WWE Monday Night Raw 1/11/16…The Beast Returns To His Throne

Let’s face it, this is Brock Lesnar’s ring, and we are all there to see it.  Tonight, “The Beast Incarnate” returns.  You have to think he is going to enter into the Rumble match, and have a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Title, since Roman Reigns is defending his title against 29 other men.

Will we see Reigns and Brock have a moment?

Also, tonight we will hear that Sting is the first inductee into the 2016 WWE Hall of Fame.

So watch Clemson Vs Bama game, but keep checking on this page tonight, throughout.

Raw is 45 minutes away.

Last Monday, we see what took place before Reigns Vs Sheamus took place.  Vince McMahon orders Reigns to defend his WWE World Title, at Royal Rumble, in the Royal Rumble match.

We begin the show with all of the wrestlers on the top ramp.

A Fandango sighting too.

Mr. McMahon comes out with Stephanie, who is dancing to Vince’s entrance music, which is funny.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show, this is the 23rd anniversary of Raw, yet there was no advertisement.

Vince tells us to take a look at the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

But who is it?  Someone will make history.

Roman Reigns will defend his title against 29 other superstars.  And that in itself is history.

It’s every man for themselves.  It could be Dolph Ziggler.

For 10 long years, he has grabbed that big brass ring, but now is his chance.

It could be Kevin Owens.  He has made a big transition this year, it could cement his status.

It could be The New Day.

But now the lights go out, and standing at ringside is The Wyatt Family.

As Bray always said, anyone but you Roman, anyone but you.

Vince ignores this, and says it could be Brock Lesnar.

Enter Roman Reigns.

Take it easy, pal.

Did he come out here to beat up on Steph’s father, again?  No, don’t think so, pal.

But what happens if Reigns wins?

Is Roman looking at what he is facing?  Vince tells her it’s a possibility.  They were talking about that, so why not they give him an opportunity tonight, called 1 Vs All match.

Oh shit, Reigns Vs 10, maybe 20.

It could be against anyone, including his brother, Dean Ambrose.

Vince tells Dean he is in his first match, pal.

Sheamus knocks Ambrose from behind.

So it’s Sheamus Vs Ambrose, next.

This turns out to be a double countout when both men beat the hell out of each other.  Sheamus opens up after getting hit on the pole.

But now the announce table goes off, and here comes Kevin Owens, attacking Ambrose from behind.

WWE Network plug now.

Tonight, The Highlight Reel returns, with Chris Jericho’s guests being The New Day.

Also tonight, One Versus All.  Reigns Vs the field.

We are live in New Orleans, the home of Wrestlemania 30.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  Ambrose and Owens fighting.

Renee Young is in the trainer’s room, with Ambrose being checked on.  Dean assures Renee he is alive, and that is bad news for Kevin Owens.

The McMahons meet up with Paul Heyman.

Heyman loves the concept of One Vs All match tonight.  And he is impressed with Brock Lesnar’s name being included in the Royal Rumble match.

But his client, Brock Lesnar is a prizefighter, and why wouldn’t he be included in the Wrestlemania main event match, fighting for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

Mr. McMahon doesn’t like the idea, and Stephanie suggests they talk in their office.

Stardust comes out to the ring, paying homage to David Bowie.  He is facing O’ Neil, next.

Titus wins again with Clash of the Titus.

Stardust attacks Titus, from behind.  There seems to be alot of that going on, tonight.

Next, the return of The Highlight Reel.

Chris Jericho comes out to The Highlight Reel.

Welcome to Raw is Jericho!!

People around the world has been talking about Chris Jericho’s return to Raw, to save the WWE.  Please check out the obscenely, expensive, ginormous Jericho 2500.

We check out all of the tweets that people have been saying about Jericho’s return.  And ever since he has come back, there is a rebirth.  Once again, Star Wars is breaking records.  Guns and Roses is coming back, and Chris Jericho is back to save the WWE.

But how are you going to save the WWE again?

It’s simple, it starts in 2 weeks when he enters the Royal Rumble match, and he becomes a 7-time World Heavyweight Champion.

It’s a New Day for the rooty-tooty booties.

New Day decided to come out, since Jericho didn’t introduce them, and save this show.

They are still upset Chris called them rooty-tooty booty last week.

They are the WWE World Tag Team Champions!!  And they are the real Slammy-Award winning tag team of the year.  And they have had enough of his shameful return to WWE.  His shameful hair.  His shameful scarf.


Here come The Usos, with the real Slammy Awards.

If they are the Slammy Award Winners of Tag Team of the Year, then where are their Slammys?

The Usos want a match against New Day.

The New Day tell them there are 2 of them, so how can they fairly face 3 of them?

Wait a second dumbass, as Jericho put it.

There are 6 of them, so how about we have Big E. and Kofi, with Xavier Woods in their corner facing The Usos, and Chris Jericho in their corner.

The match takes place, next.

The Usos win the match, when Jey rolls up Kofi for the win.  Jericho broke Xavier’s trombone to cause the distraction.

John Cena tore his triceps, and will be out for a few months.

Tonight, United States Title match.  Kalisto Vs Del Rio.

Stephanie and Heyman are still ironing out things.  The winner of the Royal Rumble needs to main event Wrestlemania against the biggest money-maker in WWE, Brock Lesnar.

They aren’t on the same page.  Stephanie doesn’t agree with this.

Stephanie makes it clear, the man who owns Brock’s contract will compete in the Royal Rumble.

JBL is in the ring to announce the very first member of the WWE Hall of Fame 2016.

The Man They Call Sting.

Just an amazing career for “The Franchise” Sting.

The Wyatts are facing The Social Outcasts in an 8-man tag match.

The match ends in a no contest, when Ryback comes out and takes out The Wyatts, with some help from The Social Outcasts.

This past Thursday night on Smackdown, Kalisto defeated Alberto Del Rio.

Renee Young is with Kalisto.

This is the biggest match of his career, and the United States Title means the world to Kalisto.  Because that means an opportunity for any race.  John Cena, he gave people chances.  Eddie Guerrero, he fought for pride.  Del Rio doesn’t give guys chances, but tonight, he’s getting that chance.

United States Title match is next.

Del Rio tells the world that John Cena won’t be going to the Royal Rumble, because of him.  And John Cena will not be going to Wrestlemania, because he broke him.  And tonight, he squashes Kalisto like a mosquito.

Kalisto Vs Del Rio is now.

Kalisto picks up the upset win, and is the new United States Champion, when he rolls up Del Rio.

Tonight, One Vs All match with Reigns Vs The Locker Room.

Last Monday night, Becky Lynch defeated Charlotte, and Charlotte attacked Becky, from behind.

Jo-Jo is with Charlotte and Ric Flair.

Charlotte attacked Becky, after she beat her fair and square.  Charlotte will do anything to be champion, and Becky knows deep down inside she will never be as good as Charlotte.  If anything, Becky is the victim, and Charlotte is the victim.

That’s my little girl Jo-Jo….WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Brie Bella Vs Charlotte never happened, because Becky Lynch attacked Charlotte.  Flair made it clear his daughter wasn’t working the match, and we went to a break.

Moments ago, we see what we saw.  Becky Lynch is being interviewed by Jo-Jo, and Becky is alone, which makes her dangerous.

Earlier tonight, Mr. McMahon and Stephanie included Brock Lesnar into the Rumble match, which didn’t make Heyman very happy.

He’s telling Lesnar as we speak, and our main event, One Vs All match is now.

The McMahons come out, with their dancing.  At least they are in good moods.  It’s Reigns Vs The World, and he will continue, until he can’t go anymore, so Kevin Owens is up first.

It was what you’d expect, the match ends in a no contest, and here comes The Beast to clean house.  He takes out the wrestlers who were outside of the ring, and gives Reigns a F-5 to show the world who the biggest prizefighter is in WWE.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was the most disappointing show I have seen in quite some time.  It just felt like WWE completely used Brock Lesnar’s name value, knew full well people would be watching NCAA championship anyway, and phoned it in.

I did like Kalisto winning US Title, if for nothing else other than to elevate the title.  They weren’t doing anything with Alberto Del Rio as US Champion.

But now is the time to do this, and I am talking about bringing back the US Title Open Challenge.

Titles have to mean something, and that starts it.

I also loved the Sting package, very well done and this is a man who has done it all, including wrestling at Wrestlemania.

Other than that, what else did we get?  What was your thought on the show?  Do you agree?  Send me your thoughts.




























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