Impact Wrestling 11/18/15…Win Or Go Home

It’s been a while since I have watched Impact Wrestling.  I have followed it, so I know what is going on.  But tonight seems to be an important night to watch, since the premise is if you lose, you go home.  The World Series Title showdown continues.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Last week, Matt Hardy, Gail Kim, and EC3 advanced to the Quarter-Finals.  Who moves on tonight?

Awesome Kong Vs Brooke tonight, Eric Young Vs “Cowboy” James Storm, and Bobby Roode Vs Abyss.

Also a face-to-face between Matt Hardy and EC3.

Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to the show.  Tonight, the TNA Originals are focused.

But next, from Group Knockouts, Brooke Vs Kong.

Kong wins the match with a Chokeslam, which means Kong advances, and Brooke goes home.

Group TNA Originals have one match to go.  Tonight, Young Vs Storm, and Roode Vs Abyss.

But next, an exclusive face-to-face with EC3 and Matt Hardy.

Kong advanced moments ago in Group Knockouts, and has moved on to Quarter-Finals of World Title Series.

Josh and Pope ask how far Gail Kim or Awesome Kong can go now that they are facing their male counterparts?

Next week, we will find out the pairings.

Hardy and EC3 are face-to-face.

Hardy is ready to get his title back.  Matt advanced in the Tag Team Specialist.  Hardy swept through his round.

EC3 is disgusted that he’s scaring screen time, with Hardy.  But he proved he is what has said he is, a winner.

Matt wants EC3 next, because they have unfinished business, after Bound for Glory.

He will take the World Heavyweight Title from EC3, and he has to be the one to take his undefeated streak.

EC3 is hoping and praying that he has a chance to face Hardy, and really more than anything he is hoping he gets him in the finals.

Josh calls Matt the favorite to win the tournament, but EC3 is not impressed.  He is undefeated, he is the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Eric Young has some thoughts.

The best thing Storm can do is not show up.  If he comes to the ring, he guarantees Storm will get hurt.  Cross him, and we will see what happens.  Storm is a shadow of his former self.  EY is a world-class man, a world-class champion, and he will prove it.

Tonight, Young Vs Storm.

Moments ago, EC3 stormed out of the interview.  Later tonight, we will hear from both men, individually.

Tigre Uno Vs Manik in the World Title Series, if Uno wins, there is a playoff.  If Manik wins, he and DJ Z advance.

Tigre wins with the Corkscrew, and now there is 3 men tied, between DJ Z, Manik, and Tigre.

Tonight, Storm Vs Young and Roode Vs Abyss.

A recap of how we got here.

Next, it’s Storm Vs Young.

Moments ago, Tigre Uno defeated Manik, and there is a 3 way tie with Group X-Division.

Next week, Triple Threat, Sudden Death.

Winners of 2 falls, they advance.

Next, Storm Vs Young, but we hear from Bobby Roode.

Roode will do whatever it takes to be a 3-time World Champion.

Storm Vs Young is now.

Young wins the match with a kick to the groin, and a Piledriver for good measure.

Eric Young advances to the Quarter-Finals of the World Title Series.

This was James Storm’s last TNA match.  Thank you “Cowboy” for some great memories.

Tonight, Roode Vs Abyss.

Next week, Lashley Vs Aries.  Loser goes home.

Next, an interview with Matt Hardy.

Moments ago, Young moved on, pinning Storm with a Piledriver.

Another interview with Matt Hardy.

Matt was the one who won the World Title at Bound for Glory.  So this is personal.

Matt is confident he can win that title again.

Our next match is Shera Vs O’ Shea.

Shera wins the match with a Sky High, and has advanced in the World Title Series.

Eric Young is a winner, and proves he wins, and everyone loses.  He will keep taking.

Eli Drake is set to compete against Crimson.

Eli wins the match, okay moving on.

We hear from EC3.

He feels disrespected, and isn’t okay.  But he will be after he defeats Hardy, and eliminates him from the tournament.

He is not obsessed with Matt Hardy, but is obsessed with beating Hardy.

Eli Drake advanced to the round of 16, joining Shera, Kong, and Young.

Next week, Triple Threat Sudden Change.  Also next week, Godderz Vs Micah.  Also Richards Vs Robbie E.  And Aries Vs Lashley.

Our main event, Abyss Vs Roode is now.

Roode wins with a Spinebuster, advancing to the World Title Series, and the show ends here.

Next week, World Title Series continues.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I hate how Matt Hardy lost the title, after Bound for Glory, but I loved the videos they gave us, profiling the contestants in this large tournament.

Thank you to “Cowboy” James Storm for giving us a memorable run in TNA.  He gave us such memorable tag teams as America’s Most Wanted, and Beer Money.  He also did some great things, winning the TNA World Title, defeating Kurt Angle.  He had memorable feuds, including Bobby Roode.  Such an amazing career, and now I look forward to what he does in the next phase of his career.

I hated how they treated him in commentary, he had to make a choice for himself and his family.

I want to see how this plays out, but I hate seeing Shera become a dancing fool.  You never, ever make money with a dancing fool.

What were your thoughts of the show?



















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