Impact Wrestling 1/19/16…Last Man Standing

Tonight, Matt Hardy Vs EC3 for the TNA World Title, for the last time.  We see the champion enter the building, followed by the champion.

Impact Wrestling is now.

We kick the show off with Jeff Hardy.

Last week, his brother made a deal with EC3 that he couldn’t refuse.  But something doesn’t feel right, so he asks for his brother to come to the ring, and here comes Matt.

They have made a living becoming risk takers.  They started their careers with ladders.  They call him an artist, but Matt is the wrestler.  And he has learned so much from Matt.  Tonight just feels a little too risky, but that can be good.  But he has a weird vibe about tonight’s main event.

Matt feels like he let Jeff down, and he feels he let The Impact Wrestling fans down.  He feels like he let his wife, and son down.  But tonight, he feels is the night to gamble.  But he respects him for voicing his opinion, because he has never beaten EC3.  But tonight, that changes.

The thing about EC3 is he leads by his ego, and that is why Matt put everything on the line.  This feels like a game of chess, and he plans on putting EC3 at checkmate.

Matt will make Jeff proud, he will make the fans proud, he will make his family proud.  He feels like he will show the world that Matt Hardy is the premiere wrestler.

That’s good for Jeff, if Matt feels it, then so does Jeff.  And at the end of the night, the fans will be chanting Hardy.

Here comes Tyrus.

Tyrus says the Hardys talk about dreams, they have received things they don’t deserve.  But funny thing about dreams is one wrong move, it can turn into a nightmare.

Matt has EC3, he will take care of him.  But Jeff made the biggest mistake.

Jeff made this personal, and he doesn’t know what Tyrus can do when things are personal.  Jeff made fun of Tyrus, said he can’t read, and is stupid.  Tyrus is calling out Hardy.

Jeff said let’s do this now, so it’s Tyrus Vs Jeff.

Tyrus is DQ’d when he shoved the referee.  Jeff slipped on the ropes, so the monster went after Jeff’s knees.

But Jeff hit a Twist of Fate out of nowhere.

Next week, it’s Feast or Fired.

The Wolves have a tag title shot tonight, but for 2 years, they have faced the best teams, and beaten them all.  But now we have the returning Beer Money.  He says they do the dance.

The new and improved Crazzy Steve come in, and some guy knock them out.

Awesome Kong Vs Gail Kim, for the Knockout Title is now.

The Beautiful People came out to counter The Dollhouse, and Gail retains the title with a rollover.

Beer Money are ready for a fight, next.

Storm tells us it’s been 5 years since Beer Money teamed together on Impact.  And tonight, it’s going down.

Roode asks us if we’re ready to see them kick some ass.  They want Eric Young and Bram now.

But we get Eli Drake and Jessie Godderz.

Eli tells us it’s not 2006, it’s time for Eli Drake.

Drake and Godderz challenge Beer Money instead.

Beer Money wins with a DUI.  Good to see Beer Money back.

Tonight, EC3 Vs Matt Hardy in a Last Man Standing match, we see the two warm up.

But next, Kurt Angle has an announcement for his Kurt Angle Farewell Tour.

Earlier tonight, Jeff Hardy re-injured his leg.  How will this affect the mind-set of Matt Hardy?

Matt checks on Jeff.  The knee is swollen, and Jeff won’t leave.  But Matt wants him to check in the hospital.  Remy assures Jeff he has to go to the hospital.

So he does, and here comes Kurt Angle.

Video of last week’s great match between Kurt and Drew Galloway.

Kurt appreciates the crowds, and he says every time he walks out here, it feels like the first time.  He has walked this ramp for 20 years.  And with this reception, it makes the bumps and bruises worth it.

Kurt appreciates Drew Galloway’s match last week.  These are the kind of matches he wants to have for his farewell tour.  But the question is who’s next.

Lashley comes out.

Bobby has more respect for Kurt than anyone else in the business.  14 years ago, Kurt came to recruit Lashley to be a professional wrestler.  He signed, and Kurt made that happen.

At that very same time, Kurt said these two will have a wrestling match, but Bobby waited and waited.  The saying goes in order to be the man, you have to beat the man.

Kurt Angle is the man.

A year ago, the two had a match, the single greatest time in Lashley’s wrestling career.  And at the same time, it was the worst time of his career, because he lost the match, and the title.

Lashley isn’t the same man since that loss.  There is only one solution, give Bobby one more match.

Kurt calls Bobby the most dominant wrestler he ever faced.  He doesn’t even know if he can beat him again, but if he wants to beat the greatest wrestler alive, then it’s going to be real….damn real.

Lashley tells Kurt he is going to beat his ass.

Oh boy, I want to see that match.

Still to come, EC3 Vs Matt Hardy, in a Last Man Standing match for the World Title.

But next, the in-ring debut of “The Miracle” Mike Bennett.

During the break, we hear from Lashley, he is ready for Kurt’s match.  The newest Knockout Racquel shows up, tells Bobby his pain is her pleasure.  And Bobby is interested.

Maria Kanellis tells us she believes in “The Miracle”.

Bennett will face Pepper Parks.

Bennett wins the match with a TKO.

Mike tells us what we just witnessed was a real life miracle.  It’s okay if we need a miracle, because he sure needed one.  What Mike is doing is building a kingdom of miracles.  And everyone can scream out yes we do.

Next week, Feast or Fired.  10 men will be involved.

EC3 with some thoughts.  What Matt is doing is noble, but he can’t beat him.  Matt has his family, Ethan has his family, his gold.

Matt tells us he can’t die, well neither can EC3.  There isn’t an ounce of blood he won’t spill, with this title, it means everything.  Matt wants to go home?  He will go home in an ambulance.  Hell hath no fury.

World Title match, Last Man Standing is now.

Tyrus came out during the match, and turned on EC3.  He laid him out, and EC3 was hit with the belt, by Hardy for the final count.

Now, Hardy, Tyrus, and Remy stand tall in the ring.  Matt beat the unbeatable EC3 for himself.  He ended the streak for himself.  And he won the TNA World Heavyweight Title for him.

When he came back to Impact Wrestling, he came with the best intentions, to help.  But now, he is out for himself, because we are all knatts.  He is a self-made multi-millionaire that we all dream about.  He has a beautiful wife, a beautiful house.  His wife told him two weeks ago it was time for him to start taking, and stop giving.  She is the only thing that matters in his life, as long as he is the World Heavyweight Champion.

He offered Tyrus more than EC3 had to offer, and we are in the Era of Big-Money Matt.  The iconic Matt Hardy.

He gives EC3 a concerto, laying him out.  Remy spits on EC3.

The show ends with the new champion and entourage standing tall.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

What a fantastic show, top to bottom, including the main event.  It’s clear to me EC3 is going to turn babyface, which brings me to ask what does Jeff Hardy think about this?

I see a ton of potential in Mike Bennett, this is his time to shine.  And always good to see Beer Money.

That Lashley promo was intense too.  He’s certainly a quiet guy, but one thing for sure, Bobby Lashley can go in the ring.

Not a fan of the Feast or Fired concept, but it is the next week.  I hope we find out who gets the briefcases next week too.

What are your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.
































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