Impact Wrestling 1/12/16…Kurt Angle’s Farewell Tour Continues

Tonight, we hear from the new TNA World Champion, EC3.  We will also see Kurt Angle Vs Drew Galloway, in Kurt Angle’s Farewell Tour.

Impact Wrestling is now.

EC3 is staring at himself in the mirror, with the TNA World Title.  Tyrus tells him it’s time, and EC3 heads out of the room.

Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to Bethleham, Pennsylvania.  We hear from James Storm and Bobby Roode, who throw a beer bash.

Ladies and gentlemen….EC3!!

Trouble!!  Trouble!!  Trouble!!

This is not a time for celebration, this is a time for vindication.  Once again, EC3 is our unbeatable, unbreakable, undefeated, undisputable 2-time World Heavyweight Champion, EC3.

There is one person who has stood by his side, and that is Tyrus.  What they do is business, but they have a friendship, and he will grant Tyrus a World Title shot any time.

Tyrus told him he never left him, he always believed in him.  EC3 cuts him off, and says now this is business.

He gets cut off by Jeff Hardy.

Jeff can’t stand to hear EC3 speak, but he is here to give Ethan something he deserves.

He used to think he was a spoiled brat, and needed help from everyone.  But last week, he won the championship by himself, and is the best wrestler on the earth.

Did EC3’s ears decieve him?  Did Jeff just pay homage to EC3?

EC3 did what he did to Jeff, making him wear his suit, and to Matt.

EC3 tells us Matt is going to the back of the line, this is about Jeff.  Hardy gives EC3 a note from his doctor, saying he is cleared to wrestle.

So Jeff’s first match has to be against the champ, right?  So Jeff challenges Ethan to a match tonight, for the title.  What do you say?

You know how bad EC3 wanted this?  Jeff’s request for a title match?  It has been denied.  But Jeff can’t just get a title match, in his first match.  He has to start at the bottom, and EC3 has a suggestion.

How about an open challenge, and here comes a guy in a mask and a cape.  But he needs entrance music, and EC3 sings us his music.  It’s just a guy with a beard.

His name is Shynron.  He is going to beat Jeff Hardy.  He is going to destroy Jeff Hardy.

Hardy wins with a Twist of Fate.  EC3 was impressed.  Tonight, Kurt Angle Vs Drew Galloway.  Also tonight, Mr. Anderson’s new talk show, called Open Mic with his guest being Matt Hardy.

Next, it’s The Beautiful People Vs The Dollhouse.

JB is with The Dollhouse, including The Awesome Kong.

Marti said everything goes through her, and Kong tells us she is going after the Knockout Title.

Velvet and Madison interrupt them, saying they have to deal through them, tonight.

We get a fight as we go to a break.

Jade and Kong win the match, over Madison and Velvet in what was a streetfight.  Jade pins Madison with the Cradle Piledriver.

Kurt Angle All Access tonight, seeing Dixie and Kurt share a moment.

Tonight, Galloway Vs Angle, but next, Beer Money Beer Bash.

Raquel is coming to Impact Wrestling to take out the Knockouts soon.

Christy Hemme is in the crowd, wanting to know who is ready for a beer bash.

Here comes the returning, 4-time TNA Tag Team Champions, Beer Money.

The ring surrounded by beer.

James has been drinking a little today, but he wants to welcome us to the Beer Money Drunk And Ready episode.  Because when they are drunk, they are ready.

There comes a time when a man has to decide when to make a living for his family, and that day came for James when he decided to come back, and reunite the greatest tag team in wrestling.  Beer Money.

Roode has been boozing a bit himself, and when he’s drunk, he gets a little emotional.

What tore them up is what brought them together in the first place, and that is to prove they are the best.  Whether it’s going for singles gold, or tag gold, they are cut from the same cloth.

And it took Roode years later, when he won the World Heavyweight Title for the second time, and did it the right way, by earning it.  He realized what he did to James years ago, and what he did to the fans was wrong.  He’s sorry.

They are sorry for all of the times they screwed each other over.

They are sorry, and they are good.

James wants to make a toast to the greatest tag team partner Storm has ever had.  He proved he is the best, and the “It” Factor of Professional Wrestling.

Roode wants to say Storm is someone who always started a bar fight, and would watch his back, and they are the greatest tag team in professional wrestling.

But there is something missing here.  A party needs a bit of a beer bash.

So they give us the Beer Money chant.

Enter Eric Young and Bram, calling them pathetic.

Eric hurt Storm in the World Title Series, and he quit.  Then he came back and got back into his business.  Roode, he took the World Title from him, so Young took it back from him, and it was the best night of his life.

Eric doesn’t even like friends, he doesn’t like Bram, but he appreciates what he does.  And he hates their guts.

Roode has something Young wants, something that belongs to him.  He wants the King of the Mountain Title, and he wants it now.

Roode suggests they have a title match for the King of the Mountain title, now.

That match is next.

Eric Young steals the King of the Mountain Title from Roode, with a piledriver.

Still to come tonight, Angle Vs Galloway.

Mr. Anderson is ready for his debut show, Open Mic with Matt Hardy, next.

Backstage, Mike Bennett meets up with EC3.  Maria and Mike congratulate EC3 for his title win.  Next week is Mike’s TNA debut.

EC3 isn’t impressed by this.

Flashback footage of Matt Hardy Vs EC3, and the history they have with the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

Huh??? with Mr. Anderson.

Alot of people have been accusing Mr. Anderson of being an asshole.  So are there are other assholes in the building tonight?

His guest has a wonderful family, accompanied to the ring by his wife Remy, and his son, Maxwell, Matt Hardy.

The two of them have known each other for a long time.  But Matt was the World Heavyweight Champion.  Then he lost it.  He had a chance to win it again, but he choked.

Matt was unstoppable at the World Title Series, and EC3 didn’t beat him, Eric Young piledrove him.

Anderson doesn’t buy that, it was just an excuse.

Hardy wants to know if Anderson wants Hardy to admit he was a failure, he never quit and won’t until he wins the World Heavyweight Title again.

Anderson brings up Jeff putting everything on the line, is he doing Matt’s dirty work?

Matt talks up he loves Remy, he loves Maxwell, and he has an offer EC3 won’t refuse.  He is Matt Hardy, and Matt Hardy will never die.

They all walk out, but Remy gives Anderson an evil eye.


Tonight, Drew Galloway Vs Kurt Angle.  Christy Hemme is standing by with Drew Galloway.

Storytime with Drew.

He has always wanted a chance to face Kurt, but tonight, they are in the main event.  He is here to make a guarantee, he will make his mark tonight.  Kurt can prove he is the best even at 95 years old, but Drew must prove he is the best.  So expect everything.

Next, Champions Showcase.  The Wolves and Tigre Uno together as a team.

Earlier tonight, Eric Young defeated Bobby Roode, to become the King of the Mountain Champion, with some help from Bram.

It looks like they formed an alliance here.

The Wolves and Tigre Uno Vs DJZ, Eli Drake, and Jessie Godderz.

DJZ had enough of Jessie Godderz, and gave him a Superkick, and The Wolves pick up the win.

Angle Vs Galloway tonight.

The Hardyz are backstage together, Matt has something to offer EC3 that he can’t refuse.  Remy rushes past Jeff, and takes Matt.

EC3 is in the ring.

Matt comes to the ring.

Ethan has everything Matt wants, and Matt has nothing Ethan wants.

They come from different backgrounds.  Matt started from the ground up, but EC3 will always be known as a Carter.  But they will always be rivals, and how about Hardy offers something for EC3 that has to do with fate.

How about Matt gives EC3 a chance to control his fate, his destiny.  EC3 gives him one more World Title match, and if he can’t beat you, then Matt leaves Impact Wrestling forever.

EC3 isn’t respected by Matt, because he has beaten him time and time again.  If they do this, they do this by his terms.

EC3 offers a Last Standing Match, next week, for the World Heavyweight Title.

Our main event is up now, Galloway Vs Angle.



























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