WWE Monday Night Raw 11/16/15…Who Survives The Final Four?

We are 6 days away from Survivor Series, when a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion is crowned.  Tonight, 4 Quarter-Final matches will be worked, and we will find out who heads to Survivor Series vying the title.

But first, we give a moments of silence to the people who lost loved ones in the horrible Paris tragedy.

We get the opening intro, and are live, with Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

Tonight, Owens Vs Neville.  Also tonight, Ambrose Vs Ziggler, Del Rio Vs Kalisto, and Reigns Vs Cesaro.

We kick the night off with the druids, but is it for Brothers of Destruction?


This is Undertaker Week, on WWE Network.

Last week, Bray Wyatt eulogized Taker and Kane.  Bray learned the hard way you can’t kill a dead man.

Standing before you is the true army of darkness.  And on the horizon, vengeance awaits The Wyatt Family.  They tried to take their souls, but there is no man living….or dead that contains the power of The Dark Side.

Kane adds when you try to steal the flames of hell, you will get burned.  At Survivor Series, they have reserved a special place for Bray Wyatt and his family, a special place in hell.  Where they will suffer through eternal.

Bray Wyatt, his evil is no match for theirs.  It has been tested time and time again.  So Bray, choose wisely which members will sacrifice, because The Brothers of Destruction have already decided their fate in destiny, and they will never rest in peace.

Enter The Wyatt Family.

For 25 years Undertaker, he has reigned over the WWE.  Empires made, and molded through darkness.  For 25 years, he has instilled darkness and fear.  But he says 25 years is enough, and it’s time for a new army to reign supreme, his army.  The Brothers of Destruction no longer tell the wolves when to howl.  Those days are gone.  Bray is the new face of fear.  And after Survivor Series, they will find out he is the one….he is Bray Wyatt.

And as for his creatures of the night, they are his.

The lights go out, and come back on to see the druids are wearing the sheep masks.


The druids are now attacking Undertaker and Kane.

A message to The Wyatt Family, double chokeslams.

Now comes The Wyatt Family, but Bray stops them.  Their dates with destiny is this Sunday.  But until then, Undertaker and Kane….follow the buzzards.

Next, Owens Vs Neville.

Owens wins the match with a Pop-Up Powerbomb, advancing to the Semi-Finals match this Sunday, at Survivor Series.

Owens faces the winner of Ambrose Vs Ziggler, which we will see later tonight.

Paige wins the Divas Title in her first night.  But we will get an official Divas Championship Contract Signing, tonight.

Moments ago, we see Kevin Owens defeat Neville to advance to Semi-Final of WWE World Title tournament.  HHH is talking with Owens, is he making an offer to KO?

Last week, we saw HHH ask Reigns if he wants to be HHH’s MAN.  He rejected the offer.

Tyler Breeze is in action, next.

It’s Breeze Vs Truth, now.

Breeze wins the match with a Beauty Shot.

His first Raw win for “Prince Pretty”.

Ziggler Vs Ambrose, Quarter-Final match is next.

Ambrose wins a fun match with Dirty Deeds, advancing to the Semi-Finals to face Owens at Survivor Series.

If Ambrose wins the WWE Championship at Survivor Series, he is going to turn things upside down.  There will be less talking, and more action.  He will throw everything out the window, and will make this The Ambrose Asylum.

Later tonight, Del Rio Vs Kalisto.  Also Reigns Vs Cesaro.

Footage of Charlotte’s WWE debut.

Tonight, Divas Championship Contract Signing.  Charlotte Vs Paige.

6-man tag match with The New Day.

For some strange reason, the only anniversary people want to talk about is The Undertaker?  People should be talking about the anniversary of the most entertaining group in WWE history, one year anniversary of The New Day?

But did they get invited to The Tonight Show?  Oh no.

Or did they get an interview on ESPN Sportscenter, like The Uso’s?  Oh no.

Speaking of The Uso’s, the last time they saw them, they hurt them at Wrestlemania.  There is a new impression of The Uso’s.  When you say Us, we say OWWWW!!!


And their partner, Ryback?  Big E’s uncle used to say when you get booty, you make booty-ade.

6-man tag match.  Uso’s and Ryback Vs The New Day is now.

Ryback heard enough, and he went into the ring, causing the DQ and we see he and The Uso’s clean house on The New Day.

Undertaker Week begins immediately after tonight’s Raw, with JBL’s special to The Undertaker, airing on WWE Network.

We see Charlotte’s Divas Title win, back at Night of Champions in September.

Tonight, official Contract Signing between Charlotte and Paige.

HHH confronts Cesaro.

This is the biggest title, and Cesaro is as close as he has ever been.  He can do things nobody else can do, but this might be his time to grab that brass ring.  His time to reach up for ir.

HHH will sit and watch this match in Cesaro’s Section, maybe this is time for Cesaro to grab that brass ring.

Cesaro Vs Reigns is now.

Reigns wants to know if The Roman Empire is here tonight.  This has been a rough road to the title.  And Seth Rollins is hurt, and those plans were changed.  So HHH put a little spin on this.  He asked him to join The Authority, and receive a free ride to the title.  But he isn’t a sell-out.  So now he has to face people like Cesaro, Kevin Owens, and even Dean Ambrose.  But this road is going to get a little tougher, but it will end at Survivor Series.

Believe that.

Owens Vs Cesaro is now.

Reigns wins a good, but predictable match.  He hits a Superman Punch, and a spear, to advance to Survivor Series.

The Dudley Boyz, (Remember them) Vs The Ascension is now.

Team 3-D, match is done.

We see footage of Paige turning her back on Charlotte and Becky Lynch for the 20th time, but this time, she meant it.

Del Rio and Zeb are being interviewed by Renee Young, who makes her only appearance. HHH is trying to recruit them both, to join The Authority.

Del Rio Vs Kalisto is next.

Del Rio wins the match with a double stomp, pinning Kalisto, and advancing to Survivor Series.

Fatal 4-Way match when Paige became the Number One Contender.

Official contract signing is next.

Miz TV this Thursday night features the Final 4 participants.

Cole introduces Paige and Charlotte.

Charlotte will be with The Coach on tomorrow night’s Sportscenter.

Cole wants to know what happened to the friendship.

Paige corrects Michael that there isn’t any true friendship if you’re a Divas Champion, so she signs the contract.

Charlotte wants to know what happened to Paige. They came from the same background, she wanted to be like Paige. She was the sweet, naive Carolina girl. Paige was the British badass.

They watched their parents growing up on TV, who cared about this business almost as much as they cared about them.

When Charlotte’s little brother passed away, she was there for Charlotte. And that is the biggest reason she is here today, it was his dream.

Paige has been using Charlotte since day one. But Charlotte reminds her she is the Divas Champion, and Paige is not. But it’s not about the title, it’s about who has your back at the end of the day.

PCB was going to change this business, until Paige changed her selfish ways.

Paige wanted to be champion, and Charlotte tells her she isn’t even a champion. A champion is a role model, a little girl watching from the stands.

Charlotte tells her she may lose the title one day, but it won’t be at Survivor Series.

Paige calls Charlotte a naive little girl, that needs Daddy to come out and save her. So where is her Daddy, dropping a sorry elbow, and calling him an old fart.

Charlotte tells Paige they have fought in them, her whole family has fight, and Paige told her that her brother didn’t have much fight.

And now the fighting begins, throughout the ring. Charlotte didn’t even sign the contract, as we end the show here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Not sure how I feel about the ending, because there wasn’t much heat. Charlotte is a gifted athlete, who did alot in NXT, but they haven’t showcased that much since she came to WWE. Maybe that starts this Sunday? She seemed nervous, and there was something lost in that, it seemed forced.

Now if this was Sasha Vs Charlotte, I would understand, but WWE doesn’t even know who Sasha Banks is.

Roman Vs Cesaro should have closed this show, an incredible match, which leaves me to Survivor Series.

It has to end with Ambrose Vs Reigns, with one of them turning heel, right?

But what would you do? Send me your thoughts here. Survivor Series is in 6 days.


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