Impact Wrestling Live 1/5/16…Welcome To Pop TV

Tonight, these warriors vie to be called champion.  4 men all compete in the Semi-finals of the World Title Series.

Eric Young, Lashley, Matt Hardy, and EC3 all fight for that crown.

Impact Wrestling, on Pop Tv is now.

We are live in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to the show.

TNA President Dixie Carter is in the ring.

Dixie welcomes us to Pop TV, and tells us that Pop TV is for the fans, and she has the World Title, telling us that all 4 men will fight for the title.

But we have EC3 and Tyrus interrupt the festivities.

This is live TV, and this is a Carter family reunion.  So he sees this as a great time to air grievances.

Grievance number 1, , Aunt D, it upset her that EC3 beat Kurt Angle to be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Grievance number 2, it upset her that he defended that title defiantly every single week.

Grievance number 3, she robbed EC3.  At Bound For Glory, she stacked the deck so he can’t defend his title fairly.

But it all ends tonight, when he wins this tournament, and becomes the undisputed, undefeated, all-purpose 2-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Aunt D tells him he needs to look hard in the mirror at what he has done, and what he has become.  All of this is because of EC3.  Matt Hardy at Bound for Glory won this championship, and he used lawyers to get his way.

How does it make him feel he robbed Matt?

And speaking of Matt, here he comes.

Same old EC3 song and dance, boring. The only people who were robbed were the fans, when his lawyer team took the TNA World Title. But now, we get to crown a new champion, and spoiler alert, it will be Hardy.

Hardy doesn’t like EC3, EC3 doesn’t like Hardy, and we see Eric Young attack Hardy.

Lashley comes out and goes after EC3, EY, and Tyrus.

All four men in the World Title Series are brawling.

Tonight, Hardy Vs Young, and Lashley Vs EC3.

Hardy takes out all four men when we go to a break.

During the commercial break, EY took Hardy out with a chair, and almost took him out with a piledriver.

But now. it’s EC3 Vs Lashley, winner moves on to the finals.

EC3 rolls up Lashley, after Tyrus distracted Lashley long enough for EC3 to pick up the win.

EC3 is moving on to the Finals match, later tonight.

Kurt Angle is walking, he is next.

“The Miracle” makes his debut tonight.

Bobby Roode is outside, he issued an open challenge for his King of the Mountain Title.

This open challenge is for anyone, from any promotion, because tonight, people will find out it pays to be Roode.

Kurt Angle is heading to the ring, now.

Kurt is getting some love, as you would expect.

Kurt has been very blessed to be in the spotlight for 20 years. From winning an Olympic Gold Medal, to winning 13 World Titles in the ring. Thank you.

Everytime he walks through the curtain, it’s an honor for him, and every time he pulls down his straps, and hears the roar of the crowd. He is living his dream, thank you. It’s a very exciting time to be an Impact Wrestling fan, on Pop TV.

He has made it public that he is stepping down.

The crowd wants one more match, and Kurt said he has faced some of the best performers in the ring. It’s important for him to have high-caliber matches for his farewell tour. He is thinking about who to face off in the Kurt Angle Farewell Tour, and this man he will face next week, Drew Galloway.

The young fan in him is pretty psyched up about this, but the wrestler in him thanks for this opportunity. He started in TNA with a bang. He steps up when necessary, but this is beyond words.

Jesse Godderz interrupted this, and calls himself a “Superstar”. He started on TV with Big Brother for 7 years on CBS, with all due respect, he is the veteran here. Look at him….

Eli Drake interrupts the festivities.

Eli tells us Godderz is very good with the 13-year old demograph, with his selfies. But Eli goes for the draw. He insults Jesse, but tells him that if they had a chance, they could beat The Wolves in the ring.

Kurt challenges both Jesse and Eli to come out and fight Kurt and Drew.

Kurt and Drew take care of business.

JB is in the back, trying to get an update on Matt Hardy. He runs into Jeff Hardy.

Nothing is going to stop Matt’s night, at the end of the night, Jeff will raise Matt’s hand.

Next, it’s Hardy vs Young.

Eric Young is inside the ring, when we come back.

Matt Hardy is finished, because when he swings a chair, he swings for keeps. We are looking at one of the finalists of the World Title Series. He orders the ref to count him out.

Creatures, mount up.

Hardy Vs Young, now.

Matt Hardy wins the match with a Twist of Fate. Young gave him a Piledriver on the outside, we even had Jeff come out to check on his brother, but Matt prevails, and will face EC3 tonight.

Bobby Roode’s Open Challenge is next, and someone is walking in the back.

We come back, EY is livid about what just happened. Everyone is against him, and everyone is going to pay.

EC3 and Tyrus confronts Jeff, and they tell him Jeff will be blamed for the loss Matt is going to suffer, and Jeff doesn’t think so.

Bobby Roode is coming out to the ring, ready for the King of the Mountain Open Challenge.

The person challenging Roode is Bram. He hates everyone, and 2006 is his year. Okay, 2016.

The match is now.

Roode wins with the Roode Bomb, and Eric Young attacks Roode from behind. Bram helps Young out, and now it’s 2-on-1 attack.

But James Storm comes out through the crowd to help his friend. Gives EY a Last Call.

About 5 or 6 months ago, people kept asking the same question, why did he leave Impact Wrestling? The answer was simple, he didn’t like the person he was becoming. And one day, his granny told him that ain’t him, and Storm told her she was right. He is a creel swimming, deer skinning, beer drinking, Johnny Cash listening S.O.B. from Tennessee.

Plain and simple, he wasn’t having fun anymore. So when he was traveling around, and trying to find himself. He turned on the TV, and saw Impact Wrestling, to see he won the most disappointing award. And he has been in this company for 13 years, help make this company. And companies do not make James Storm, James Storm makes companies.

Then there is Roode.

They drank alot of beer together. And they made alot of money. So Storm says it’s time to get back to having fun.

Storm has 2 beers.

You guys want them to have some fun?

Hey, Beer?


Beer Money is back in business, baby.

JB is in the back with The Beautiful People. A 7 and a half month pregnant Angelina Love won’t wrestle, but they do have a person in mind to compete in the 6 Knockout match against The Dollhouse, that might hate them just as much as they do.

This Friday night, live on PPV, at One Night Only, Beer Money will face Bram and EY.

It’s going to be the current Knockout Champion, Gail Kim.

Gail Kim rolls up Jade and pins her for the win.

The Dollhouse now attacks all three women.

Enter Awesome Kong.

Kong takes out Beautiful People, and is hired muscle for The Dollhouse.

Kong gave Gail and Implant Buster.

Tonight, TNA World Title is on the line, Hardy Vs EC3.

“The Miracle” happens, next.

Tonight, we crown a new champion, but now “The Miracle” is among us.

It’s Maria Kanellis, she is the first lady of professional wrestling. She sees us hoping and praying that someone will offer us that dream job. Hoping and praying that we get to lose those 5-75 pounds. Hoping and praying someone will save professional wrestling. Today is our most blessed day, because what we want most of all is a miracle. Do we believe in miracles? She does, and his name is Mike Bennett.

Former ROH Tag Team Champion Mike Bennett is here.

And just like that, our internet darling is the miracle who will save TNA. There has been alot of buzz about what is this miracle, or who is the miracle.

Those that know him already knows he is an international superstar, he is a modern-day superhero, he is the baddest mo-fo on the show. And he is our Pro Wrestling “Jesus”.

But those that don’t know him, allow him to introduce us to our hero.

He is here to save pro wrestling. Because when he was a kid, it was fun, it was mainstream. But now, pro wrestling is filled up with washed-up peeps that call themselves pro wrestlers, and he is here to change that.

Speaking of washed-up, moments from now, when Matt Hardy faces EC3, that won’t be the moment. The moment will take place when Mike Bennett goes for the TNA World Title, and the fans will chant Go Bennett Go, and the announcers scream out do you believe in miracles, and we will chant yes we do.

Matt Hardy is ready for his title match, he dedicates this match to his wife Reby Sky, and their little boy.

Hardy Vs EC3 is next.

Backstage live, Drew Galloway is thanking Kurt for this opportunity of a lifetime, and Kurt tells Drew he isn’t taking this match lightly. The Wolves show up, they appreciate the love and respect Kurt gave them earlier tonight. They want a challenge match this Friday night, at One Night Only.

But now Eli Drake and Jesse Godderz want the same thing.

Triple Threat match is set this Friday night.

EC3 Vs Matt Hardy is now.

Jeff and Tyrus leave the ring, so there would be a final winner, no interference.

EC3 wins the match, and the title with a One Percenter off the top rope. Matt’s wife and little boy were at ringside, and after the match, she consoled him, and he didn’t want to hear anything.

We end the show with EC3 holding the TNA World Title.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Tonight was a good show, but not a great one. It annoyed me in seeing a 5 minute review of Schlittler’s Creek. I get it, the show is the highest rated program on Pop TV, but really? Especially before the main event match? Just not a fan of that, how about doing a preview AFTER the show, and not during it?

Loved seeing James Storm come back, and while I did become a fan of “Revolution” James Storm, he called it like it was, he just wasn’t having fun with that role, so now he’s back to “Cowboy” James Storm, and we will see where we go from there.

Interesting we are getting a live One Night Only PPV, and I wonder if that is going to be a normal thing throughout the months? Why not? I won’t see it this week, but down the road? Who knows, they still have to start to build these shows for the PPVs.

I love EC3, and he is the right man to win the title, but who takes it from him, and gives him his first pinfall? That is something TNA creative needs to figure out, and give us that long build.

We didn’t need Dixie Carter tonight.

We’ll see where “The Miracle” Mike Bennett goes from here. I did like him with The Kingdom in ROH, but it’s good to see Maria with him too.

Like I said, a good show, but not great. What were your thoughts of the show? Send them to me here.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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