Neville, and Cesaro win when Cesaro gives Barrett a Cesaro Swing, and Neville hits a Red Arrow.

Fun match here, and we saw Stardust and The Ascension sit in the “Stardust Section”, which is funny.

Tom Phillips and The Dudleys join us.

They don’t feel bad for nailing Xavier Woods through a table.

Now, with Xavier not in the picture, they shouldn’t be DQ’d.  The New Day has to put their Tag Titles straight up against the most decorated team in history.

What is their favorite moment as a team?  Their return to Brooklyn.

They will turn tonight into their new favorite moment, becoming a 10-time Tag Team Champion.

The final chapter, Lesnar Vs Taker will be shown in-depth, next.

Lesnar Vs Taker video is showing, up next, the PPV will begin.  I am ready.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.  We are live in the Staples Center.

Hell in a Cell begins now, and kicks off with the John Cena United States Title Open Challenge.

Cena is ready to find out.  Los Angeles is the place to be.  John Cena is still the man to beat.  And a special Hell in a Cell live, only on WWE Network United States Title open challenge starts now.  You want some, come get some.

Here comes Zeb Colter?

You know John Cena, if that is your real name.  Let’s be honest, some people like you, and some do not.  That is what we call a polarizing background.  And he thinks it’s time for everyone from every background to come together.  And he thinks it’s time for Cena to lose that title, so this person can do more with it.  Let’s introduce Cena to…..

Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio wins the US Championship when he gave Cena a kick to the head.  Viva Del Rio!!

Colter stuck his hand, and Del Rio shook it.

Cena appears in a daze.

The Authority seem impressed, and Rollins told them that was a moment.  Not the same kind of moment Rollins won US Title to be the WWE World Champ and US Champ at the same time.

Here comes “Corporate” Kane to assure The Authority he has learned from his lessons.  Rollins doesn’t buy any of it.  HHH tells Kane they are in a private meeting, and he doesn’t need to be involved.  Rollins tells him he won’t be needed tomorrow night either, when he’s out of a job.

Kane has one thing to say then….good luck.

Wyatt Vs Reigns, inside Hell in a Cell is now.

Reigns wins a brutal, and fun match by hitting a spear on Wyatt.  We had 4 tables break, chairs galore, and kendo sticks.  The ending being Wyatt setting up the ring buckles with kendo sticks, and Reigns turns the corner, to hit Wyatt with one, and put him through a corner with the other.

Such a fun match here, and they are trying to steal the show.  I think they did.

They are setting up Survivor Series as an event where wen salute Undertaker.  25 years he started, and now we rise for him.

Celebrities are here tonight, and our next match is for the Tag Team Titles.  The Dudley Boyz Vs The New Day.

Brother Xavier isn’t here, so we have an empty trombone.  It’s a sad day, as sad as the Lakers have become.

All trombonist are sad.

So in honor of the percussion unit, Kofi promises to play the bongo drums on Bubba Ray’s belly.  And Big E. promises to plat the bass drum on Devon’s belly, because No Day Rocks.

Here come them damn Dudleys.

Kofi used an Eddie Guerrero move, throwing the trombone at Bubba, and then fall down.  But the ref didn’t ring the bell.  Big E. nailed Bubba with a trombone, Kofi hits Trouble In Paradise, and New Day retain their titles.

Charlotte Vs Nikki Bella is now.

Charlotte wins the match by making Nikki tap out to the Figure Eight.

Nikki was taunting her about facing her, but the champ prevailed.

Paige and Becky come out to celebrate with her.

Dean Ambrose celebrates Reigns victory, and Dean reminds him about what is next.  Roman suggests they talk about that tomorrow.

More celebrities at The Staples Center.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship is on the line now.  “Demon” Kane Vs Seth Rollins.

Seth retains the title with a Pedigree.

So “Corporate” Kane is out of work, it seems.

Hell in a Cell panel are out here now.  “Corporate” Kane is no more.

Earlier tonight in the Kick-Off match, Cesaro, Ziggler, and Neville win their match, over Barrett, Sheamus, and Rusev.

Feed Me More!!

Ryback Vs Kevin Owens for the IC Title is up now.

Owens wins with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.

This felt like a “bathroom break” match.

Next up, Lesnar Vs Taker, inside Hell in a Cell.

Earlier tonight, John Cena lost the United States Title to the returning Alberto Del Rio.

Brock Vs Taker, our main event, for the final time inside Hell in a Cell.

Brock hits an F-5 to defeat The Undertaker in what was a classic fight.  There was blood, there was ring being torn, there was a low blow by Brock, and a F-5 on the open board that pinned The DEADMAN.

Undertaker looks like he is giving Brock his respect at the end there, with a nod of the finger, and then laid right back down.  Lesnar fell down, and stumbled back up.

This had a big-match feel.

Taker sat up, only like he could.  An incredible man, and an incredible career.

Thank You Taker!!

The crowd and the announcers are giving him a standing ovation.

And he is about to give us a bow, but here come The Wyatt Family.

Oh boy, this is when The Brothers of Destruction reunite, right?

All 4 men surround the ring, Taker is ready for them.

All 4 men beat down Taker, with Bray mocking him.  They take his body and head out of ringside, carrying him on a cross.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Such a fun show here that sets the tone for many things.  One way or the other, Undertaker is wrapping up his career, and this could be a way for Taker to pave the way for Bray to be the next “Phenom”.

Not a bad match here, and every one of them felt like storylines are wrapping up, and the ending of tonight’s show was the beginning of a new storyline.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.  I will talk to you tomorrow night, on Raw.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

5 Responses to WWE Hell In A Cell 10/25/15

  1. adztheman says:

    So are we setting up a Survivor Series match, where Taker gets three other guys–Roman, Dean, and maybe Ziggler…to take on the Wyatt Family?

    Does this involve druides…always wanted to be a druid at a live event…I’d be a good druid.

    Del Rio?


    So you can cause all kinds of issues in the back, but if you can sell tickets on the Latin American Tour, well, ok then.

    There is some speculation this morning that Cena’s time off is a likely percursor to his eventual retirement…then he and his Bella Twin can live happily ever after, and they can spend Thanksgiving at Uncle Brian’s house with the other Bella Twin.

    And maybe Phil and A-J can be godparents for the kids, when Nickki forgets to take the pill and John impregnates her by accident.

    • LOL…what a great story that would be on the new season of Total Divas. I actually see Taker, Kane, Reigns, and Ambrose face The Wyatts at Survivor Series. Remember, “Corporate” Kane is no more, so now we see The Brothers of Destruction reunite, at Undertaker’s 25th anniversary. It makes perfect sense to me.

      • adztheman says:

        I refuse to watch Total Divas…I gave up after season one.

        I’m going to miss Corporate Kane…I liked the whole split personality thing.

        Wondering now when Shamus cashes in the briefcase…supposed to happen relatively soon.

        And Del Rio is working part time…of course…

      • I think when Sheamus does that, he will be the first man to cash in the briefcase, and get pinned. I just don’t see him as the next WWE World Champion, and it’s bound to happen some time, right?

  2. adztheman says:

    Actually Cena cashed his in a couple of years ago, gave CM Punk a week’s notice and became the first guy to not win the title…not sure if he clean pinned or not.

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