WWE Royal Rumble 1/24/16

Tonight, it’s One Vs All, when Roman Reigns enters the Royal Rumble, defending his WWE World Heavyweight Title as the number one entrant in this year’s Royal Rumble.

One Vs All.

Also, for the Intercontinental Championship, Dean Ambrose Vs Kevin Owens in a Last Man Standing match.  The New Day puts their Tag Titles on the line against The Usos.  And, for the Divas Championship, it will be Charlotte Vs Becky Lynch.

In an hour, the Royal Rumble Kick-Off show will begin.

The Road to Wrestlemania kicks off tonight.

We are live in Orlando, Florida.  The lovely Renee Young joins us with the Royal Rumble Kick-off panel being Booker T, Corey Graves, and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Rich Brennan is in the social media lounge.  Rich’s guest tonight are the Social Outcasts.

Our Kick-Off match is a Fatal 4-way tag match, with Royal Rumble spots on the line.  Damien Sandow and Darren Young Vs The Ascension Vs Mark Henry and Jack Swagger Vs The Dudley Boyz.

Royal Rumble:  It’s all about the stats.

Can Roman Reigns survive, and keep his title, when he is entrant number one?

Royal Rumble flashback, from 2011 when Alberto Del Rio won the biggest Rumble, with 40 men.

Now from 2012, when Sheamus won the Rumble match.

League of Nations are discussing matters tonight.  Del Rio Vs Kalisto for the US Title is tonight.  I actually forgot about that.

In the Rumble match, every man for themselves, but any one of them will win the title, and win the Rumble.

They are all on the same page.

Coming up after Royal Rumble, WWE 24/7 with Wrestlemania 31.

Royal Rumble Rewind, from 1995 when Shawn Michaels won.

Royal Rumble 1999, when Mr. McMahon won the Rumble.

IC Title match, with a Last Man Standing match.  Kevin Owens Vs Dean Ambrose.

This is the match I want to see tonight.

Jo-Jo is with Kevin Owens.

Owens plan for beating Ambrose in a brutal Last Man Standing match, and entering the Royal Rumble match, and take both titles?  Because he is Kevin Owens.

He gets a chance to win his Intercontinental Title back.  This is his first Royal Rumble match.  What did he do in his first WWE match?  He beat John Cena.

Royal Rumble 2003, when Brock Lesnar won the Rumble match.

Now, from Rumble 2000 when The Rock won.

JBL, Michael Cole, and Byron Saxton are joining us now.  Fatal 4-way tag match.  2 Rumble spots are on the line.

The Dudleys Vs The Ascension Vs Henry and Swagger Vs Young and Sandow.

Mark Henry and Jack Swagger win the match, when Henry gives Viktor a World’s Strongest Slam, and those two advance to Royal Rumble match.

Social Outcasts are a part of the Social Media Lounge.  They all kick Rich out.

They are all leaders, they are outcasts from the locker room, and Axeman is NOT tired after being in the Rumble for the entire year.

Great questions.

Clips from Rumble 2014, when Batista won.  And from Rumble 2015, when Reigns won.

Charlotte Vs Becky Lynch match is being discussed.

We kick Royal Rumble with The McMahons, who enter through a limo.  Jo-Jo catches up with them.

Roman Reigns has an opportunity to make history, and all he has to do is go through 29 other men for his chance to main event Wrestlemania.

Royal Rumble is now.

Wow, they are kicking things off with Last Man Standing match.  Ambrose Vs Owens for the IC Title.

Dean Ambrose wins the match, when he threw Owens over the top rope, and flew onto 2 tables.  We started the match with Dean flinging Owens over the announce table, and right on to Michael Cole.  So you knew this would be a great match, and it was.

These two just work so well together, and can easily carry the WWE banner soon.

WWE Tag Title match is up next.  The New Day Vs The Usos.

New Day has been in deep mourning ever since we have seen the death of Francesca the Trombone.

So take a moment, and bow your horns.  While we have a moment of silence for Francesca.

There is a new trombone.

And we have the newest member of New Day.  Francesca II.

But Kofi wants to know what about Francesca I?  A brother has needs, says Xavier.

So now, they will keep the WWE Tag Titles, and move on to Royal Rumble and become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

It all means more gold, even gold unicorns.

New Day Rocks!!

Tag Title match is now.

New Day retains their titles with a Big Ending after Big E. catches Jey.

Francesca II was the key.

We see what took place at the end of Raw this past Monday night.  The Wyatts had the final say.

We hear from the Wyatts.

They are death, they have slaughtered the chosen one.  And tonight, they slaughter them all, one by one.  And after tonight, Bray truly will have the world in their hands.

The Apocalypse is here.


The next match is for the United States Title.  Alberto Del Rio Vs Kalisto.

Kalisto wins the match, and United States Title again.  In a span of 3 weeks, the US Title changed hands 3 times.

The Royal Rumble Kick-Off panel review what we just saw, and are about to see.

Jack Swagger and Mark Henry advance to the Royal Rumble match itself.  After Henry and Swagger took out Bubba Ray, and pinned Viktor.

Stephanie McMahon is interrupted by Paul Heyman.

The biggest Wrestlemania in history is 10 weeks away, so the McMahons should be happy.  They will have a new, reigning, undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion of the world, Brock Lesnar.

Heyman is here to re-negotiate Brock Lesnar’s contract after he takes out Roman Reigns, and the entire Wyatt Family.

Stephanie makes it crystal clear, as long as his client takes out Roman Reigns, she will re-negotiate his client’s contract.

Heyman says consider it done.

WWE Fastlane is coming on February 21st.

Charlotte Vs Becky Lynch, for the Divas Title is now.

Flair throws his coat at Becky when she had a DisarmHER on Charlotte, distracting Becky.  Charlotte nails a spear to pin Becky.

“The Boss” Sasha Banks is in the house, comes out after Charlotte attacks Becky.

Sasha kicks Becky and tells her this is Sasha’s spotlight.

Sasha makes it clear she wants Charlotte’s Diva Title, but they shake hands.  Flair gives Sasha a WOOOOOOO

But now Sasha hits a Bank Statement on Charlotte.

Sasha holds the Divas Title.

Wrestlemania 32 is 70 days away.

One Vs All match is now.

Entrant Number One:  Roman Reigns

Number 2:  Rusev

Rusev is eliminated, by Roman Reigns.

Number 3:  AJ Styles

Number 4:  Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze is eliminated by both Styles and Reigns.

Number 5:  Curtis Axel

Axel is eliminated, by AJ Styles.

Number 6:  Chris Jericho

Number 7:  Kane

Number 8:  Goldust

Number 9:  Ryback

Number 10:  Kofi Kingston

Number 11:  Titus O’ Neil.

Goldust is eliminated by Titus.

Number 12:  R-Truth.

He thinks it’s a Money in the Bank Ladder match, but, no it’s not.

Truth is eliminated by Kane.

My bad.

Number 13:  Luke Harper.

League of Nations come out with Mr. McMahon and take out Reigns.  He isn’t eliminated, but they are attacking him as a unit.

Number 14:  Stardust.

Kofi was eliminated, but we don’t know from whom yet, because League of Nations put Reigns through a table.

Number 15:  Big Show.

Titus and Ryback are eliminated by Big Show.

Number 16:  Neville.

Reigns is being escorted to the back.  Not on a stretcher, but he will be back.

Believe that.

Number 17:  Braun Strowman.

Kane is eliminated by Strowman.

Big Show is eliminated by Strowman.

Number 18:  Kevin Owens.

AJ Styles is eliminated by Kevin Owens.

Number 19:  Dean Ambrose.

Number 20:  Sami Zayn.

Zayn eliminates Owens.

Number 21:  Erick Rowan.

Neville, and Stardust are eliminated by The Wyatts.

Number 22: Mark Henry.

Mark Henry and Zayn are eliminated by The Wyatts.

Number 23:  Brock Lesnar.

Brock eliminates Rowan.

Number 24:  Jack Swagger.

F-5 on Swagger.

Brock eliminates Swagger, wow.

Number 25:  The Miz.

Harper is eliminated by Brock.

Number 26:  Alberto Del Rio.

Strowman is eliminated by Brock.

Number 27:  Bray Wyatt.

The Wyatts attack Lesnar, and Bray hits Sister Abigail.

The Wyatts eliminate Lesnar.

Number 28:  Dolph Ziggler.

Number 29:  Sheamus.

Here comes Reigns.

The Miz is eliminated by Reigns, as is Del Rio.

Number 30:  HHH.

Business has just picked up.

Ziggler is eliminated by HHH.

Now Wyatt and HHH go face to face.

Wyatt is eliminated by HHH and Sheamus.


Ambrose eliminates Jericho.

And now our final four are Reigns, HHH, Sheamus, and Ambrose.

Reigns eliminates Sheamus, and HHH eliminates Reigns.

The final two are Ambrose and HHH.

HHH eliminates Ambrose to win the Rumble, and win the WWE World Title for the 14th time.

Good god, we will hear Stephanie gloat now.

Vince is out here proud of his son-in-law.

The Road to Wrestlemania has begun now, as the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

For one split second, I thought Ambrose would win.  Silly me.  But honestly, this was a good show tonight.  From top to bottom, and this is how we get The Rock involved at Mania, right?

Plus, we get Lesnar Vs Wyatt, probably Jericho Vs Ambrose.

And to see AJ Styles in a WWE ring is surreal.  I can’t wait to see what he does.  What are your thoughts of the show?  Send them to me, as I will talk to you tomorrow night.














































































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5 Responses to WWE Royal Rumble 1/24/16

  1. adztheman says:

    A-J got a huge, sustained pop when he came out…as he deserved…if they can do a A-J/Owens (Steen) feud going, those two can tear the house down at Mania…

    I really have no issues with Trips as Champ…you could see this coming from miles away…I was surprised O’Neil was not part of the Final Four, since its evident he’s getting a singles push…

    And all the people on line speculating that Rollins, or Cena, or Cesaro, be ready to go last night….you’re all very strange…but the show proved they could deliver even without Cena, Orton, and others….that there is depth in the lineup…

    Could care less about the sacks of estrogen match…just eliminate the Diva’s Division already…

    • I agree, I just wish they would give some of these talents these spots, even when injuries aren’t happening. But last night was a fun show, and things are wide open with AJ, that I can see him facing Owens. Then again, maybe Zayn faces him? I still like the “Evil Ways” entrance theme better than the one he has now. But I love he is keeping “The Phenomonal One” AJ Styles name.

      • adztheman says:

        He’s lucky in that regard, as his name and other terms were likely never trademarked by TNA or NJPW…noting Cole and other commentators, from what I saw via twitter, only referenced his NJPW career, and of course, nothing regarding TNA…

        Still some question from what I’m reading today as to whether or not Zayn will be up on the main roster soon, as he has some storylines to finish in NXT…

        Sitting here thinking why Samoa Joe wasn’t included in the 30…maybe its time to boost it back to 40, as I saw in the T-D Garden, so you can add more NXT guys…interesting to note no major surprises other than A-J.and Triple H…guys on the current roster were allocated those slots this time…

      • I certainly was surprised too no other surprises. Only thing I can think of is they wanted the surprises to make an impact (Pun intended), so the best way is to minimize them?

        I truly wished they had brought up AJ and his TNA days, because his true fans know that. No reason to insult the fans intelligence there.

        My guess about tonight is they are in Miami, they need an “electrifying” superstar. Hmmmm….

      • adztheman says:

        There is an article on Bleacher Report accusing the Rock and the WWE Creative of Sexism in the way Rock interacted with Lana…

        I was more taken that its the first time Lana has been allowed to wear her hair down on WWE TV…she looks so much better…

        But is the ROCK..it’s what he does…and he does it with such ease…and he’s able to use the Under Armor logo on his stuff, since he signed a deal with them…

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