WWE Monday Night Raw 11/9/15…The WWE Tournament Has Begun

No intro again, we are live, on tape in Manchester, England.  We have breaking news, concerning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

We see the title, and here comes HHH.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.  Seth Rollins hurt his right knee this past Thursday, and is out 6-9 months and is vacating his WWE World Championship.

He wants to take a moment, and acknowledge a great champion.  Just take a moment to acknowledge Seth Rollins.

HHH and Stephanie thought long and hard about choosing the right man to be the WWE World Champion, and Seth went far and beyond doing that.  He was on his way of becoming one of the greatest WWE Champions of all-time.  But before that, Seth blew out his knee.  Tragic, but while Rollins is still the man, he is no longer the WWE World Champion.

So who will step up, and fill that void?

A few weeks ago, we determined the Number One Contender, and who would face Seth Rollins at Survivor Series.  He wants to bring that man out here now, Roman Reigns.

Reigns is looking at that championship.

HHH asks Roman it looks good.  Seth Rollins is no longer the WWE World Champion, and tonight there starts a tournament to determine the new WWE World Champion.

It seems unfair that Roman won the Fatal 4-Way for the right to face Rollins at Survivor Series.  It’s not that fair that shot is thrown away, and Reigns is thrown back at the bottom of the barrel.  But it doesn’t have to be like that,  Reigns could very easily fight the chance to face the winner of the tournament, to become the new WWE World Champion.  Before they selected Seth Rollins, they strongly considered choosing Reigns.  He has the charisma, the strength, the power, the know-how to be the man, but he lacks the one thing Rollins has shown, the willingness to do whatever it takes to be the WWE World Champion.

How does that feel Roman?  He faced so many men at the Royal Rumble, to face Brock Lesnar for the title at Wrestlemania 31.  Could he have beaten him?  We will never know.  He will never know, but Seth showed the willingness to do whatever he could to be the champion.  Does he have the willingness?  Does he want it?  Then all he has to do is be the man by being HHH’s man.

So Romans asks all he has to do to get what he earned is selling out?

HHH tells him selling out is just a term critics want to use.  They are going to boo Roman whatever he does.  HHH is offering him a chance to get everything he wants, he is offering Roman a chance at everything he always wanted, and he knows what is most important to Roman, his family.  He’s not just talking about his wife, and daughter, he is talking about his daughter’s daughter.

All he has to do is agreed to be his man, and Roman can everything he wants.

Roman tells HHH that he has fought for everything he has earned, and that continues even tonight.  He won’t shake HHH’s hand.

HHH thanks Reigns for reminding him why he chose Rollins, and not Reigns.  He goes all the way to the bottom of the ladder, and his first opponent in the tournament….

The Big Show.  That match is next.

Reigns wins with a Superman Punch, and a Spear.

Reigns move on to the Quarterfinals.

So, it’s a 16-man tournament.

We see footage from Survivor Series 1990, The Undertaker’s WWE debut, and 1997, when Kane debuted at No Mercy.

Tonight, The Wyatt Family will pay respect to The Undertaker and Kane.

We are in Manchester, England.  One of Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney is in attendance.

Kevin Owens is set for his first round match.

Owens tells us we are ready for change, but England fans are morons.  They think they are smarter than United States fans, but they aren’t.

Owens is winning the WWE Title tournament for himself, and not for the fans.

Owens faces Titus O’ Neil.

Titus tried, but Pop-Up Powerbomb is all she wrote.  The prizefighter advances to the WWE World Title tournament.

Renee Young is standing by with Paige.

She thanks Renee for recognizing her accomplishment, but now Renee can start accusing her of false things.

Renee brings up Paige is facing Becky Lynch, and Paige tells her she will take out the B tonight, and move on to face Baby Flair, at Survivor Series.

Footage of The Undertaker winning the WWE Title at Wrestlemania 13.  And Kane wins the World Heavyweight Title at Money in the Bank 2010.

Tonight, we hear from Bray Wyatt, who will pay respect to The Brothers of Destruction.

Becky Lynch Vs Paige is now.

Becky wins with a rolling of the tights, after Paige attempted the same thing.  Paige is irate over the loss, and attacks Becky from behind, putting her on the announce table, and gives her a PTO, but here comes Charlotte to save her friend.

We have 3 more first round matches tonight.  Cesaro faces Sheamus.  Dean Ambrose faces Tyler Breeze, and next, Dolph Ziggler Vs The Miz.

Next week is Undertaker Week, on WWE Network.

Tickets went on sale for Wrestlemania 32 this past weekend.  WWE threw a party in Dallas, and we see footage of that.

Wrestlemania is on April 3rd.  The build should start building shortly.

The Miz vs Ziggler, first round of the WWE World Title tournament is now.

Ziggler wins the match with a Superkick, he seemed to favor his leg.  Whether that plays out, who knows.

Ziggler advances to the Quarterfinals.

Ziggler faces the winner of Ambrose Vs Breeze, which will be shown later tonight.

More Undertaker moments, Survivor Series 2005, The Undertaker shows up to scare Randy Orton.  And Night of Champions 2012, Team Hell No defeats Kofi and Truth, to become the Tag Team Champions.



Good stuff.  Bray Wyatt pays respect, tonight.

Zeb Colter has the mic now.  He believes America and Mexico should join the two nations as one.  He would ask England to join if they weren’t so hated in the world.  They are groaning, because they don’t have leaders anymore.  MexiAmerica won’t be doing that.

They are not impressed with England, they are populated by haters.

HHH gave them an opportunity, and they agreed to it.  This Thursday night, Del Rio will run the table, and be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and therefore, be the first MexiAmerican Champion.

Natalya Vs Naomi, is next.

Natalya wins the match rather quickly when Naomi runs into Tamina.  During the match, we have Sasha Banks chants, and Nattie leads that.  But Team BAD lay out Natalya at the end.

More footage from Survivor Series 2008, The Undertaker Vs Edge, inside Hell in a Cell.  And footage from Raw 2005, when Kane assaulted Edge at his wedding with Lita.

Bray Wyatt speaks, later tonight.

Sheamus Vs Cesaro is now.

During the break, King Barrett had a confrontation with Wayne Rooney.

Cesaro defeated Sheamus with a rollup, after Wayne Rooney distracted, and slapped Barrett, with Sheamus seeing the whole thing.

Cesaro Vs Reigns is set for next week in the Quarterfinals of the WWE World Title tournament.

Coming up next, Ambrose Vs Breeze in the first round of WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

Renee Young is with Breeze and Summer Rae.

With Ambrose coming out to the ring.

Breeze is making his WWE Raw debut, and after 4 wins, he could be the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  How does it feel?

Renee, the world is full of ugly people, you would know.  But never fear, Prince Pretty is about to make the world beautiful, and tonight, he will send Ambrose back to the garbage he belongs to.

Renee, look at this beautiful face, he is about to make this world beautiful again.

Breeze Vs Ambrose is now.

Ambrose wins the match with another rollup, a trend here on tonight’s show.

Next week, Ziggler Vs Ambrose in the Quarterfinals.

Wrestlemania 28, from 2012.  The Undertaker defeats HHH inside Hell in a Cell.  Royal Rumble 2001, when Kane eliminated 11 men.

Bray Wyatt speaks tonight.

This Thursday on Smackdown, Ryback Vs Kalisto.  Neville Vs King Barrett, and Del Rio Vs Stardust.

We are live in Manchester, England.  It’s a New Day for Manchester.

Kofi asks since there is a 16-man tournament to the WWE World Title, all 3 members of The New Day were left out?

This is outrageous.

Even though they have went through every obstacle, they still stand before us as WWE Tag Team Champions.

It wasn’t so long ago, that they lay out their beloved Dolph Ziggler.  And who can forget their childhood favorites, The Dudley Boyz.  And they laid out the “Golden Boy” John Cena.

This match is dedicated to their fallen captain, Seth Rollins.

6-man tag match of The New Day Vs Neville and The Uso’s.

New Day wins when Xavier pins Neville with his foot hooking on the ropes.

New Day Rocks!!

Footage of Hell in a Cell, when The Wyatt Family takes out The Undertaker, and the next night, when the took out Kane.

The Wyatts speak, next.

Here comes Bray Wyatt, with The Wyatt Family.

Change isn’t easy.  But it is inevitable.  It is a part of life, and how you deal with change will ultimately tell you who you are.  So tonight, we celebrate change.  Tonight, we celebrate the spirits of Kane and The Undertaker.

For over 2 decades, they have been the benchmark of power.  And they have reigned supreme.  So he wants us all to bow our heads, and pay respect to the legends, the ICONS that are Kane and The Undertaker.

Bray is laughing, calling us all fools.  We will no longer pay respect to these relics.  Because there are no passing of the torch, Bray took that torch, and burned their ashes.  Everything belongs to Bray now.  As their body goes deeper, Bray gets stronger, and they belong to Bray now.  He summons the thunder, and lightning, and the demons go by Bray Wyatt’s command.  There is no more salvation, all we have to do is know this will all end soon.  The apocalypse is here.

Follow the….

We see video of Kane and The Undertaker playing on the screen.

The Brothers of Destruction, together.

Thunder and lightning are booming, and Bray is scared.




Enter The Brothers of Destruction!!

The lights go out, come back, and the rest of The Wyatts are surrounding the ring.

Who answers the calls?

Brothers of Destruction take care of Rowan and Harper.  But Strowman clothesline them, but the brothers sit up.

They lay Bray out, and go after Strowman setting him over the table.  And now there is Bray Wyatt.

Double Chokeslam, which is still a beauty to see.

The show ends with The Brothers of Destruction, leaving together, with The Wyatts laid out.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I want to say I did not read any spoilers, so yeah for me.  But it’s truly sad Seth Rollins’ title run has ended the way it did.  He will be back, but I have to say, this might be the perfect way for him to turn face, when he comes back.  We will see.

The seeds have been planted too, with whether we see Reigns getting screwed, or he does indeed turn heel, and join The Authority.  The time might be now for him to turn, because HHH will surely teach him how to be an effective heel.

I loved The Brothers of Destruction reunion, and we will see a traditional Survivor Series match, with the way it looks.  But who joins The Brothers Kane and Taker?

Possibly The Dudleys?  They have nothing to do now, it would make sense.

Overall, a good show again that focused on the WWE World Title.  Next week, the tournament will continue, and we should see more push to Survivor Series.

Send me your thoughts here.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

5 Responses to WWE Monday Night Raw 11/9/15…The WWE Tournament Has Begun

  1. adztheman says:

    Wondering why we’re getting chick matches in the midst of all this…I mean really, who cares?

    This was a night devoted to some decent wrestling for a change…I just wonder if all you’re going to see at Survivor Series is the finale of this thing, or if they carry over the semis and then the finals…

    Rollins is going to have be reintroduced and maybe repackaged next year…wonder if he pulls a CM Punk and decides that MMA might not be a bad idea after all…

    And what do you know, we get a show with no Cena sightings, and the sun came up the next day, just like it always does…maybe the WWE can survive without him after all…

    • I don’t have an issue with the women’s match, because hell, they have a Divas Title match at the PPV, but they did nothing with Charlotte, who needs to be used more so they can put her title reign over more. We know what Paige can do, let’s see what Charlotte can do on Raw, so that when she does lose the title, that means something too.

      I don’t see Rollins going anywhere, he knows where his bread and butter is at. I also think they have to turn him face, because when he comes back, the fans will be happy to see him.

      • adztheman says:

        Wondering if Kane is going to still be around when Rollins gets back…or if they try to reunite the Shield, or have Rollins create a faction apart from the Authority…

      • You know, that is something we haven’t seen, a faction go up against The Authority, except when The Shield feuDED WITH Evolution. Maybe WWE needs that right now?

      • adztheman says:

        They did try a Cena led faction–Zig and a couple of other guys—who got fired–then Cena had to relinquish his new found power a year ago when Rollins tried to curb stomp Edge…now the Curb Stomp can’t be performed because of concussion lawsuits, and Rollins is out till Summer 2016.

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